Here is the channelled energetic theme for March 2016 channeled by the always wonderful Lena Stevens from The Power 
“It is time for the resets, committed choices and greater intentions to ignite, take flight and move into action.
“We have great support this month for these themes with two eclipses and a powerful equinox time, events that always support great change. Much of the transformation and change so far has been internal and personal.
“This month inspires the internal changes to collect some much-needed fuel, fire up, and move towards outward manifestation.
“The potential for great movement this month can bring up two fears. The first one is being out of control with how quickly and powerfully things are happening in your life. The attempt to control the energy out of this fear may bring anxiety, panic and irrational or overly aggressive behavior.
“The second fear is the fear of letting go of your small safety zone or the fear that nothing positive will happen because it never does in your life. This brings about depression, despair, unworthiness and a general feeling of being stuck.
“Wherever you are in this spectrum, you will be challenged and triggered as there is no escaping the natural trend towards ignition and the tremendous energy that wants nothing more than to get behind your intentions and commitments and fire them up.
“We have become used to being held back by our fears and we have practiced energetic procrastination in many areas of our lives.
“This month comes with the responsibility to let those fears go, to follow through with details and to embrace the timing of how things are showing up in your life. After all this is what you asked for, so trust spirit in its delivery.
We have windows this month of higher centered potential where synchronicity of action and ideas are possible providing us with an experience of all the missing pieces of the puzzle finally coming together in ways that will produce the greatest movement in our lives.
“This is an exciting and welcoming thought but you have to be ready for it. And that readiness requires confidence, certainty, commitment, perseverance, focus, courage, decisiveness and a willingness to take a risk.
“The risk is about truth, faith and going after what you know in your heart to be right from a place of integrity and spirit.
“This will affect all areas of your life including business, relationships, how you show up in the world, your health and well-being, and whom you choose to be around and what you choose to complete or eliminate from your life.
“We are not saying this will be an easy or fun month, but it can be a dynamic and exciting one, as you allow yourself to be fired up and inspired about your ideas, intentions and committed choices of last month.
“And just like being in a large rapid on a river, you can either be frozen in terror or you can be exhilarated by the power and the thrill of navigating some very big energy.
March comes with big energy. It also comes with an aspect of the masculine that is crucial to manifesting but can also bring up old fears from the past of being on both sides of the out of control and overly aggressive expression of this energy.
“There is work to do on balancing and clearing what is in the way of using the aggression mode of the year positively and effectively by healing the old fear patterns we hold around the masculine in the solar plexus, the third chakra.
“The biggest challenge this month will be to keep away from the distractions that want to derail us from truly being as powerful as we can. The distractions are our addictions, fears, bad behaviors, energy leaks and self-doubt.
“Giving into the distractions causes procrastination, lethargy, avoidance, and acting out badly through negative aggressive behavior or withdrawing into the despair of giving up.
“The distractions of the false personality are like adding water to high-octane fuel. The engine of your desires will not fire or power up. It will instead sputter and die before it ever gets going.
“So how do you keep your fuel clean and your engine ready? By committing to your practices, asking spirit and your allies for help, allowing what needs to be healed and balanced to be healed and balanced, and trusting that life will unfold with power if you just get out of your own way.”
How the month shows up:
Miracles can happen this month related to how differently you feel about or experience something or someone overnight.
“Things you never thought possible can suddenly materialize in front of you and your reaction can be to either disregard them as not possible and therefore not true, or you can embrace the magical impossible as a new reference point of what you can have.
“Those of you who have struggled in the area of personal growth can experience great breakthroughs. If you embrace these breakthroughs as true, they can become permanent.
“If you judge them as anomalies in your life, you will miss out on a great opportunity for permanent change.
“Watch for reactions such as ‘this is too good to be true’ and ‘nothing great ever happens to me’ and ‘others have all the luck’ and ‘this is just a coincidence, it won’t happen again’. Trust that what you do see happening around you is real and a manifestation of these times.
“The higher-octane fuel we mentioned I the higher centered energy that is available right now to power up your personal engine. The ‘water’ that is not good to mix with it is your own feelings of self-doubt, and all the negative emotions that come with it.
“So pay attention this month to where your thoughts and feeling are and to what comes out of your mouth. Keep it positive and keep yourself open to all possibilities.”
“For those who have been waiting for the ‘right’ relationship to come into their lives, now could be the time. If it does happen, don’t let it trigger fear and uncertainty, but believe that it is really possible.
“Connection, magnetism, the need for exchange and new agreements get fired up this month and the mood is definitely more social, outgoing and available.
“Long time romantic relationships and intimate partnerships also have an opportunity to rekindle their spark and fire up new aspects in a positive way. However if a relationship is past or needs to be let go, those sparks may incinerate the relationship itself.
“It is easier this month to notice and become aware of potential compatibility between people and to be more accepting and intrigued with the unique qualities of others.
“We are finally anchoring the relationship aspect of these times and moving towards our connections and agreements with more intimacy. The higher centered influence makes it possible to experience the essence of others more easily and we crave that as a global community.
“With these times comes a greater understanding of our relationship with ourselves and it is possible to be fired up about our own personal accomplishments, dreams and intentions.
“Self esteem and self worth issues can take giant leaps towards being healed as we find our own inner talents, passion, strength and beauty. It is a good month to be available for community gatherings and connecting with others around a variety of reasons.
“The body is ready to be fired-up. More energy, stamina and physical enthusiasm are all possible this month. Physical disciplines will bring about great results.
“This is also a good month to put your trust into new healing modalities and support systems for the body. Because of the big energy and the higher centered times, you could have trouble with sleep, liver, spleen and skin.
“Support these the best you can and make sure the body gets plenty of exercise and movement daily. This will keep the mental and emotional energies more balanced.
“This is a good month to go back and complete and eliminate from your current belief system all the stories you have told yourself about the limitations of your own body.
“This is a new time of big transformation where it is possible to bring in a new energy not connected with the past. Miracles can happen if you believe in them and are disciplined about truly releasing the past story of limitation.
“Especially around the eclipse time it would be helpful to set new intentions, priorities and goals for the health and well-being of your physical body…”
“This is a good month to finally fire-up or power-up aspects of a business that have been in the planning stages for a while just waiting for right timing. Timing is everything and this month brings with it possibilities for synchronicity, new agreements and support.
“You could witness all the puzzle pieces coming together, perhaps in new ways, to finally accomplish something that has been collecting momentum for some time.
“It is a good month for taking some risk especially around dreams and intentions that truly come from the heart. It is also a good month to expand and business, project or partnership.
“If you expand, make sure your container has all the elements it needs to successfully power up. These elements should always include the support of allies, nature and the power of spirit behind it all. If you receive a sudden windfall of support, make sure you spend time in gratitude for your good fortune.
“On the other hand if a business or partnership or project is not ‘right’ or no longer viable or the karma facilitated is complete, then it is time to use this potent energy for ending and completion.
“Just remember that the material left behind has its own power and can be included in starting something new. Always look forward, as that is where evolution is taking us all.
“Again we are not saying this will necessary be an easy month but it will certainly be rich in opportunities but you have to take them, to fire them up and the follow through with the details.”
© Copyright 2015 ~Lena Stevens All Rights Reserved