Here is another wonderfully insightful astrological lowdown from our longtime favorite cosmic wiseman Kaypacha (Tom Lescher). As always, he elucidates the planetary movements and brings clarity to how it shows up in the collective energies we are swimming in. This is a long one, but kick back and open to receive as he unravels all the gems we need to hear. May this help you on your path!
Infinite Blessings~
Here is the Mantra for the week:
“When I allow the world and myself to change
Letting go of the guilt and all the self-blame,
I un-freeze the picture and release all the pressure,
Thereby discovering the buried treasure.”
“This weekend, practice the big “C” (Compassion) starting with yourself! When we chill out and take it easy on ourselves we can take it easy on each other and they, in turn, will respond in kind! The New Moon in Aquarius on Saturday offers us the opportunity to untangle and taking it all so personally and the beginning of seeing life events as just that… that happen and we go on…… “
“Just be careful not to get too overwhelmed with business and too much work this weekend. The Mercury/Mars conjunction square Jupiter with Venus square Saturn indicates the challenge to balance relaxation with duty. “
“Injoy the ride! “