~Total Solar Eclipse~ New Moon ~ SuperMoon~ In the archetypal waters of Pisces, we are asked to step into the Dreamtime to reflect, feel it all, cleanse it all and draw forth from the ocean of the collective unconscious the new dream that wants to be birthed.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved luminaries. First from the inspired CATHY PAGANO from her Wisdom of Astrology:
“This Pisces New Moon on March 8-9 is not only a Super Moon, meaning it is closest to Earth and so has a stronger effect on the tides and our bodies and emotions, but also the first of four eclipses this year…
“All eclipses disrupt the Earth’s electromagnetic fields and therefore each of ours… A solar eclipse occurs at a New Moon when the Sun, Earth and Moon’s planes align with each other, gathering and focusing their energies into a new shape, a new resonance.
A new door opens, a new story begins. Just as a regular New Moon is a time to plant new seeds, a solar eclipse is a time to let go of old, stagnant energy shells, so the new life energy that’s been gestating within can begin to grow.
“As we end this astrological cycle with a solar eclipse, the electromagnetic fields that have been resonating in all of us change. And we are changed.
“Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, a sign symbolic of the Ocean…As a symbolic state, Pisces represents what Jung calls the collective unconscious, the repository of all those things our culture rejects and ignores.
It holds the memory of all the life that’s been lived on this planet Earth, all the pain, sorrow, happiness, love, hunger, death and rebirth all humans partake in. It is the doorway to the realm of the archetypes of life and the container for all the stories, myths and fairy tales meant to guide us on our way through life.
“As a water sign, Pisces is a natural Empath, taking on the feelings of others in a big way. Pisces ‘feel’ what others are feeling and often suffer along with them.
“This gives rise to the supreme virtue of Pisces, which is compassion. When you walk in another’s shoes, you know how they feel. It’s not an intellectual knowing, but a deep visceral knowing…”
“An important gift of Pisces is our creative imagination, our ability to listen through our imagination to the Earth herself as well as to other beings.
Our imaginations are vital to living in harmony with Nature and with each other. Unfortunately, that has also been damaged by what we allow into our minds, such as the belief that the realms of the imagination are only for children…”
“We spend so much time in our Waking Mind, our rational, deal with the outer worldmind that we don’t leave any time (except when we sleep) for our Dreaming Mind.
“But it is our Dreaming Mind that knows the name of the wind and water, of fire and earth. The Dreaming Mind knows the world so deeply and intimately, and with so much love, that it sees the truth of Life all around us.
“Most of us don’t spend enough time in the Imagination. When we do, we feed it the junk food of TV or the Internet or maybe a hearty meal of a good book, play or movie, but do we look to it to give us its wisdom about our life.
“Do we stop to listen? Do we sit in revery and silence and drop our questions like a smooth stone into the calm, deep pool of it, waiting and watching the circling ripples come to shore to stand before us with the answers we seek? Then, do we accept those answers or do we let our waking mind rip it apart?
“…Take a day that you reserve to bathe in your Dreaming Mind. An Imagination Day where you let go of the mundane world and step into the multi-dimensional worlds where symbols, images and metaphors are the common language and life gleams with meaning and purpose…”
“This is the perfect New Moon to work with your dreams and visions, with art and dance, music and writing… Water forms a doorway to other realms, a way of being which lets us shape-shift into our true, original Self.
We can be made whole again when we embrace our past, who we have been and what we have made of ourselves. Our true Self has been over-shadowed with a false story concerning guilt, unworthiness, money, power and hubris.
“The end of the myth of rugged individuality is either a recognition that we are all equal yet unique or the disillusion that I am better, chosen, special. That seems to be the theme of this year’s US presidential elections.
“With the Sun, Moon, Chiron, Ceres (the Great Mother) and the South Node of the Moon opposite Jupiter in Virgo, a whole range of opportunities for healing are available. Virgo energy demands discernment and a firm grasp of the situation…”
“This solar eclipse New Moon in Pisces takes us down to the dark depths of primal oceanic consciousness to rebirth us in our new stories. The primal womb is pierced with the divine fire of life.
