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What a long strange trip it’s been.
From moon to moon whole worlds change.
Inter-galactic travel between
the deepest levels of the soul.
Needing to face the end of what we’ve known
but not knowing how to begin.
Prayer opens us.
Guidance is readily available.
But the key is listening.
And being willing to let go
to allow the river to flow
and shape the new
valley ahead.
We can sense the freedom
of that alignment on the other side,
but first we face our fears.
Labyrinthine pathways hold the promise
that awaits on this passage toward alignment
with deepest part of our soul.
For getting to know our deepest Self,
is what this journey is all about.
The more truthful we can become,
the more empowered we will feel,
and suddenly…
a loosening of the grip,
and into the unknown,
new places of discovery
we’ll go…
But first,
Anchor into Self,
with love, love,
love, love,
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights woven from the collective guidance of our beloved featured astrologers.
First from astrologer PAT LILES from The Power
“Scorpio’s Full Moon gifts can be plentiful ~ alignment with the feminine mysteries, diving deep, dying to the past, finding renewal, and powerful life force energy releasing when shadowy subconscious material is brought into the light where it can be named. 
“These are gifts we may be challenged to receive this Full Moon… 
“Scorpio and Pluto are powerful medicines asking everything of you before granting the joy of rebirth.
“We bow to the previous Aries New Moon as we reach culmination here at Full Moon for the experiences we have undertaken, crisis overcome and commitments we have made towards breaking free and stepping up.
“The Taurus Sun and Scorpio Moon are squaring the North and South Nodes (Leo/Aquarius) within a degree forming a Grand Square in fixed signs…
“Involving the Nodes suggests it’s a growth process for us where we need to let go, draw on skills we have attained, and take steps on that edgy new path (sucking up the growing pains we encounter).
“North Node in Leo is exactly conjunct asteroid Ceres, so our basic bonding with parents where our self worth has its fundamental roots is our point of growth here. 
“How we nurture our own hearts, how we can step into the power of self love, and recognize our divine origins will measure how well we can love another as our self in another form.
“……connect deeply with the mysteries that this emissary of the feminine, water power sign Moon holds. 
“Call up the source of your creativity, fertility, and powers to destroy what you have created in the past and dance with your ability to heal yourself from the cellular to the cosmic levels. 
“This Scorpio Moon is rich, warm, deep and powerful asking you to go out into the night and return renewed and refreshed having touched something deep inside yourself that nourishes beyond the needs of the body…
Call on your ancestors, your allies, your guides to stand with you at this great shifting time
“Learn to ask for help.  Tremendous support is available to you for the asking from the invisible world.
“…With Saturn trine the Sun in earth signs, it points to getting your life in order on the physical plane, taking those steps that give you peace of mind and stability in your day to day life and free you up to move on your creative ambitions.  
Keep your physical body well grounded to better process the frequencies that are bombarding you and keep you out of mental spin…”
 We learn with each turning of the Moon to hold our lives as a choice.
“Which will it be here? Crisis or Opportunity?”
© Copyright 2018 ~PAT LILES  All Rights Reserved


From LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology:
“At the Full Moon in Scorpio, emotions are intensified as we’re driven by a need for deeper connection, empowerment and transformation.
“Yet the pursuit of these things brings us to a moment of crisis where we must resolve inner and outer conflicts…
As we teeter on the edge of the abyss, fears loom large. 
“If we have any hope of gaining greater insight and perception, we must face what makes us so afraid.
“In Scorpio, we want to dive beneath the surface and resolve mysteries. Nothing is taken at face value…
“Our psychic radar is at peak level, but if we’re coming from a place of fear, signals can be misconstrued, and fears projected onto others…
 “The complication of the Moon in Scorpio square to Ceres and the North Node suggests that there is a longing to be seen yet a terror of someone seeing the truth of who we are.
“The question we’re all dealing with in some form or another is, do I trust you enough to show you all of me? 
“The only way we can find out is to reveal ourselves…
“The more we learn to trust both ourselves and others, the greater the chance for commitment and longevity in all our relationships.
“Saturn also reminds us to keep it real. True respect comes from authenticity.”
© Copyright 2018 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE All Rights Reserved


