Solstice Blessings! 
Like our ancestors have done from the beginning of time, we honor the cycles and the seasons that remind us of the ever-changing flow of life that we are a part of~~~
Ritual acts give life meaning. They also honor and acknowledge the unseen web of Life that connects us all.
If you don’t have a community that provides this, don’t be afraid to create your own and reclaim your connection to the source of all life. 
A simple act done with intention in your heart is enough. 
Check this post here  for ritual ideas on how you can ring in the Summer Solstice.
Here are some fun Winter Solstice ritual ideas to commemorate this pivotal moment in time as we venture inward to kindle our inner fire!


Consider not using any artificial light for the entire day and welcome in the darkness by lighting your Solstice lanterns!
Get a jar and decorate by gluing on bits of gold and yellow tissue paper, then use some wire to make a handle. Make many of these and put them all around your house…




This is a nice ritual you can do with friends or family.
You begin by placing on a table, one large unlit candle and various smaller unlit candles for each person present.
Turn off all the lights and spend a moment in darkness, remembering and honoring the Sun’s light.
Then whomever is leading, can light the main big candle an offer a blessing. 
After that each can come and light their candle from the main flame and all candles can be placed in a circle or spiral around the main one.
Once all candles are lit, a song, blessing or “Happy Solstice” can be offered in unison.  




 Love this group ceremony idea from The Circle Sanctuary:
“This can take a simple form of the family ringing bells together at the moment of Solstice, or it can be a circle ceremony in and of itself…
“Each family member chooses a bell to ring. Bells can be of varying sizes and types, but should blend well with each other when rung together. Brass bells and/or jingle bells are commonly available and have long time associations with the season.
“For a bell ringing Solstice Circle, the family gathers together in a circle. Each has a bell in hand to ring. Parent(s) or some other family member serves as facilitator(s). She/he begins by saying a few words about the Solstice being the start of the new solar year and how the calendar year used today in many places around the world was structured on the solar year.
“The facilitator then describes how bells have been rung in connection with many types of celebrations. Bells have been rung at this time of year to ring out the old year and to ring in the new year. Then the facilitator invites the family to celebrate the Solstice with bells.
“If the family is used to honoring the directions as part of spiritual practice (Wiccan, Native American, Buddhist, Hermetic, etc.), the family begins by facing each of the compass points (North, East, South, West) and ringing the bells in unison, honoring connections with each sacred direction. Then the family rings bells in the three directions connected with the center: upward, the place of the cosmos; downward, the place of the planet; and center; Divine unity.
“In place of or in addition to individual direction honoring, the family rings all their bells together to celebrate their connection with each other as a family; then they ring them in unison again to celebrate their connection with the cycles of Nature; and then they ring them a third time in unison to celebrate their connection with life on planet Earth and all of Nature.
“Then from the oldest to the youngest, each family member speaks a vision or wish for the planet for the coming year. After each one speaks, all ring bells together to affirm that vision/wish. After all have shared, the ceremony ends as the family calls out ‘Happy Solstice’ three times and rings bells.”




This can be done as a personal ceremony or with a group. Begin by giving out small pieces of paper and pencils so each can write down what they want to release.
When all have written down what they wish to release, all can gather around a fire, and each can in turn come to the fire and throw their paper in.
After all have gone, you seal the ritual by all banging on drums, using shakers and voices to seal it with a celebratory howl!
Whatever you choose to do, whether pausing in quiet reflection, or celebrating with loved ones, know that all over our planet, we are joining in Spirit doing the same!
Blessed be our Unity in Diversity of all our unique expressions!
Solstice Blessings to us all!!

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