“When I ask a question of the Spirit, it seems there is always an answer, not a blast of a great trumpet, but the subtle display of a blackbird’s shiny wings, the scent of the clustering honeysuckle. Sweetwater Wisdom is the symbiosis of earth and sky.
“No matter how much we turn our faces from the earth, she is always with us. The sweetwater of the Spirit reaches to us from the earth herself. Our very bodies are composed of the same substances.
“Ignore her, and she still sings the morning in for us. Pour concrete over her, and she still sends shoots of green to crack the hardness of our nature. She sends a child new from her womb to touch our hearts with sweetness and love. Sometimes we are too busy to ask or see her response, to distracted to see the blackbird dancing in the tree.”
~Wendy Crockett from Sweetwater Wisdom: A Native American Spiritual Way