Please take the time to watch this film 2012 La Palabra Maya (2012 The Mayan Word). It is about an 1hr long and completely riveting to watch in its honesty and message. As we come to the end of 2012, and near the Solstice on 12-21-12, the collective focus is on the Maya. If you really want to know the inside story and be tuned to the larger shift that is occurring on the planet then watch this film. 
It brings to light the story of the contemporary Maya people in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Belize. There is so much important information and truth shared in it about what is happening right now, not only for the Maya people for all of us. We are living in a time of a major paradigm shift that will be more aligned with the wisdom of our indigenous ancestors and with living in harmony and reverence with Mother Earth. There is so much I want to say about this film but just see for yourself and if you are moved by it please share it so that others might be also be inspired to also take action as we unite in our common love for our planet and our rights as human beings living on this beautiful Earth.
Peace and Love~