Here is the theme of the month for December 2013 from the always spot on Lena Stevens from The Power Path:
“This month is about adjusting and realigning your life in a way that works better for you. It is about modifying, correcting, removing, adding, clarifying, accommodating, altering, revising and rectifying anything that needs adjustment based on YOUR TRUTH.
“It is about making small alterations and fine-tuning your intentions and action plans and paying attention to what is working and what is not. It is about moving everything into a better fit.
“Truth is a key word and one that will be following us into the New Year. It is not so much the intellectual calculation of the mind as it is the intuitive truth of the heart. There is nothing like a bit of mental chaos and confusion (also an aspect of this month) to refocus us on our hearts and find the real truth of what needs fine tuning and adjusting at this time.
“For some of you it will be in the area of where you spend your time, with whom, and on what. For others it will be focused more on the internal process of defining who you are and who you are not. There will be many opportunities to make little choices, some of them spontaneous decisions in the moment that end up revising your plans.
“There is also the opportunity to redefine and adjust longer-range intentions and dreams based on what you have digested from recent events and choices you have made. Some of you are still reeling from the re-sets going back a couple of months. It is important to allow for a time of real assimilation and integration especially of major changes. The adjustment and revision focus this month can serve to support this process.
“So what may need ADJUSTMENT?
“What you believe you can have
What you believe you are worth
What you believe about others, what supports you, the world as a positive or negative place
“Your attitudes of skepticism, judgment, negativity, cynicism
Fears, security and trust issues
“Bids for power, are they too small and limited, or too big and unattainable?
“How you show up in your relationships
How good (or not) you feel about yourself
“Your disciplines around practices, health and well-being
Your attachments to the way things ought to be and how people ought to behave
Your attachments to old dreams
Your attachments to new dreams
Your attachments to stuff that really needs to go
“The main thing to embrace about working with the energy of December is that it is OK and even necessary to revise, adjust and modify anything that does not feel right or that has been decided upon for the wrong reasons. This is your chance to access your truth and to have the courage to correct, alter and put things right.
“December is always a bit of a transition month. New influences coming for 2014 are now sliding in over the existing ones we have been working with and learning from this year. The winter solstice is a powerful time to regroup and shift from the past to the future, embracing the change that the natural cycle of the seasons so well supports.
“One of the main adjustments to be made as we navigate into 2014 is towards more positivity and optimism for the future. This will become increasingly important in holding the container for influences and events of the coming year in a way that can be the most supportive. So now is a good time to start this process.
“Opportunities this month:
To discover the real truth where needed and make adjustments based on that truth
To connect more deeply with your intuition that will be guiding the discovery of that truth
To assimilate, integrate and digest the wisdom, choices, changes and upgrades of the past few months.
To continue healing your past through embracing and accepting and adjusting your life according to your emotional truth.
To realign yourself with spirit and set yourself on the right track moving forward
“Challenges and things to watch for…
Self-Deprecation and Martyrdom
Attachments to obsessions, worries, the past, your suffering, drama, and the fixing or what you cannot fix
Getting lost in the chaos and confusion of your mind clouding the truth of your heart
Procrastination of what you know you need to do
Irritability towards yourself and others when things are NOT in alignment
Distractions that keep you from your healthy practices
Feeling unsupported and overwhelmed by the enormity of the task
“How the month shows up:
“This is a great month to put you first. There is liberation in giving yourself permission to be at the head of the line but there may also be challenges and discomfort in facing some of the truths that come up. Deep healing of old emotional issues and elimination of negative imprinting is also on the to do list this month giving you an opportunity for accelerated personal growth.
“The best advice is to pay attention, put one foot in front of the other and just notice with neutrality what spirit is showing you and how you are creating the lessons that you need. If you are paying attention, what needs adjusting will become obvious However, if you are allowing yourself to be greatly distracted by drama and the machinations of the false personality (the “challenges” list) you may be derailed by chaos and confusion and spend most of your time irritable and depressed. Up to you…”
“It is truth time in relationships. The adjustments based on deeper truth will be in the areas of time, commitment, compatibility, giving and receiving, eliminating or adding, altering the nature of, cutting off or bringing closer.
“The main relationship to focus on this month is your relationship with yourself. Bringing your relationship with self into better alignment with spirit and allowing for adjustments in what you say yes or no to will set you up well for this next year where we will have a focus on relationships.
“You always need to begin with relationship with self. This includes giving your self more time with the things and people and experiences that you hold as a priority. This is a good month to reevaluate some of those priorities and remedy anything that is out of the order that you want.
“This month we focus on the personal environment and what you need to do if anything about making adjustments. What is important to you? What do you not have enough of? Beauty? Healthy support? Companionship? Community? Is there too much chaos? Too much stuff?
“How good are you at adjustment and attachment when the greater environment, as in climate, weather and energies beyond your control, appears uncooperative or challenging forcing you to make changes in your plans?
“How can you adjust your environment to be a better fit with your essence self and to support you in your truth? Maybe you need better boundaries, maybe more space, maybe privacy, and maybe partnership. It will be different for everyone. But if you can work on adjusting your personal environment and your relationship with the greater environment you will come into more harmony and balance.
“Focus on telling the truth about your relationship with your body, your health and your well-being. Forgive yourself and become neutral about any issues that still hold a charge. Make adjustments to your routines and how you support your body and your health.
“Watch for flu, colds, congestion, fatigue, digestive problems and aches in the joints. Most of this will be due to the process of assimilation and the integration of lessons as well as the elimination of old emotional baggage. Remember that the body has to process in its own way what you are revising and modifying in your life. So pay attention to the body and its needs and try to support it through its points of challenge this month.
“Beware of letting chaos and confusion take over. In a project, when there is no clarity and you feel on the brink of spiraling down into negative thoughts and behaviors, step back and take a break. Reset yourself using on of your many tools and practices. And then re enter the scene.
“This is not a good month to force anything that is not flowing easily but it is a good month to make adjustments that very clearly need to be made. Be practical about your finances but at the same time take a risk into an expansion if your inner truth gives you a green light. Miracles can happen in the abundance arena as long as everything else in your life is in balance and alignment with spirit.
“In preparation for 2014 become aware of the truth of what you need to eliminate as a poverty consciousness and an old program of limitation and small thinking. There is no need to leap into anything that will trigger your security need and bring into fear of survival. But there is a need to adjust the way you perceive what is possible.
“In forging new partnerships or bringing anyone into a container for project or business make sure they are on the same page with this. Otherwise you may be held back.”
© Copyright 2013 ~ Lena Stevens All Rights Reserved
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