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February 23rd 2020  7:31 am PST  3:31 pm GMT
February 24th 2020| 1:31 am AEST
At this *NEW MOON*, the Sun and Moon, the Masculine and Feminine are having meeting in Pisces in order to, like astrologer Molly McCord says, decide “what they are going to create moving forward.”
With Mercury Retrograde also in Pisces we’re intuitively discerning what has been unfolding in the energetic realms.
Mars is supportive by showing us where we need to be assertive and what we need to commit to in order to make our dreams real. 
Like Molly McCord, advices, “we are being asked to trust what we feel” as we come to understand where our Soul is guiding us to go next. 
There’s a realization of what we cannot go back to, and certain things that will need to be released as we close out certain chapters.
Kaypacha speaks of this time as a time of reckoning, where we can take inventory of the patterns, physical and mental, that have kept us bound, stuck, and ultimately unfulfilled.
We are encouraged to contemplate the various ways in which we have held ourselves back by perpetuating certain thoughts or habits.
What is it that we must release in order to move forward?
The Higher wisdom of Pisces calls us to yield to the dream. It requires us to summon the act of surrender, which liberates us from the illusion of control and brings us into the transcendent expansion of Oneness.
With the release comes great expansion. It requires trust, trust in our Life and its unfoldment in the grand tapestry of creation. 
Molly McCord says, Jupiter and Neptune are showing us what we truly desire and “what we are ready to say Yes to for the long term,” as we bring in the parts that we have been energetically sensing into expression.
So we are encouraged to continue to be guided by the Higher Wisdom of our Soul in support of our next steps on our Earthwalk!
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers…


LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology shares:
“With the New Moon conjoined with retrograde Mercury, we’re asked to listen to the subtext… We need to listen to our soul’s voice so that we can prepare for the new year ahead.
“What emerges now is tender new growth, the germ of an idea born from dreams and wishes that we tried to push far away into our unconscious minds.
“As the New Moon is conjunct retrograde Mercury, it may take some extra time for new beginnings to manifest, so we need to go with the flow, trust, surrender to the Gods.
“The New Moon sits close to the midpoint of the recent Mars-Uranus trine, creating a helpful sextile to each. So, there is a zing of excitement rippling through this lunation.
“Dare to dream, have the courage to do something different! We’re motivated to explore alternative avenues to follow our passions.
“Overall, the chart contains strong water and strong earth as we still have a powerful presence of bodies in Capricorn. Putting these elements together creates clay, something which we can shape and mould.
“This is about manifesting our vision, creating something from nothing, making real what is in our imagination. This is the beginning of building a new dream.
“With the New Moon also trine to the North Node, we can trust that what unfolds now is for our soul’s evolution.
“The challenge is that there is little air in the chart so it may be difficult to rationalize or make sense of what we feel right now.
“But sometimes we just need to feel the feelings, roll with the tide and suspend judgement.
“Let your intuition guide you through the mists of the unknown.”
© Copyright 2020 LEAH WHITEHORSE



“We don’t just have a New moon in Pisces- we also have Mercury Retrograde in Pisces.. and we also have Neptune in rulership in the sign of Pisces (from 2011 to 2025).
“The Piscean waters are connecting to the primordial waters of creation.
“Many ancient mystical cultures have stories about the primordial abyss out of which everything is created…
“Pisces IS the waters of the womb. You can see the shift from Pisces to Aries as the birth of the baby which also corresponds to sunrise in the 24 hour cycle. Pisces is the time of dusk just before dawn- and Aries is the dawn and rebirth of the Sun itself! 
“…We can consider the Sun in Pisces as the time of the dark of the Sun…
“This is a very powerful time to be DIVING DEEP.
“It’s EXCELLENT for shadow work, inner work, dream work, therapy, reflection, active imagination via guided meditations and shadow work practices that make use of the imagination and more…
“Interestingly in the New Moon chart we have an amazing alignment of Mars on the South Node with Uranus…Mars on the South Node follows the last year of VERY INTENSE south node conjunctions of Pluto and Saturn (from March to September 2019) and Jupiter (January 2020).
“Mars is not as slow moving as those planets but he is know to be an activator and his alignment with the South Node is very important as he is clearing showing us what is still karmic, stagnant, stuck, patriarchal, old paradigm that we need to face, deal release or transform in some way.
“The amazing addition of Uranus is wonderful as the Higher Mind is bringing insights, bolt out of the blue awarenesses and ease of capacity to embrace change :)
“…Another notable in the New Moon chart is Jupiter sextile Neptune!!! The two planets that rule Pisces- classical ruler and contemporary ruler- are in harmonious aspect…
“Neptune is so amazing in terms of idealism and possibility but the shadow is that stays in the ethers as dreams, vision and ideals but not brought into physicality and embodied.
“Saturn in Capricorn and now Jupiter in Capricorn are all about rooting, grounding, foundations and bringing things into manifestation. This is AMAZING.
“And again having this occur during the Dark Moon/Dark Sun, Sun in Pisces, Mercury Retrograde in Pisces time is extra yummy in my opinion…
© Copyright 2020 DIVINE HARMONY


“I leave you with ELLIAS LONSDALE’s Star Sparks degree for the New Moon….
Pisces 5 : Thousands of gold nuggets glistening at the bottom of a clear stream.
“Gifted with subtle faculties which work through the subconscious mind.
“This presence can be felt deep down underneath and can be sensed as opening a door into worlds otherwise held away.
“However, these particular realms are still for the collective forbidden, strange, off limits.
“Therefore, we will tend to hide what we are doing, even from ourselves, and to keep it within the realm of speculation-perhaps something is happening there, perhaps not.
“Within this incubator of the perfect alibi, the one who never knows for sure, the greatest mysteries and revelations can stream through unencumbered by any ego-mind claiming these for itself.
“Everything is kept pure, pristine, untouched by the corruption’s of what we make of things when we are captured by our own net.
“The masterful smuggling in of psychic gifts, sacred tasks, and boundless cosmic realities given just enough elusive properties to keep the ball rolling, make the spark the only thing we care about.
“Being specially devoted to making sure that the timeless and out-there spheres are given their true place in the mix without confronting and arousing authorities and border guards.
“Suspended within a stream of consummate revelation. Allowed to wander there freely.
“Tapping what could seem to be outlawed or suspect places. The goddess revered through many names and guises. Top secret mission.
“The only thing known on the surface is that somebody under there is still alive and is even more outrageously navigating the places we all need to remember, now that the time for these things is returning.
“Keeping the thread going, no matter what.
“A very elemental, primal, early stages of life sense for what is in this life to stay because we love the mystery so well.”
© Copyright 2020 ELLIAS LONSDALE
You  may watch Molly McCord’s guidance on this New Moon here, and tune in to Kaypacha’s guidance here.


May the stream of love saturate all our dreams, softening our hearts, and awakening the fire within, reclaiming our power in the present.
May we let go,  freeing ourselves of what has been binding us, as we trust our Soul’s evolutionary journey into greater love.

With all my heart!





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