We have officially entered *Eclipse* season and are moving toward two upcoming eclipses as well as the Uranus/Pluto Square being activated on Nov 1st.
The theme of balance continues as we are feeling pressure to take action in those places where we are out of balance to bring those aspects of our lives into right relation. Very resonant message! Action is being called for yet we must practice mindfulness…
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights for this Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon in Aries on October 18, 2013 from the most insightful readers of the stars:
First from the always wonderful Kelly Rosano:
“The Aries Full Moon on October 18 is a lunar eclipse. Eclipses are the most intense transit you can experience. Their effect can last between six months and two years. They herald major endings and beginnings in the area where they occur in your natal birth chart…”
“…Relationship issues are at the core of this lunar eclipse. You’re being asked to create a balance between giving and receiving, between being close and having ‘me’ time.”
“This Full Moon may bring to your awareness where you are out of balance. Where have you been giving and/or doing too much and not receiving an equal or greater return? Do what supports your balance.”
“You may be empathic. Your emotions could feel big, over the top and urgent. You could feel a tension between your desire to be close to someone and your desire to be free. Make sure to give your loved ones the same freedom you want.
“Hold on lightly not tightly is the Aries eclipse message. Maintaining a light attachment to relationships, situations and outcomes proves wise.
“The Aries eclipse compels you to take action. You may feel highly motivated and ready to blaze a new trail. Mars is Aries ruling planet. Mars is in Virgo. Mars is opposed by nebulous Neptune. This aspect creates confusion and delusion…
“Making plans is difficult when there is a lack of clarity. Life seldom turns out as planned when Neptune is involved. You can’t see down the road that is laden in dense fog. Hang loose, don’t make any rash decisions. Go with the flow and be patient. Take your time with important matters.
“The last Mercury Retrograde in 2013 occurs on October 21 — Nov 10. Communication can breakdown so sit tight. Don’t make any moves now if you can help it…”
“…The wheel of life is turning. The outcome may be unknown to you. You are building towards the Pluto/Uranus exact square. This event goes exact on November 1.
“You are progressing toward the Scorpio Solar eclipse on November 3. These events promise you more change and growth…”
“…Embrace change. Be the change agent for your life. Change can feel painful at times. When you take the lead change will feel easier. Do what is right for you.
“What is working for you? What is working for you will become stronger. What is not working will break down. Release the old, outworn structures that are not empowering you.”
“Mastering the Aries Lunar Eclipse requires us to be balanced in our male and female energies.  Male is not better than female. Female is not better than male. We need a balance of both male and female to be whole.
“The individual is as important as the whole. The sum is equal to its parts. Creating balance between individual and societal needs is a worthy goal.
When people have their survival needs met an abundant world results. Our desire is for everyone to be happy and healthy. We are creating the New Earth together with our thoughts, words and deeds. The choices we make today determine our tomorrow.
“…The Aries Lunar eclipse is pulling you towards greater self-expression and freedom. You may feel a strong need to stand up for yourself and speak your truth. This is awesome. Let us remember to give others plenty of room to be who they are and speak their truth.
“You are born again in the Aries cleansing fire. Let go of the false self. Embrace who you really are. Be heart-centered. Liberate your mind. This is real freedom.
“Work with your passion. Be engaged with the game of life. Keep your eye on the ball. The ball is you.”
© Copyright 2013 ~ Kelly Rosano. All Rights Reserved
From Cathy Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology:
“Lunar eclipses (which have a 19 year cycle) signal a completion and an awareness that could change the course of our journey if we let it…”
“May you finally get the message and leave the past behind, honoring the experiences by making them conscious and giving them meaning…”
“The lunar eclipse occurs on Friday, October 18, 2013 at 4:37pm PDT/ 7:37pm EDT/ 11:37 pm GMT.  It can be seen in Europe, Africa and the Americas.  Go out and take a look!
“Because the Earth blocks the Sun’s light during a lunar eclipse, we see the Moon directly.  A lunar eclipse stirs up the emotional body, bringing up what our patriarchal-shaped egos have repressed or forgotten, making us aware of our hidden motivations.  Usually we hide from fear, so confront your fears and look at your real motivations for doing what you do. 
A lunar eclipse can bring up the Shadow; we can act it out unconsciously or recognize and integrate it into our conscious personality and act accordingly.  
© Copyright 2013 ~ Cathy Pagano All Rights Reserved 
From the always insighful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology:
“This full moon phase will be highly active on the emotional level.  How will you work with the energy and themes?
 “The Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries urge each person to find harmony between individuality and collaboration.  You will learn a lot about yourself through relating with others now, especially about unresolved emotions that appear during this phase. 
“Full Moon phase in the lunar cycle symbolizes high tides and sensitivity within the emotional level. Thus a Lunar Eclipse vibration added to this simply adds more focus on the letting out, letting go. Whatever was tucked away, repressed within the within the subconscious will be illuminated during this time.
“…The heart may skip a beat as raw emotions surface now and energies are charged up. This is par for the course. Allow anger and agitations to rise up and clear out without jabbing anyone with the energy.  You don’t have to allow things to become volatile.
“Take positive action in advance by being responsible for your emotions and reactions to things. Direct the pent up or stuck emotional energy into organizing, working out or anything that burns off the ‘gunk’ and exhausts you in a good way.
“Action is a big theme now. The astrological sign of Aries suggests dynamic action, with the Moon in Aries taking action to help the emotional level feel confidence and balance instead of waiting for it to happen or waiting on others to make you happy…”
“Therefore, it is recommended to see where you can take few steps towards practicing the quality of courage, confidence and using your personal power with compassion and wisdom.
“The potential:  A feeling greater sense of courage, confidence and ability to take charge or initiative to take care of personal needs and well-being. From a Soul-level perspective, one is able to take action with assertiveness, compassion and wisdom guiding the way…”
© Copyright 2013 ~ Dipali Desai All Rights Reserved
From Lena Stevens and Pat Liles from The Power Lena says:
“This eclipse opens a window until November 3 of a time that supports deep change. The energy of this full moon can be a bit challenging if you are not in alignment with what you need at this time.
“If you are ignoring your own signals to go offline and reset certain things in your life, this full moon could bring you to your knees. Don’t do anything against your better judgment and take some time for reflection and rest.
“On the other hand, there is an opportunity for the heightened experience of bliss and well being if you are aligned with spirit.
“Make sure you are not so scheduled up with obligations around this time that you can actually take advantage and experience what is possible. Be in nature, around beauty, and doing what inspires you.
“AND… stay out of conflict by not taking things personally. It is hardly ever about you….
Pat Liles says:
“…be extra aware of how your emotional energy may be expressing this aspect of the negative dark feminine. With Jupiter in Cancer squaring the Sun/Moon eclipse point, Eris can use this expansive energy to inflate conflicts or hopefully with some finesse, we can bring in vision and wisdom for a broader perspective to a hot situation.
“The pressure is already at maximum torque because of the exact square alignment due on November 1st of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn (both at 9º now). Squares tend toward frustration, anger and crisis time…”
“Pluto says we must transform the old forms; we must let go of what is held as fear or separation…Surrendering the container we have held with our beliefs for thousands of years is wrenching and painful if necessary, but also as we practice abundance and creativity and living in a positive frequency, it becomes easy to let go of old energies like an unpacked box of our precious possessions stored in the back of the garage that now doesn’t look so important. Purge the old to be reborn in your passion, power, and commitment.”
 © Copyright 2013 ~ The Power All Rights Reserved
The always inspired Robert Wilkinson from Aquarius Papers shares his perspective:
This Full Moon will bring turning points in what we think, how we communicate, and how we coordinate our life affairs as we stand on the threshold of Mercury retrograde. Despite some vague worries and concerns, we can still cut to the chase, see the core of things, and come to understand how our ideals and relationships have hit important turning points…”
 “As with the last several Full Moons, important transformations helping us see a deeper Mystery are evoked by this Lunation. This calls us to a greater empathy and ability to know shared feelings, and continues to educate us in an emotional understanding…”
“As usual, just keep moving with the flow, don’t try to push the river, and go deeper in your inner and outer feeling connections.
“Learn to trust the process, and trust in your ability to navigate these currents as you embrace a new life. This feeling magnetism is showing us who are part of our Soul-group…”
“Mars shows that we will be able to count on our ‘invisible helpers’ when it seems all else fails, and that these experiences will show us hidden powers in our Being. Regardless of the crisis, we will have major angelic (Devic) help at our disposal.
“Things will be very unique in how they unfold over the next few months, and we will see a lot with new eyes, new understanding, and new skills. Much will be released, so stay focused on your Spiritual Brothers and Sisters and deepen your connection with them.”
“…we are on the threshold of knowing things that will alter the course and direction of our lives, and how our minds are able to recognize signs and signals and bring forth messages from the Spiritual realms of Neptune and Pluto.
There may be a need to see loss and death in terms of the power it provides us to regenerate, and many will come to a deeper understanding of the permanent spiritual factors in their existence, as well as a deeper courage that will never desert them.
Everyone will go through important releases of energy, people, and elements that would prevent them from being the spiritual potential they hold in the depths of their Being. This is a threshold, and some people cannot go through it with us, nor can we cross their threshold with them. So let go, let God, and show your stuff with focus and compassion…”
“Given that most of this community is intentionally trying to live in harmony with Life, Nature, and each other, chances are that whatever you – yes, YOU the reader – are confronting will show you a deeper, richer, more powerful Spiritual life. Which is a good thing.” 
© Copyright 2013 ~ Robert Wilkinson All Rights Reserved
Lastly some inspired advice from Sarah Varcas and her Astro Awakenings:
“A lunar eclipse is always a good time to stop acting on auto-pilot and reconnect with our own personal ground control. This one is certainly no exception to that.
“If we have been telling ourselves we need to do such and such in order to become so and so and be this and that (fill in your own personal story….), now is a very good time to ask ourselves, ‘Really?! Are you sure?’
“…Now that’s not to say we shouldn’t engage with a variety of teachings and ideas, practices and perspectives, but we need to do so with discernment, tuning into our heart as we go, checking in with ground control ‘Am I still on course or have I drifted into someone else’s air space?’.
“Because only by flying our own craft and navigating our own journey can we truly live into authenticity and finally discover what that really means, not according to someone else and their version of truth, but according to our own, woven through the fabric of our psyche and soul from the day we were born.
This eclipse comes to remind us that who we are is written nowhere but in our own hearts, and it is there we will discover it.”
© Copyright 2013 ~ Sarah Varcas All Rights Reserved
FULL MOON Blessings!


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