Jessica Naomi-via-MYSTICMAMMA




“Beyond the cackling of the birds
and all the fighting, and all the noise-
What else is there?


The oak tree’s heart, which says:
Glory is. Wholeness is.
And unavoidably, my dear, you are part of it.



Problemlessness. I know- you couldn’t hear it before,
but I’m asking you now – to go inside the oak,
and wait-


till your heart is wrenched by its love
and you see no need for language


till your hands are cupped receiving
and everything comes to you baked in lovesilence


There is no name for what enters you then.
Everything is a red sun rising
and everywhere an infinite grace before you


Then there is no name for what you become-
like love, like the mountain.”


~Tara Sophia Mohr from Your Other Names: Poems by Tara Sophia Mohr