“Mercury and Neptune are together in early degrees of Pisces…Neptune, in his own home sign of Pisces, stirs the waters and creates the images that arise in our collective unconscious.
“Neptune is about to leave the first decan (first 10* of a sign) of Pisces, where it has stirred up the collective unconscious so we can see and feel all those people and experiences we reject and ignore as irrelevant—women, children, the Earth, people of color, kindness, the common good, the imagination etc. These rejected parts of our society want in—they want to be included in this new age.
“These first years of Neptune moving through his own sign (the most Piscean decan), has stirred up the deep longing and sadness that’s lain in the collective unconscious throughout the Age of Pisces. Now as Neptune heads into the 2nd decan (from 10*-20*) which resonates with the sign of Cancer, it’s time for us to Mother a new story into the world.
“Now Neptune shows us possibilities of healing and creativity for all the wounded and neglected parts of our society and selves…”
All life is sacred. We are living in a sacred moment and sacred place…As we are beginning to see this new society and way of being, the old ways are rising to the surface in their most unconscious and virulent forms. The hatred and bigotry and bullying of the worst of the patriarchy is facing us. And we have to face them down.
“It is time to Evolve.
“Jupiter in Virgo helps us to live in a sacred manner, helps us re-story the world with meaning and images…”
“This Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces is challenged by Saturn in Sagittarius, pushing us to decide what we believe and stand up for it.
“…This is the way we bring together the rich spiritual vision of Neptune in Pisces and the inner authority and spiritual courage of Saturn in Sagittarius that helps us to stand up for that vision.
“This last New Moon solar eclipse ends an amazingly intense year during which we experienced the repercussions of the 7th and last Pluto/Uranus square that occurred last March 2015—finishing up that astrological year with a bang.
“That revolutionary/evolutionary energy has resonated within us and woken us up to the state of our world. Look at how people are stepping forward and taking back their lives and their communities and their countries. We haven’t seen this kind of activism since the 60s.
“People are engaging in the world and standing up for what they believe in, thereby changing the collective story. And there’s need for more and more of us to be doing this.
If we intend to change the world, we need to be leaders ourselves in creating that new world. We need to make it happen as well as demand it from our political leaders…”
“Now we have to engage our passion in the world and stand up for what we believe in, to take back our world from corporate interests all around the globe. The care of children and elders, social justice, equality, healing, creativity, business, etc. Whatever calls to you on a deep level is the archetypal energy resonating within you.
“The originating impulse of Nature and our human nature, as Caroline Casey calls it. Who are you? And how are you taking the Truth of your Being into the world and Doing something about it…”
“We are being called to live in conscious relationship with the Earth and each other…”
“Our shadow is showing and it wants to be redeemed. People are afraid and go into that oppositional standpoint that says it’s either him or me.
“But the new story says it’s him and me and her and the Earth and the sky. This is the new story we can bring to the world. It’s up to all of us to create and sustain a new collective story.
“Dive deep and retrieve the treasure hidden in the depths of your soul. It’s time.”
© Copyright 2016 ~CATHY PAGANO All Rights Reserved
From the passionate DIVINE HARMONY:
“With Chiron conjunct the South Node deep energies from the past- personally and collectivelycan arise and confront us demanding to be dealt with and addressed…”
“This astrology is important personally- especially if you have lots of Pisces or if you have anything around 21-22 degrees of mutable signs. But it’s also very important collectively. We all need to wake up and see where we have buried our heads in the sand.
“We need to see what is going on on planet earth and what is happening right before our very eyes but we cannot see or do not want to see and so we pretend it is not there. This can be a powerful aspect for awakening!
“…An eclipse tends to magnify what it touches and with it mere degrees from Chiron and the South Node- the personal, childhood, past life, ancestral and collective wounding and pain energies are UP BIG TIME.
“There truly is no escaping this- even though a couple glasses of wine, several hours on the internet or a new romance may FEEL like it helps you escape. In truth these wounds and pain will stay there submerged for a bit and they will come back out with greater intensity later.
