“‘Sink into yourself, sink into your divine nature,’ they said.’
“…’The purpose of life is to recognize who you are, to recognize the presence of the Divine everywhere and move below the surface of things, into the flow of knowing what all is….’
“All was quiet for a minute or two then I began to hum low in my throat.
‘This,’ they said, ‘is the vibration of your being. Be in that vibration. This is how to receive our teaching. Moving into the vibration of your being creates a shift within you, creates a new perception of and reception to life.
“You will be different. You will be wise.’ Smiling they said, ‘Wise is very different from smart. Oh, you may still be smart,’ they said with a laugh ‘but you will be wise.’
“I wanted to understand this distinction between wise and smart. It seemed like one of them involved effort while the other did not.
‘Do not be confused,’ they said. ‘The desire for action will not bring you happiness. What we are speaking of is a different sort of doing. It is not rushed and busy; it is not a piling up of accomplishments. It is not a list of projects or busy social calendars. It is none of these.’
“‘Those activities,’ they said giving me a look of infinite patience, ‘are yang. The emphasis on yang values has created tension, stress and difficulty on your planet. We have not come for that,’ they said, shaking their heads. ‘We have come to help balance that.’
“Turning the intensity of their gaze on me, they said, ‘We ask you to go deep, to do what you do with love in your heart. We ask you to look outward from your heart at the people in your lives.
“To do this,’ they said, ‘you must first go deep inside yourself and feel your body, feel that low hum inside you. This is the vibration of life. The same vibration that flows through the trees, through the people sitting next to you, through the food you eat and the chair you sit on.’
“They gazed hard at me. ‘Relate from this place deep within your heart,’ they said. ‘and be brave!’ they shouted, shooting fisted hands up to punch the air. ‘Don’t be afraid. We are with you.’
“Laughing good-naturedly as they observed my stunned expression they said, ‘You can be yourself. You can! And you will nourish everyone. You will do so much good by being yourself, more that you ever did or could do by being busy and doing, doing, doing.'”
“…’It is true that you can live another way. You will bloom from within yourself; as you will fill with love you will expand more than you ever dreamed you could.”
“I felt so happy and hopeful as I listened to them. ‘I want to live this way, Grandmothers,’ I said.
‘Go slow,’ they replied, ‘go deep. You will find us there within you, around you, behind and under you. The same as the light, the same as the air, as the warmth of the sun or the cool of the shade.’
“This is a natural way of living,’ they said, ‘but you have lived in such an unnatural way for so long that when we speak this truth it sounds strange to you, you distrust it or think, ‘That’s not possible for me. How can I live like that? How can anyone live like that?’ They paused.
“‘Well we tell you, you can. It is time.’
They were silent and then said, ‘As you begin to live like this a shift is created for all beings.'”
“‘There is a great power building now,’ they said. ‘The earth is your friend, your ally.’ They were serious impassioned. ‘As you come awake to who you are, put your feet on the ground, put your hands in the grass, in the sand, in the dirt, or in the trees. Recognize the divine presence.
“The earth will help you open to who you are. The earth will help you to go deep; it will help you to go slow.’
‘”When your mind wants to rush away with worry, with projects, lists, or anxiety, touch something of earth. Touch a plant, an animal, or your own body. Hold a piece of wood in your hands and remember whence it came. The earth loves you and longs for your return to her. She longs for kinship with her children and some of you long for her too. Isn’t it time?'”
~Sharon McErlane from A Call to Power: the Grandmothers Speak