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*FULL MOON* SuperMoon in Gemini is prismatic with information, able to shapeshift into multiple expressions. 
Not an easy path to discern. Best not to get swept up with the tides of misinformation, instead ground into your own center and listen deeply to your Soul. 
With Mercury just having turned retrogradethere is much to reflect on. This a healing time as well as a time of self-mastery where we have an opportunity to cleanse our perceptions and open up to a new way.
Time to upgrade our thinking and remember that we are free to perceive our experience in what ever way we choose.
We are powerful beyond measure. Trust in your process and trust in your heart.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our featured astrologers. First from PAM YOUNGHANS from her NorthPoint Astrology:
Depending on which direction we choose to look…we can feel profound inspiration and hope or great frustration and disillusionment…
“Since both Saturn and Mercury are at the same degree as the Galactic Center, this alignment indicates an opportunity for a major reset.
“This is a time when we can take significant steps in releasing old patterns that have blocked our progress…”
“This Full Moon is also a SuperMoon, which means it occurs when the Moon is at perigee, the point in its orbit when it is closest to the Earth.
“Given that a Full Moon is already associated with heightened emotions, we can expect that a perigee Full Moon will increase our sensitivity on many levels.
“Mercury, as planetary ‘ruler’ of Gemini, is therefore the ruler of this Full Moon.
“The fact that Mercury goes retrograde just eight hours before the lunation can significantly heighten the level of disorientation that may occur.
“The ‘Alice in Wonderland’ effect can be very strong, when everything seems to be upside down and backwards.
“But as our minds take a detour from their usual rational route, we are more open to higher-level insights and signs and synchronicities.”
© Copyright 2017 ~PAM YOUNGHANS All Rights Reserved


From LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology:
“This big bright supermoon occurs on a day supercharged with astrological activity….
“Jupiter trine Neptune, whilst it’s a free-flowing aspect, can also mean that we’re tuning into scary stories (Jupiter in Scorpio!) bubbling up from the collective (Neptune in Pisces)…
Fact and fiction are blended, shaken and stirred and served with a slice of sleight of hand. Tall stories are running wild.
“…There’s a suggestion that we’ve been held captive by the media machine but now we begin to see through the veil.
“Neptune’s confusing vibration can sometimes make us feel weak or defeated before we even start but this symbol reminds us that we’re strong.
“We have a right to freedom – and freedom of information.
Consider where your mind has been hobbled by the outside world, trained to think you’re not free.
“This feels like a highly challenging Full Moon and yet Jupiter’s trine to Neptune reminds us that if we face our fears we can save ourselves.
“There is truth and good and beauty in the world if we’re looking in the right direction.
“If you feel confused, stand still, tune into your heart. Neptune also stands for spirituality and meaning.
“Consider what your soul has to say about all this confusion.
“Creatives can tap into this wonderful imaginative energy to create stories of their own through music, art and words – healing stories that take us a step forwards instead of a step back.
“Use your imagination but don’t let it dictate your fears. Be at peace with silence. Still your mind for inner reflection.
“Let the distraction of the world fall away until you can hear your own inner dialogue.
“What is said between you and your deity is sacred.
“No matter how strange these times are, remember you have a direct line to the cosmos.”
© Copyright 2017 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE All Rights Reserved


