Alison Sacrpulla-via-mysticmamma


“Seeding the land with new growth is as vital as seeding our communities with new dreams.
“In these shifting times the Earth has a lot to purge and renew and she is doing it. We are part of the planet’s evolution and also have imbalances to set right.
“Humanity is prodded to deepen; a new way of living wants to take root.
“Just as Elk shows up to vitalize barren fields, dropping scat that holds the memory of forests, in our lives circumstances, events and people appear to restore our true nature.
“‘ Take a breath,’ says Wapiti. ‘Relax and lift your gaze. See what steps in to stand with you in this life meadow, your field of experience.
“Wapiti encourages, ‘Be open. Scan your field.’
“What steps in may be a human, animal, or spirit presence; a provocative thought or memory; a stirring book or piece of music; a message in a dream or from the wind or from a favorite tree; an encounter or event; or something else.
“This changing era is plentiful in soul direction; we simply need to be open to and participate with it.
“The grace that floats in may be a miracle.
“The miraculous is more accessible as we remember who we are. Miracles are our human birthright.”
~Llyn Roberts from her book with Sandra Ingerman, Speaking with Nature: Awakening to the Deep Wisdom of the Earth