Spirit led me to this channeling of Archangel Michael through Douglas McDaniel. Feeling it. Enjoy!
“You are changing. This is certain. There is a vibratory shift that is occurring and you are part of it. You are, actually, the reason for it. You are the catalyst for the change that is occurring.
You have opened your mind.
As a result, you have expanded your awareness.
You have opened your heart.
As a result, you are now able to love yourself.
You have expanded your consciousness.
As a result, you are creating your own reality.
You are no longer subject to the energies that have been holding you back. They are released; let go; sent to the recycle bin. They no longer serve you. Anything that is not of service to you and the new consciousness that you are creating no longer exists.
The slate is empty; wiped clean; ready to be written upon with the energy that you are bringing forth through your creation of the new consciousness. Now is the time to begin writing the script that will guide the rest of your life, as it unfolds in the journey you are now taking.
Awaken to the possibility. Possibilities are all around you. Take advantage of them and they will shape the next segment of your journey.
The next part of your journey is one of releasing and awareness. You will consciously release all that is not serving you, for you are now not in service just to others, but are in service to yourself as well.
Expand into the new consciousness. Breathe deeply and feel the release of the old energy and the gathering of the new.
Your consciousness will expand as you create the life that you would like to lead; the life that will bring you fulfillment; the life that will awaken you fully to who you are and who you want to be.
The barriers are gone, dear ones, destroyed, no longer needed as obstacles to your spiritual progress. They were once necessary to get your attention; to provide you a chance to focus and realign, but this process is no longer necessary.
You are no longer interested in making things difficult and burdensome for yourself. You are truly interested in the freedom that total enlightenment brings. You are no longer interested in testing yourself to see if you are worthy. You are worthy and are now conscious of that worthiness.
Rejoice in the fact that your journey, while sometimes arduous, is coming to an end. Not that you will no longer grow and expand; creating new levels of consciousness, but ending in the sense that you will create from a place of love for yourself and those around you.
You will no longer create to run from the old that has imprisoned you, but will create from the new energies that totally support your spiritual growth while you are in human form in the earthly plane.
You are creating a new earth, an earth that will be free of negativity and karmic imbalance. Love will prevail and as a result, you will expand fully into the consciousness of love and will create an expansion in the consciousness of all beings…
You are giants of love and light, more luminous than you can imagine or even conceive. Monumental in your ability to create and expand the consciousness of love. You have provided a great gift to the universe and all who inhabit it.
You are capable of all things.
You are loved and adored by those who seek your knowledge.
We support you and love you in your journey to experience new things.
Consciousness grows as love expands. Allow the expansion to occur.”