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There is a primal longing from the Life force within us, seeking to connect and feel a resonance with the Life force outside of us.
Most of us have grown up in a culture that upholds illusional barriers between us and the natural world. But as we awaken to the wisdom that is experiential and older than Earth, we can reclaim that lost connection to ALL that we are.
This universe that we are a part of is infinitely intelligent and alive, and the significance of the Equinoxes and Solstices is to function as a reminders of this. 
These planetary axes points serve as promptings for us to access our direct connection with Energetic Stream of Life on Earth. 
Like our ancestors before us, this is something we can only do for ourselves, for this journey of reconnection is experiential.
To experience it we have to allow ourselves to feel with all that is, opening our receptivity centers and taking take a moment within time eternal to connect our hearts with the heart of the Earth.
This pure simple act/intention can have profound effects.
We don’t need any intermediary. We are the intermediary.
We all have direct access to this stream of wonderful Life force that is you and me and the plants and the trees and the birds and the animals and the sun and the wind and the waters and all the invisible worlds from the micro to the macro that link us in the most stellar tapestry of Life. 
On this Equinox as our beautiful planet turns around the Sun to align its center with ours, let’s take a moment out of our busy modern lives to link with this pulsing Life force within and without.
Let’s bridge the gap and become intimate with the Life stream that breathes us for the short time we are here on Earth.
It’s a time to remember.
And as the Earth and the Sun bow to each other, so do I take a deep bow to the Life force within you~
Peace and Love~


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