“So the Solar Eclipse and the entire month of March is a time to choose to stay present, awake and aware– to not go back to sleep, to not bury your head in the sand, to not stay in denial about your past and your sole responsibility for it that has brought you to today.
“This month is ripe with major opportunities for karmic completion which will then free you up for dramatic shifts and evolutionary leaps just around the corner! But you cannot spiritually bypass what is up for you right now- as the deep, intense, karmic energies afoot ARE the eye of the needle you must move through first before you can get to the other side…”
“We are all being called to FEEL IT ALL. To feel our Divinity and our humanity, our joy and our grief, our wholeness and our wounding, our peace and our conflict, our kindness and our anger, our confidence and our shame.
“We are being asked to feel it all within us and without. And this is an intense experience- there’s really no getting around it. We need to feel it for ourselves and for others and for the world at large!
“…Oneness is not a concept or delusional idea to Pisces- Pisces FEELS IT. We ARE all in this together…”
“With this Eclipse opposite Jupiter on the North Node- the path to evolution, growth and the realization of our destiny requires that we balance pisces’ idealism and otherwordly-ness with Virgo’s ‘be here now’ practicality and presence…”
“Jupiter on the North Node is a call for stepping up our game, doing our inner work, seeing our shadows, calling ourselves and others on our stuff and doing what needs to be done to heal and release the karmic hold the past has on us that keeps us stuck in oblivion…”
“Pluto in Capricorn is coming into to clear out the crap in the structures, traditions and stagnations in our lives as well as in the big businesses and corporations that run (and ruin) our world…
“Pluto in Capricorn is not about tearing down those who are greedy and toxifying our planet- but instead to lift up and support those who speak for the planet and all her people.
“When we lift up with our support, our voices, our hearts and our money the people who will take a stand for the planet and ALL that reside on her (creatures big and small)- those other people will tear themselves down and/or fall to the wayside naturally.”
© Copyright 2016 ~DIVINE HARMONY All Rights Reserved
From the insightful PAT LILES from The Power
“Pisces is where we come into our compassionate heart like all the forms of the feminine goddess, Quan Yin, Isis, Mother Mary, the Guadalupe, Tara… who gladly take in the sufferings and woes of all and hold them in compassionate love dissolving the burdens our human hearts are too small to carry – a form of bodhisattva service they provide.  This eclipse period has the potential to be a great leap forward…”
“With a healing theme in mind, consider that this is the month of a solar and then a lunar eclipse bracketing the powerful Sun at Equinox.  It’s one of the biggest astrological months of the year.
“We are being reset in a big way to hold more love, to integrate all our past experience that has gone before and forgive any remnants of the past that cling to us…”
“An eclipse can release monumental amounts of energy.  We are in the Dream Time at this Pisces New Moon.  And it is here that we can dream a new dream for the collective as well as for ourselves.
“You may find yourself drifting and caught by distraction, unable to focus.  Your psyche is pulling you away from the linear world and into the poetic and boundary less imaginal field.  This is no time to resist. 
“It’s a highly creative time when the power in the imagination is boundless and can be used to form the future in the quantum fields.
“…With Ceres also within degrees of the Sun and Moon in Pisces, our relationship to the Earth is prominent.  Ceres is a Mother Goddess related to the cycles of the Earth, especially agricultural cycles of fertility, growth, harvest and rebirth.
“Coming into balance with nature and honoring the Mother is part of the solution for our ailing society.  At New Moon, take time to bless your planet, Gaia, Pachamama, Mother Earth and offer her honor, respect and love for all her gifts of nourishment and support.
“This is a total eclipse of the Sun visible in eastern Asia, southern China, but primarily in Indonesia, Sumatra/Borneo, also northern Australia, No. and So. Korea, Japan, Pacific Ocean, western Alaska. 
“Although you may not be in the direct path of the totality of the eclipse, it affects the whole globe.”
© Copyright 2016 ~PAT LILES All Rights Reserved
May we be in the direct path of our hearts and fully open to the reset these energies bring! Blessings to us all!


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