It is my pleasure to share the channelled work of Bobby Klein. For many years, he has been using the ancient oracle of the I Ching to channel in the messages of the times. Here is  Bobby’s I Ching Weekly message for the week of March 23, 2015:
“Spirits have been called
A long closed doorway is opened
 The interaction of excitement and pleasure
Brings opportunity closer”
“Your long held desire for personal transformation and unity has arrived. The gifts of body, mind and spirit that you have  withheld from yourself, tribe and family are now ready to be released; it is safe.
“You have, in effect, been waiting for just the right time or hoping there would be a right time and place to express what has been building up inside you. The fear of rejection now does not matter. It is not about how or by who you will be received.
Reception lies in spirit, not in your tribe, family or relationship. By moving forward without self-judgment you will be embraced, and in this embrace is the love, peace of mind and abundance you have desired.
 “These times are beneficial. It is a cycle of growth and good fortune. It is not a time to sit back and do nothing. Be prepared as opportunity comes your way to move with integrity to seize the moment: preparation in this case is finding stillness. By doing this you will have positive advancement in all creative and relationship matters.  
“The action now, in order to receive, is to move out into the world and spread joy, bring pleasure, and share the gifts you have received from the divine.  Encourage others to join with you in a symphony of loving support. This will lead to plentitude for all concerned.
“Work together with your choice of like-minded individuals in your tribe, business, and circle of friends. Take the time to point out their best qualities and the attributes they may have forgotten, taken for granted, or have yet to discover.  Be the teacher and teach love, it is in this action that you will be available to receive what has long been desired.
“There will be many opportunities in this coming cycle, some will be presented as challenges to overcome or to move through, while others are coming toward you and match your rhythm and frequency. You are now prepared to penetrate into the heart of the matter; your heart and what matters to you.
“Mindful penetration brings action, and you are ready. It will be of benefit to proceed in concert with others in your circle and in your tribe. Coming now is a new relationship or business opportunity that is beginning to open; this time it wears a very different costume then what has been presented to you in the past.
“Open the heart of the warrior you have hidden out of fear of discovery and rejection, freely nurture it with basic, elemental truth, the truth you have seen through the eyes and ears of your inner voice of wisdom. Be cautious not to get intoxicated by this new opportunity; be still and in your truth.
“Communication with tribe, family, business associates, and your inner creative self are all enhanced now and made easy while you listen and are fully alert. 
“Enter into the depth of open conversation, this will feed you now as never before, which is why it is so important that you move with others, not individually. The blending of intellect, happiness, and spirituality will not be found in isolation.
“It will not be of benefit to isolate and confine the aspects of your true self. As you release and trust to what you find as are joyous, sensual and stimulating. By combining these components you will bring others together and accomplish great things . . . together.
“Identify your community. Seek who is it in your tribe of fellows that will join or follow you on the good road to completion and compassion.  Once found, inspire their movement, point out their talents, and be supportive
“Such combining and nurturing will create a link of minds and hearts that can achieve and bring into reality what is needed for the betterment of yourself, and the world around you, as we move with enhanced understanding and acceptance toward the greater good. Trying to go it alone at this point would be an error, and would only produce a minuscule part of the greater whole that awaits you.  
“It is the penetration into your own resistance that will reveal many of life’s mysteries, which will be shown to you and will be surprisingly clear and simple to understand. In doing this, you will be able to reach inside and move past the old, tired programming of ego, birth family, school, church and state that would hinder you with guilt, shame, and blame.
“If you allow it to, this can be a turnaround time in your basic psychology and physiology. The elixir for you in these times will come from the sharing of joy through excitement about what is in your view and what lies ahead.
“The aspects of your persona that have been unexpressed are no longer your potential; they are your reality. These deeply held gems of self-expression are rising and ready to unleash their powerful and glorious patterns of self-worth and confidence.  
“Encourage communication and the sharing of ideas and theories, no matter how far out of the box they may seem, and speak up when you feel or see that truth is being hidden.  
Nurture shared ideas, it is in this way the shift will be made ecologically, financially, spiritually and emotionally and thus will clear the way for this coming new golden age where we can all live together in peace and share the blessings of these auspicious times.
“You no longer have to wait for love and abundance to find you…open your eyes to see and your ears to listen; the truth now is you are found.
“It is the time to disassociate yourself from any worries, negative situations or people. Problems or difficulties, once seen and confronted will float away like the morning mists on the lake of your dreams and desires.
“There is peace now with the ego; the negative voice of judgment is quiet; move into stillness now to listen to the inner voice of your loving heart. You can do it now, you are aligned with your intent, integrity and compassion. Spirit is watching and spirit is pleased.”
Copyright © Robert M. Klein 2015.