Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope


Another timely and insightful report by our brother Kaypacha illuminating the current energies at play.
Kaypacha says for this week:
“The changes just keep on coming. Now that Venus has emerged out of the underworld of Scorpio we can put some to the pieces together to understand the bigger picture. The New Moon last week opened up further awareness so now is the time to see what needs to be done, start rolling up our sleeves, and GET TO IT!
“The resistance we may encounter, both within ourselves and coming from ‘out there’ COULD make some lose hope, but don’t! The potter takes that lump of clay and starts to spin the wheel, digs the fingers in and creates useful and beautiful artwork! We are potters of a New Paradigm so let’s get spinning.”
His mantra for the week:
“I have opened the portal to my highest Self,
Regaining access to my greatest wealth,
I have cut old cords and connected with new,
Friends who are ready for the work we must do.”