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A wonderful channeling from Selacia:
“Some energy cycles are simply more supportive of forward movement and you are sitting in one of those right now!
“It’s like there’s a welcoming opening in the clouds and calmness in the once choppy seas. Indeed, it can feel like the sun finally came out after weeks of dark skies. You may feel like dancing, at the very least inside of your own mind, as you contemplate taking actions on stalled projects and unfulfilled dreams.
“What does this mean for you as a divine changemaker? In this article I give you a container to understand our current energies, your unique role, and how you can optimally utilize this juncture to leap forward.
Leaping Forward
“The leap forward you want and need now is a significant one. After all, you as a divine changemaker are at the forefront of needed planetary changes and they indeed are significant – for you, your loved ones, and everyone on Earth. As you constructively address change in your own life, you catapult your vibration higher and set a positive path for others to follow.
“Making changes is often not so easy – even the changes you want. You are hard wired to resist change at the same time you seek it with unfettered abandon. After the past several weeks, or perhaps months, of stalled energy, you may feel weary and question what you signed up for in this lifetime.
“Can you do it? Yes. You must trust in this ‘yes’ with every part of your being though, even when you can see no material results on the path ahead. Remember: the path in front of you is not static. Nothing remains the same, not even the obstacles. Something about your challenges shifts as you do in each energy cycle.
“Looking back on it later, you will have perspective on the cycle you just experienced – even appreciating it for what it catalyzed in your life.
A Fiery Incubation
“You have been in a kind of fiery incubation period, gathering energy and responding to some very tough challenges. Like everyone, you recently faced the effects of April’s transformational grand cross energies. This stirred the pot of your unfinished business, bringing to the surface another layer of really old DNA-level patterns – many of them from past lives or from your ancestral line.
“April’s wild energy ride will have long-lasting ripples – inviting you to contemplate needed changes and address what’s in the way of making them. Here’s the good news: in our brand-new energy cycle, you may find yourself more optimistic and enthusiastic about taking actions that have been difficult to take up until now!
3 Tips for Leaping Forward
Tip 1
“Some days you will feel more optimistic or simply have more energy to initiate things. Use that energy constructively to take action. Do even small tasks you have been putting off, helping you have a sense of satisfaction that comes from checking them off your list. Reach out to friends who you have been neglecting. Take initiative to connect with people you intuitively sense should be contacted. You don’t have to have a particular reason to do these things – just listen to your inner voice and do it.
Tip 2
“Consider that the stress of recent weeks could have left your body depleted or simply in need of some TLC. Did you know that your body and brain are hard wired at a DNA level to operate optimally when fed positive thoughts, nutritious foods, and a regular intake of oxygen? Ask within daily to discover your present-time needs, what may be missing from the equation, and how to remedy. Consider things like a massage, a walk outside, eating a wholesome meal of real food, or talking with a friend who reminds you of your goodness and light.
Tip 3
“Update your view of your own potentials. Don’t let the world or other people decide! Don’t be run by an outmoded view you may have formed last year or last month. You are a divine changemaker and that means multidimensional, vast, and constantly shifting into higher octaves of light. Whatever plans you had on the drawing board before now may need a major upgrade. Ask within daily: ‘What am I overlooking about my current and next steps? What do I need to shift in my approach, my style, my routine, or my connections with others? What is the one thing I can do today to bring me more in alignment with my larger purpose and the big leap I need to make now?’
Do not underestimate the power of your own light to shift your circumstances and change the world.”
Copyright 2014 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * *