On July 29th, 2013 when we will experience a RARE Star of David / Star Tetrahedron configuration in the heavens!
It is actually two Grand Trines, one in Water and one is Earth (all feminine) which create this configuration called a Grand Sextile or a Star Tetrahedron. Many names and much symbolism tied into this Sacred Geometry.
The essence is that this mystical configuration of Sacred Geometry opens a portal of energy that is accessible for those who choose to tune in to it. That is the key.
>>>As with everything, nothing magical is going to happen on it’s own. It is up to us to bring the magic, to add our magic to creation.<<<
This energetic portal is an opening in the subtle realms so to tune in to it, all we need is our relaxed awareness. It is simply an opportunity to find a moment of connection, of prayer.  
>>>Visualize Peace<<<
Let’s use this moment to meet in our hearts, in the place of intention, the place of the dreamtime,  and hold a vision of ~~~peace~~~ for our planet.
Here are the Astral insights on the astrology and symbolism of this >>>STAR TETRAHEDRON<<<
First from the wonderful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology:
Any major astrology configuration is a gem of an opportunity. I’ve often mentioned, one must consciously work with the energy and  potential  of the astrological configuration to really notice it manifesting in one’s being or life. This is especially true of “Grand Trine Aspect.”.”
“On July 29th, 2013 there are two ‘Grand Trine Aspects’ joining together, one of the water element and the other of earth element. It is called the ‘Star of David’ aspect in astrology.”
“In sacred geometry is it called a ‘Star Tetrahedron’ a 6 pointed star and Spiritual or metaphysically it is called a Merkaba (energetic light-body) on a planetary level.”
“Both earth and water elements in astrology are considered “yin” in vibration and yet water and earth elements compliment one another so that we can bring the subtle into tangible form.”
“…the two “Grand Trine Aspects” join together providing the ‘Star Gateway through which the subtle inspirational energy is able to manifest creating a fertile and fruitful experience on a planetary level. We join together both our higher feelings and physical sensations in an effortless way…”
“Similar to how water makes the earth’s soil fertile for seeds to be planted, take root and  feel nourished, we also need the earth to provide the stable, solid environment and a proper container for the water to be held and used wisely. In Nature, this process occurs naturally without much effort.”
“With the Star of David Aspect, we are invited to also see how gracefully this energy has the potential to materialize in our body, being and life. This is an opportunity to tangibly feel joy and bliss through our every day life knowing each step in alignment with our Soul is lifting us onto higher ground.”
“We need this energetic ‘Star Gateway’ or opening for the higher fertile energy to pour in more fully into the physical reality. New frequencies are already pouring in for those who are sensitive to sense and experience them. With the Star of David aspect or planetary Merkaba (light-body), there is potential to spin-off density through higher vibrational spin for greater healing and evolution.”
“There is a complimentary ‘Star Gateway’ or Star of David aspect happening in August 2013 but more on this later.  With the two Star of David Astrological aspects, there is great potential for balance and harmony within the heart energetic space between the Sacred Feminine and Masculine.”
© Copyright 2013, Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved.
This is what Carol Ann Ciocco from Three Moon Ocean has to say about it:
“The celestial Star of David is an astrological aspect that ‘looks exactly like the Jewish Star many would recognize…The Star of David is not limited to the Jewish faith and the Kabbalah however, as it also appears in the Buddhist, Theosophical, and various other Eastern and Western traditions. It is fair to say that it is a symbol of integration (linking heaven and earth, as above, so below) and spirituality. – Mary Fortier Shea “
“…The Star of David is a multidimensional Stargate, which helps us to bring Spirit into Matter, to manifest Heaven on Earth, and to balance Masculine and Feminine. In keeping with its multidimensional nature, the Star of David is also known as a Grand Sextile and a Star Tetrahedron – intricate and lovely sacred geometry celestial configurations. The energies of these ancient symbols will be pouring down on us now.”
 “The Star Tetrahedron has great esoteric meaning and is key to the evolution of Humanity. This Star-form exists as an etheric vehicle around the human body and is closely tied to the Enlightenment process…”


“The ‘stellatedoctahedron’ (or stella octangula) was named by Johannes Kepler in 1609, though it was known to those geometric mathematicians. It was depicted in Pacioli’s ‘Divina Proportione’ in 1509. It can be seen as a 3D extension of the Star of David – it is two tetrahedra overlapping each other. It is a stage in the construction of the 3D Koch Snowflake (which is four small tetrahedra attached to a central, larger one).”
“…The Tetrahedral alone – i.e. before it doubles itself into a Star Tetrahedrom – “is the most fundamental building block of life on earth. Within it lies the energy that holds all life together. The bonds that hold atoms, particles and molecules together, all the way down to nano-particles and all the way up to macro-particles, are tetrahedral. Everything that exists as you conceive of it in a 3-dimensional world is held together by these tetrahedral bonds.”
“…The Star Tetrahedron is also known as the mystical Merkaba, a vehicle in the etheric which is said to be related to spiritual enlightenment. To understand the Merkaba, there are many, many sources of information…”
“Drunvalo defines the Merkaba as follows: ‘The Merkaba is the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. In ancient Egyptian “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports spirit/body from one dimension to another.”
“In Hebrew the Merkaba translates to ‘vehicle’ or ‘chariot’. We need this vehicle to travel to other dimensions. The geometric design that makes up the Merkaba Star has been known and utilized by civilizations in Atlantis, Lemuria, Tibet and Egypt…”
“…Starting now the Star of David begins to appear: The Water triangle (Grand Water Trine) appears first – on July 17 – like a glistening triangular liquid gem, a lake being fed by a waterfall and flowing to the ocean. Then on July 29 the Earth Trine descends and anchors the water into the earth realm, as if an island begins to descend into the ocean. “
 “It is as if we are approaching a body of water or a lake or a fountain with an earthen container – a clay vessel, a glass, bowl or cup – and using the vessel to hold the water, making it useful. The symbol for the Age of Aquarius is the Water Bearer, the one who holds a vessel of Life Giving Waters and pours them upon humanity.”
 “The shoreline, where sand meets sea, is also an example of how these energies work together – or a majestic mountain with a peaceful lake at its feet.”
 “When mixed together, these elements alchemize to make mud, for sinking purposes (sink into your feelings) or to be baked with the sunlight and fire of Spirit and used to  make clay bricks; to build a home and create shelter, support and structure for the human family.”
“Water’s nature here teaches us to persevere, to keep at it, and to watch how we change over time. We can make a beginning now of healthy, real, lasting change…”
© Copyright 2013,  Carol Ann Ciocco. All Rights Reserved.
From astrologer Pat Liles from The Power Path:
“The chart I am personally looking forward to occurs on July 29th. It’s a highly exceptional chart of sacred geometry forming a Grand Sextile. THAT IS RARE!!!!! It is formed by a planet in every other sign all around the zodiac, and here, they are in all three Earth signs and all three Water signs, which makes it in the feminine polarity.”
“It’s not a long lasting influence/chart because one of the Earth signs is formed by the rapidly moving Moon, but while the Moon in Taurus moves from 4º-9º from early morning to early evening, it will be completing the final point of this Grand Sextile or six-pointed star. It seems the heavens are aligning in a rare portal.”
“In addition, that six-pointed star consists of Two Grand Trines (both Kites) – one in water signs, one in earth signs, and two Mystic Rectangles (a surprisingly practical formation). Only the Sun in Leo and Uranus in Aries are not part of the formation, and they throw down with some much needed tension and dynamism added to the pot.”
“The Sun forms a wide Finger of God to Pluto and Neptune and squares the North and South Nodes – so you know some evolution and adaptation will be taking place. Uranus forms a T-Square with Pluto and Mars-Jupiter. These last two arrangements will help us identify and excavate the barriers to our participation in the ease and opportunities of the feminine collective energies offered us now through the Grand Trine.”
“Who knows how it will manifest? But focusing your intentions, meditating on what you want to bring into manifestation, holding the highest consciousness of the feminine archetype and dreaming a beautiful dream of how you want the world to be would be ‘right use’ of a configuration of this magnitude.”
“Eliminate the resistance and fear of change and old models of scarcity and powerlessness that exist inside you, thus defusing these energies out in the world. Give your top priority to using this day of supreme perfection for creating something beautiful, healing and inclusive with the support of the quantum field and the planets.”
 © Copyright 2013,  Pat Liles All Rights Reserved.



From astrologer Amy Bird:
Before Monday’s profound and beautiful celestial event we must first experience some pretty uncomfortable and explosive planetary energy this week in the form of a tense T-square between aggressive Mars, powerful Pluto and unpredictable Uranus…”
“This combination of planetary energy is combined to push us right out of our comfort zones towards massive change and growth …This T-square is likely to be very intense and volatile indeed and could bring some pretty powerful emotions to the surface…”
“Combined with the powerful intensity of the T-square this weekend has the potential to be very interesting indeed and we may find ourselves experiencing some quite intense and confusing feelings that seem to erupt from nowhere. Two Grand Trines join together to form this Grand Sextile…”
“This trine in the water signs involves Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter and Mars combined in Cancer. Saturn in Scorpio is helping us to look at our shadows and face our fears, accepting those parts of ourselves that are not so pretty so that we can open ourselves up to true intimacy with another.”
“Saturn asks for complete emotional honesty, first with ourselves and then with others. Neptune in Pisces is opening us up to true compassion and healing…reminding us that we have the power to create our own reality depending on what we choose to believe…”
“The third part of the Water Trine is a blend of Jupiter and Mars in Cancer, bringing a healthy dose of confidence, optimism and enthusiasm to the picture as well as the courage to face whatever Saturn throws at us. Jupiter in Cancer places a high emphasis on family values, nurturance, domesticity and our emotional life.”
“This Grand Trine brings the potential to face our shadows, healing ourselves and others with compassion and forgiveness and daring to dream of a better reality where people are more open, tender and caring towards each other.”
“The second Grand Trine involves Pluto in Capricorn, Venus in Virgo and the Moon in Taurus. It holds the promise of a profound shift towards feminine values and a transformation of the structure of our society through love and beauty. Pluto has a detoxifying effect on any sign he travels though and in the case of Capricorn he is transforming our patriarchal societal structure, exposing all that is rotten so that something better can be born in its place…”
“…Venus in Virgo reminds us that we are all in it together and shows her affection and love through acts of kindness, service and humility.”
“Last but not least, the missing piece in the whole puzzle, Moon in Taurus, Mother Earth herself! She is the embodiment of all things natural and feminine; the divine feminine we seek to connect with. She represents sensuality, femininity, security, fertility and beauty in nature.”
“Put these planets together and what do you get? Transformation of patriarchal structure, changing the way woman is perceived and treated and embracing the feminine in our culture. “
“On a personal level this Trine brings the potential of connecting to each other in a very deep and soulful way and delving into the depth of our emotions. This combination promises great passion and the possibility of being transformed by love. Our relationships with others will be far from superficial this weekend, that’s for sure! Not with the planet of the soul aspecting the two feminine planets!”
“This combination of planets definitely shows the potential for some much needed energetic rebalancing with a shift towards the feminine principles. Our society is so geared towards outer success that our family and emotional life has taken the back seat as people work harder and harder and take more and more on…”
“We are living in a rat race, spinning our wheels and something simply has to change. I am sure that we would all like to see a shift from competition to cooperation, from war and abuse of power to harmony and mutual empowerment, from greed and lust to loving connection and sharing all we have. “
“How wonderful it would be to live in a world where intuition is valued as much as reason and intellect and where all are treated equally regardless of sex, colour or creed…”
“It is time to honour and embrace our emotions as the amazing guides they are rather than being ashamed, denying or suppressing them and to trust our intuition rather than favouring rational logic. A healthy balance between logic and intuition would definitely make this world a better place.”
This Grand Sextile invites us to step through a portal, giving us a glimpse of another way of being…”
“During this time we may find ourselves confronting our blocks, recognising where we feel resistance and hold ourselves back from true connection, intimacy and closeness with others. The energy of this Sextile should help us look at ourselves with compassion and forgiveness and help us move through and past our limitations, and blocks.”
“Sextiles are like open doors or gateways, showing us what opportunities lie beyond and what skills are available to us if we are to step through them. In order to make the most of this powerful and energetic occurrence we should focus our intentions on Monday, meditating on what we want for ourselves and for the world.”
“We should hold Mother Earth and all things feminine in our mind’s eye as we imagine a beautiful future both for ourselves and for the planet…”
“The time to meditate or focus our intentions would be during the afternoon/evening (between about 2pm and 9pm) in England and Europe, between 9am and 4pm on East Coast of America and between 11pm 29th and 6am 30th July in Sydney Australia.” 
© Copyright 2013,  Amy Bird All Rights Reserved. 
From astrologer Robert Wilkinson and his Aquarius Papers:
“There’s a lot of speculation about what this celestial event means. Some believe this “Star of Solomon” is a window in time to a higher spiritual state of Being. Let’s explore some elements of this event to find out more.”
“As I’ve noted before, this event is more like a series of rolling aspects than a singular event. Also, it’s important to note that we’ve had this Grand Sextile Merkaba 6-pointed Star pattern activated off and on ever since Mercury and Venus made their Grand Water Trines in early June.”
“…All should clearly understand in fairly simple terms some part of the past that must be left behind to open the door to self-renewal…anchored in the core teaching of learning how to get beyond fear.”
“…This focuses elements of our long term process of substantiating and confirming what we value. This particular sequence begins with letting go, joining with others to bridge some kind of gap or evolutionary challenge, and using knowledge and skill to meet the demands of a stage of life still on the way. It then moves into seeing how to create happiness in dark times and situations, knowing how we have all entered a greater life consecration…”
“Have a sense of humor, or the irony in what you’re seeing or hearing. Many egos are being punctured in good natured ways right now. And some not so good natured ways as well. Communications are front and center, but be aware that if you’re dealing with someone who is out of balance, while it may be good for exercising your imagination, you may not be able to penetrate superficial reasoning or unfair perspectives.”
“The Cardinal T-square is still in full force via Jupiter, so be careful in all agreements, and make sure you’re not agreeing to opportunities that could be dangerous or not real. Be open and above board in knowing and asserting what is in your best interests, and make no secret agreements since they will blow up via the Jupiter opposition Pluto.”
“We’re still getting oriented through Jupiter square Uranus, which provides tremendous power if we know how to focus the hard edge of the energy. Again, balance, a sense of perspective or proportion, and a clear sense of what’s just and fair is required.”
“… Communications are going to be important in a healthy expression of this energy, and no doubt some will see the emergence of their Global Self, freed from old standards based in local conditions.”
“That implies mid-morning, when Libra is on the Ascendant and filling in the void of the Cardinal T, and around sunset, when Aquarius is on the Ascendant, will prove important times of seeing clearly what is to be done, to be said, to be communicated, to be envisioned, or who our spiritual family actually are.”
“And remember that the recent Full Moon had the Moon in Aquarius forming the Fixed T-square with the void in early Taurus, and now the Moon occupies that void. A very dynamic time indeed!
© Copyright 2013 Robert Wilkinson
Yes we are in a very dynamic time indeed! There are many channels and we all have a choice what we choose to tune into.  
I say tune into opportunity. Tune into your heart and the truth of what is revealed and have courage to move  with it. We are in a time of great transformation which is on-going. These are not easy times and there are no easy solutions. Continue to shed, to let go, to tune into your heart so you can step into new territories of experience. Life is how you experience it.
Don’t worry to much about what time, what is or isn’t, listen to what is true for you and honor that. And if you’re feel it, then take a moment to connect and access this subtle opening… meditate, sing, pray, or commune with Mother Earth. Create something from your heart, something of beauty as offering for peace.  
Blessings to us all!


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