From PAT LILES from The Power
“Saturn and Mercury are traversing a powerful portal – the Galactic Center at 27º Sagittarius with this Full Moon. 
“We are assessing our karma, our purpose here on planet Earth, and downloading a new vision of the future
“The greatest gift of Sagittarius is helping us lift our eyes to the far horizon and using the mutability of elemental fire to forge and coalesce an inspired new dream.  We are so ready!
“…To my mind’s eye, a considerable amount of tension is focused around Juno, Queen of Heaven… where personal strength and power that comes from within is shown to be so much stronger than seeking status or validation in the changing circumstances of the outer world.
“What will you learn about your personal power, how you partner and where you find disempowerment in your life? 
“With Juno as the center of a T-Square with Mars and Uranus, we have some major tension and volatility here.  
“There is rebellion and direct action, and unexpected shift in our masculine/feminine alignments.  
“Juno is also involved in one of two formations called ‘Thor’s Hammer’ that is focused through the Full Moon adding a strong emotional element centered on unmet or unspoken needs, the push to stand up for yourself and patterns that need to be shattered.”
© Copyright 2017 ~PAT LILES All Rights Reserved
“The last Full Moon of 2017 is going out with a bang! …bringing into the full Light of consciousness information, communication, ideas and thinking that needs to be seen for what it is...”
“This full moon is a DOOZY. With Sun/Moon opposition in the signs of lower mind and Higher Mind, small picture and Big Picture, information and Truth- this Full Moon seeks to bring to Light what is not being looked at.
“Yet both are almost precisely square to Neptune (within 10 minutes of exactness)- so it’s very hard to discern the Truth from lies, fantasy from fact, fiction from reality.
“It’s easy to see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear, spin things or be a deer in the headlights.
“It’s so important right now karmically to be honest, direct and clear- with ourselves and with others.
“We also need to be willing to see where we have deluded ourselves, been escaping reality and not taking responsibility for our lives…
“Remember we still have the Saturn/Chiron square operating at the end of the year… 
“I have been calling this the core wound territory transit as it has been bringing up some of our BIGGEST STUFF- those karmic patterns and old wounds we keep operating out of and falling into and getting stuck in…”
“We are being challenged in a HUGE way to step up our mastery and deepen our healing journey– but it is not coming easy I will tell you!
“…It’s interesting to see that the Jupiter/Neptune trine ties right into the Full Moon…with both Jupiter and Neptune tensely aspecting the lunation we need to be really aware of where we are overdoing the Love and Light at the expense of the shadow.
“Both Jupiter and Neptune are spiritual planets- they see the positive, the potential, they are generous and forgiving.
“Yet the shadow aspect of these two is transcending things before we have truly gone into them and forgiving others before we have really done the deep work of feeling and moving through our anger and rage…”
“Using this energy to instead bring to Light what needs to be revealed, initiate change and become the agent of our personal and collective evolution is a much better option!”
© Copyright 2017 ~DIVINE HARMONY All Rights Reserved
From CATHY PAGANO from Wisdom of Astrology:
“This is the time to communicate! Gemini Moon gets nurtured by talking and learning and experiencing. Talking about your feelings helps clarify what you’re feeling. 
“Or go within and communicate with yourself. Go out into nature and commune with Mother Earth and Father Sky. Communicate with your whole Mind: your gut, your heart, your rational brain, your imaginal brain, your mystical brain and your reptilian brain.
“Then journal about your experience and take it deeper until you pop back out on the other side, to the Sagittarius Sun.
“What have you discovered that can change your beliefs about yourself and the world?  What new story comes to you as you shed your old story?
“…This is all about the stories we tell ourselves about life. Too often we gather facts that support our point of view so we don’t have to change our old story.
“The truth is, we no longer have that luxury. The world is at a tipping point of change. Which way it goes depends on each of us…
“With the square from Neptune we’re challenged to listen to our soul’s point of view, rather than getting lost in an ego day-dream.
“Because we’ve let Hollywood and the media colonize our imaginations with their advertisements and stories, these are our unconscious defaults…
“… when we work consciously with Neptune and the Creative Imagination, we can weave a story that sings to our hearts.
“Don’t forget to weave in bravery, because from the ‘lower’ vibration worldview, you’re going to be seen as weird, different, strange because you believe in a different story.
“So find your tribe who shares your story and loves you for it! If you live out your story well, you will attract other people out of that dark, dead-end story into their own heart-stories. 
“Weave in joy, because new life is always joyful. Weave in creativity and love and wisdom. These are gifts that make life worth living.”
© Copyright 2017 ~CATHY PAGANO  All Rights Reserved


“Meanwhile, Neptune in Pisces sits in an exact t-square to this lunation. This is a perfect storm of spiritual opportunity to catch our awareness mid-stream, to observe how we are deluding or deceiving our self through wrong stories, false perceptions.
“Astrologer Steven Forrest calls this Neptunian process ‘cleaning the windows’.
“By becoming aware of what’s obscuring our windows (wrong perceptions), we discover clarity, truth, oneness. Then we can co-create a more satisfying reality.
Feel into the energy of this Full Moon. Notice where your attention, and intention, is. Are you magnifying a ‘problem’ by aligning your energy with negative stories, and struggle?
“Or are you intentionally choosing to align with the energy of Oneness, flow and co-creativity?
“I was aligning with the negative story of resistance, not flow, so that is what I experienced. But once I aligned with grace, grace happened.
“We have no proof that getting out of our heads — letting go of the habit of push, struggle and inner conflict — will bring us exactly what we most want.
“Speaking from my second house Neptune, moving out of the belief that the Ego must do and solve it all, and into the energy of Neptune- of ease, grace and co-creation- is a risky act of faith in and of itself. 
Sometimes all we have to go on is faith itself, and that is enough.”
© Copyright 2017 ~ JESSICA SHEPHERD  All Rights Reserved


*FULL MOON* love~

  F U L L  M O O N  ⚬

December 3rd  7:46 am PDT

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