“I want to point out the Chiron/Juno conjunction at the Aries point…a powerful alignment of the Wounded Healer with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage- at the very first degree of the entire zodiac!
“The Aries point speaks to massive new beginnings being seeded.
“With Juno part of this can be in regards to relationships and partnerships in our lives- and also in regard to patterns we have played out in relationships and partnerships in our lives for our entire lives (or maybe lifetimes!).
“Chiron’s involvement is bringing to stark awareness any wounding patterns that run us in partnership.
“Our relationship to Mars/Aries energy is undergoing a massive healing (but also activation of old wounds so we can see what needs to be healed)- and facing our reactivity/aggression/immaturity/control issues OR our disconnection for our anger/agency/will/healthy ego self is key.
“Big stuff is up right now in how we do relationship!
“You can start a brand new chapter or even volume in your relationship history if you like.
“Existing relationships could rise up and evolve/transform together. In other cases relationships have to be left behind in order to start on a new, healthier relationship trajectory.
Tuning into what is the Truth for you is key.”
© Copyright 2018 ~DIVINE HARMONY All Rights Reserved


From PAM YOUNGHANS from her North Point Astrology:
“The Moon and the Sun are both in close square aspect to the North and South Node, challenging us to make a major evolutionary leap
“Our challenge with this Full Moon is not to get caught up in the drama, but to follow the advice of the North Node in Leo, which is to approach life more lightly and to have a playful attitude when dealing with problems that arise…
“We are at a pivotal time of making choices, in who we are, in how we move through the world, and in how we hold our essential energy.
“These choices are often made in seemingly small ways, in how we deal with daily challenges and frustrations.
“When we can elevate our responses, lifting our vibration instead of falling into old emotional traps, we are making the changes the world needs.
“We Become the Change We Want to See.”
© Copyright 2018 ~PAM YOUNGHANS  All Rights Reserved


From ROBERT WILKINSON from his Aquarius Papers:
“This Full Moon will stabilize many things in our lives, while giving us rewards for our courage as we’ve moved through the fires of life these last few weeks…
By what we let go of, we can move forward with determination and will to part the veil and enter unknown zones, leaving fear and egocentrism behind.
“This Full Moon is stabilizing, expansive, clarifying, and brings rewards for courage.
“Our openness to new experiences and new ways to reclaim opportunities thought lost‘ will prove our faith, and by our faith we will prove our ability to enter a new life…
“The Solar degree symbol for the 10th degree of Taurus is ‘A Red Cross nurse.’ 
“…So this is a degree illuminating our ability to embrace a greater self-dedication to the welfare of all, where as we lose our little self we gain the power of the Higher Self… 
“This lights up our ability to become a greater servant of a greater good, and find some project that is ‘worthwhile and enduring.’
“The Lunar degree symbol for the 10th degree of Scorpio is ‘A fellowship supper.’
“…Ultimately, this is a degree of ‘comradeship.”…From these symbols it seems we can see the light of a greater dedication and consecration expressed through gathering with others and feeling the closeness and fellowship generated by what we’ve done together, or what we’re doing together.
“Through shining the light of fulfillment on the social level of making something of eternal worth real, we can find closeness with others who also share this value.”
© Copyright 2018 ~ROBERT WILKINSON All Rights Reserved
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and your sharing. It has not been an easy journey, but we are continuing to blossom.  May we find comfort knowing that we are not so separate as we feel. We are actually more alike than we know! 
Love love love~

*F U L L  M O O N*
April 29th 5:58 pm PDT
April 30th 12:58 am GMT
April 30th 11:58 am AEDT