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September 13th 2019   9:32 pm PDT |
September 14th 2019 5:32 am BST | 3:32 PM AEDT
*FULL MOON* in Pisces conjunct Neptune comes to cradle us in the feeling realms as our emotions swell with the tides.
Pisces is calling us to awaken compassion for our very Selves, and also to extend that grace to others, because each of us, no matter what it looks like on the outside, is fighting our own battles.  
Right now we don’t have all the answers, nobody does.
We are needing to be ok with not knowing how it’s going to turn out. 
We could want to fall into despair, wanting to escape the harsh realities we are facing, but this is where we find our deeper anchor.
This is where we dig deeper to fully uncover and recover our primal essence.
So that we can find our peace, our presence, amidst the turmoil and the haste.
Our presence requires us to be present.
The way we do something is just as important as what we are attempting to do. Otherwise our actions will not be effective, no matter our most well-meaning intentions.
So many are being called into leadership at this time and many are courageously stepping forth to take a stand for justice, for human rights, for our planet, for the disenfranchised, and for freedom to choose and self-govern our bodies. Across the spectrum there is real work to do. 
And the real work that moves mountains, streams from a peaceful, strong, clear and inclusive vibration.
It stands in its own truth and sovereignty, not trying to dominate, or intimidate, but stating its needs and keeping an open heart to receive and respect the needs of another. Cooperation.  Building bridges.
We have the ability to come together and the boundless potential to use our current technologies in purposeful ways to create streams of change.
And women in particular, mamma bears, fierce warriors, all across the planet, are activating and using their masterful weaver skills to create new networks and organize.
This is where we can cast our nets of hope at this time,  while remembering Rome was not built in a day.
So let’s hold each other through this. Energy will begin to shift again after Equinox. But under this Full Pisces Moon just know that you are not alone.
And if you feel alone reach out to someone. We need each other more than we know.
Here are the Astral Insights from our wonderful guiding lights:
SARAH VARCAS from her Astro-Awakenings.co.uk shares:
“This full moon conjunct Neptune and Black Moon Lilith invites us into deep contemplation of who we are aside from the details of our lives.
“Because an unnerving dissolution of self may occur when we surrender those things that define us, it’s an act of spiritual courage to embrace what remains when we do.
“Dis-identifying with circumstance, experience, wealth (or lack of it) and role (or absence of it) takes us beyond the ‘I’ ness of existence into the essence which pours forth from a liberated heart.
“This essence has been given many labels. It has been conceptualized and theorized, denied and held up as a carrot on the stick of the spiritual path. Some believe it to exist, some cannot conceive it possible, others claim intimate knowledge.
“We each have our own relationship with our very core which, at this moon, we can encounter in its purest, most unadulterated form.
“In turning away from all that bolsters individuality and selfhood, we can turn towards the source of pure energy flowing through us from Life itself.
“In the final sign of the zodiac, this moon reminds us that the ripened fruit of our spiritual path is experienced at the core of our being, not in the external trappings of our lives.
“Such an encounter with our core essence, however, isn’t always pleasant!
“Many have referenced the trauma of awakening, of the destruction it can wreak in our lives when the everyday deceptions of mundane consciousness can no longer exist alongside Truth.
“This is not a path for the fainthearted, and it’s not all about sweetness and light.
“But a genuine willingness to experience the Self beyond ego and identity is essential to waking up…
“Emotions may run high at this moon and sensitivities abound, so beware self-abnegation as an act of violence against a tender heart.
“We must attend to the suffering even as we release the very perspective that turns it into ‘me’.
“Energy is energy. It comes and it goes, rises and falls. We experience it as emotion and inspiration; motivation and illness; desire and aversion.
“In naming these things we make them real and build a self around them: a necessary act in a world that demands identity and substance from us all.
“But this isn’t the only world and we aren’t everything we seem.
“This full moon illuminates the paradox of self and no-self, of ego and essence, and the dance we must dance to know it all.”
© Copyright 2019 SARAH VARCAS


LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology says:
“The challenge is that we are now at the height of the T-square. The Moon opposes not only the Sun but also Venus, Mercury, Mars, Mars itself is about to perfect an opposition to Neptune.
“This also can sometimes indicate the moment when we feel like giving up, giving in. At its worst this aspect can be insidious whispers such as :-
“What’s the point?
I can’t do anything anyway
I don’t know what to do so better to do nothing
I suck at everything
I never get anywhere
Everything is against me
The problem is too big
Self-defeating self-talk can see motivation trickle away before it starts.
“Part of us wants to stick our heads in the sand, spiritually bypass, check out with a bottle of gin.
“Asteroid Bacchus, God of Revelry is conjunct the Sun!
“Asteroid Isis, she who pieces the jigsaw back together, is conjunct Mercury and Venus, trying to figure it out.
“But yet we can’t see the picture and all the edge pieces seem to be missing.
Can you be okay with not knowing how it all fits together or how it’s going to turn out?
“Sometimes we don’t know where the story is leading. We are mid chapter right now and at a critical point in the drama.
“Mercury and Venus are anaretic in Virgo and desperate to help or to feel like something, anything, is improving.
“But the Moon conjunct misty Neptune suggests that we need to surrender, go with the flow, let the tide carry us to where we need to be.
“Jupiter says, everything hinges on faith.
“The question is, how can we be okay with this big mess, the confusion, distortion, lies? How can we be okay when our greatest dreams fall apart?
“The Moon’s sextile to Pluto tells us that we must come back to a place of trust. 
“We need to trust ourselves. We need to trust the universe. We need to trust our intuition.
It’s not about doing nothing and hoping for the best. It’s about knowing your power and using it in the world.
“Control what you can. Do what you can. Let go of the rest. 
Balance action and inaction.
“Balance the hustle of daily life with the silence and solace of the shore.
“Balance the soul’s needs with those of the physical body. Don’t you dare give up.
“Decisions made around this time come from the gut. What we feel can’t be ignored by rational mind. Make time for personal reflection.
“Feel your sorrow and your joy. If it all feels meaningless, go deeper…
“Actively pursue what lifts you up. 
“Everyone is needed. No one is superfluous. 
“Pisces rules the invisible thread that connects everything and everyone.
“Despite the tensions in this chart, there is also powerful transformative magic available.”
© Copyright 2019 LEAH WHITEHORSE


JOHN SANDBACH creator of the Chandra Symbols says for the following for this Moon’s Degree:
“This degree is about getting slowed down against one’s will, which can result in a great accumulation of frustration – unless the right attitude is focused on.
“The right attitude is to become non-reactive and to allow one’s creative impulses to flow with and around the obstructions, and to know that whatever appears to be going against one is there to increase one’s focus and ability to be non-attached.
“The Chandra Symbol for this degree is ‘A blacksmith creating an ornate garden gate.’
“This degree is about making the best of even the most difficult situations… At best this degree is a hard worker who is doggedly determined to turn around even the most seemingly unredeemable state of affairs…
“The key here is adopting the right attitude. If the attitude is bitter, egotistical, cynical and self-righteous – hard like the blacksmith’s iron – the goal will never be reached.
“If the attitude is loving, and receptive to guidance by higher forces, the iron can be heated and worked, and will yield to fulfilling the blacksmith’s creative vision.”
© Copyright 2019 JOHN SANDBACH


And finally PAT LILES from The Power Path.com shares:
“Neptune rules Pisces and this chart. 
“Neptune in Pisces (2011-2026) is powerfully placed in its own sign aided by the Full Moon to express its infinite compassion, forgiveness, and trust of Spirit – a Moon of the Universal Feminine, ruler of the deep seas, who magnifies the unity of all life with great emotional sensitivity and soul.  
“Neptune/Pisces is the master dreamer with boundless imagination and creativity using poetry, music, dance, art, meditation and ritual to open the portals of the invisible worlds.
“Neptune along with Mars is anchoring a Mystic Rectangle aligned with the Nodes (15-17º). Don’t be fooled by the name; this is a most practical configuration consisting of the ease of trines and the opportunity of sextiles. 
“This chart has movement and enough tension to make things move and dance.  Pisces does rule the feet and dance after all. 
“The Nodes in Cancer/Capricorn suggest we can now reap what we have sown prior to this Harvest Moon, reap all the letting go orchestrated by Pluto, South Node and Saturn in Capricorn, reap all the emotional growth and healing of the feminine rooted in the ancestral past from Cancer.”
© Copyright 2019 PAT LILES
May this Harvest Moon illuminate the ways in which we might be able to hold the tension of opposites and the polarities at play, with greater ease and understanding.
With all my heART~


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