Seri Indians-Bernice Johnston

PHOTO:  Seri woman of Sonora Mexico by BERNICE JOHNSTON


“Living through enough, we all come to this understanding, though it is difficult to accept: No matter what path we choose to honor, there will always be conflict to negotiate.
“If we choose to avoid all conflict with others, we will eventually breed a poisonous conflict within ourselves.
“Likewise, if we manage to attend our inner lives, who we are will -sooner or later- create some discord with those who would rather have us be something else.
“In effect, the cost of being who you are is that you can’t possibly meet everyone’s expectations, and so, there will inevitably, be external conflict to deal with- the friction of being visible.
“Still, the cost of not being who you are is that while you are busy pleasuring everyone around you, a precious part of you is dying inside; in this case, there will be internal conflict to deal with – the friction of being invisible.
“As for me, it’s taken me thirty of my forty-nine years to realize that not being who I am is more deadly, and it has taken the last nineteen years to try and make a practice of this.
“What this means, in a daily way, is that I have to be conscientious about being truthful and resist the urge to accommodate my truth away…
  • Center yourself and meditate on a decision before you that might generate some conflict; either within you, if you withhold who you are, or between yourself and others, if you exert who you are.
  • Breathe steadily and feel both the friction of being invisible and the friction of being visible
  • Breathe slowly and know that you are larger than any moment of conflict
  • Breathe deeply and know that who you are can withstand the experience of conflict that living requires.”
~Mark Nepo from The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present in the Life You Have