I don’t usually do a follow up post after the NEW MOON but after this one, with the GRAND CROSS and the FULL VENUS point happening, I’m feeling a follow up…
And I feel moved to share a little of my personal experience because it contains all the elements brought forth by this potent time.
For me and my family, the “unexpected developments” forecasted by this New Moon / Grand Cross came as a shocking jolt in the form of huge billowing clouds of smoke rising right over the other side of the canyon where we live.
In those few moments we had before leaving, as we looked around and quickly accessed our belongings wondering what to save, we were faced with the potent reflection of what truly matters? What do we most value?
Some of our friends and neighbors, and I imagine all of the thousands of families who were forced to evacuate due to these fires in Calabasas and Topanga Canyon, California, shared similar feelings. It certainly brought us all face to face with understanding what is valuable to each of us.
We grabbed a handful of things and evacuated to safety. Later that night we activated what Sarah Varcas called “the alchemy of surrender” and went to sleep with prayers in our hearts, not knowing the fate of our homes, but abiding in that state of trust and unknowing.
The following day we learned that although the fires had ravished 500 acres of our neighboring hillside, they had been 70% contained and our homes had survived. The courageous firefighters who came from all over to combat these fires did an outstanding job and were able to corral and eventually drown out the threatening blaze.
Sarah Varcas had adviced us to watch for “unexpected developments that may surprisingly ease progress despite conditions that indicate the opposite and to try to discover the buried treasure.”
The “progress despite conditions that indicate the opposite” is that we are now more fire safe than we were before, and more prepared to deal with threatening fires in the future. It also brought our friends and community a little closer.
Our buried treasure is not something that can be easily verbalized but it is certainly resonating and pulsating within all of us right now and I know that whatever experiences each of us went through during this recent period, we have a sense that something has palpably changed.
For us gratefully, in the end it was not a physical change that occurred, but the experience certainly felt like a crisis to navigate through. It’s deep medicine to remember that our reality can change in a flash, from one minute to the next. A reminder to bless all of it. 
And now as we continue to float on in our journey through Life, we can allow what must be left behind, and carry on what we truly love.
Here are some extra ASTRAL INSIGHTS for this week, post NEW MOON + Grand Square from the wonderfully insightful Pam Younghans and her NorthPoint Astrology.
“With the New Moon now behind us, we are wondering what will next unfold. We have a sense that our world is somehow different than it was, but it is very difficult to see very far into the future.
“This haziness is increased this week and next, due to Neptune starting its retrograde (backward) phase next Monday (June 13).
“When a planet comes to a standstill and changes direction, its energy becomes focused and its influence is heightened.
“With Neptune now stationary, we can feel very out-of-sync with physical reality and not quite grounded. Our perceptions can be a bit foggy or more idealized, since Neptune tries to help us view life from a more transcendent place.
“In the positive, with Neptune’s influence strong now, our meditations may take us to new heights, we may more easily tap into a creative flow of consciousness, our hearts may be more open, and we are supported in releasing and forgiving the past.
“As one of the ‘transpersonal’ planets, Neptune has many higher-level purposes for us. One of these lofty goals is for us to learn to trust the higher intentions of the universe, even when (and especially if) we do not understand what is going on and are uncertain of how issues might resolve. 
“Letting go of control is usually a difficult lesson for us humans, but is essential as we navigate these changing times.
“The planets are compelling us to make important decisions this week. Some of these may be concrete choices that take us in new directions, but others may be opportunities to change an attitude, alter a perspective, or open to a more expanded view of ourselves and our potentials.
“We can expect to be pushed in this regard on Monday and Tuesday, when both the Sun and Venus form quincunx aspects with Pluto and then square the North Node. We will need to overcome old thinking patterns and doubts that may be blocking the growth that we envision.
“But also this week, in great support of our evolutionary advancement, Pluto will be in helpful trine aspect to the North Node.
“This bodes well for our being successful in transforming ourselves and our lives — although with Mercury opposing Mars on Thursday, the inner struggle between mind and will needs to be addressed along the way.
“Also this week, Uranus exactly aligns with the dwarf planet Eris, sometimes called Pluto’s ‘sister.’ This alignment is hard to pinpoint in time, since Uranus moves slowly and Eris moves exceptionally slowly through the zodiac.
“This means that the effects of their alignment occurs over months and years (2015-2017), rather than being confined to a day or a week.
“Still, it is notable that both planets are at exactly the same degree of Aries this week. I believe that this alignment represents an opportunity for us to make breakthroughs as we tap into a deeper knowing of our soul’s wisdom and revolutionize our lives accordingly.
“It may also be a time when rebellions are sparked where tension has been building, and when old ideas and concepts are shaken so that we can open to new states of consciousness.”
© Copyright 2016 Pam Younghans
And here is some extra magic from Elaine Kalantarian from her Blue Moon Astrology about the Full VENUS in Gemini happening right now:
“Today the Sun will perfect a conjunction to Venus marking the ‘Full Venus.’
“We now stand at a critical point in Venus’s journey around the zodiac wheel: the culmination of a cycle that began a little less than a year ago, mid-August 2015, when the Goddess of Love last conjoined the Sun while retrograding in Leo.
“The Full Venus point breezes by quickly and can be easy to miss. However, in her book on the astrological Venus, Anne Massey notes that during the weeks when Venus travels through the sign in which she conjoins the Sun (Venus is in Gemini from May 24th through June 17th), ‘events and feelings in the lives of people seem to echo rewards for the choices made four years earlier,’ when a New Venus fell in the same sign and close to the same degree.
“This previous, related Gemini NEW Venus fell on this same day, June 6th, but in 2012, which also happened to be a rare transit of the Sun with Venus a visible black dot moving across the face of the Sun. Venus’s far gentler way of eclipsing the Sun.
“The New Venus is also marked by a conjunction with the Sun, except at this time Venus is in reflective, retrograde motion.
“When the Goddess of Love performs her backwards dance through the zodiac, we are asked to contemplate: What really matters?
“Where is the music and the meaning in life? Is it integral to our daily existence, or missing entirely, has it been stowed away as if joy and happiness is optional?
“Are we living a life that reflects our inner values, or are we more like actors performing in someone else’s play?
“For Venus is more than just the planet of love and relationship, it also associated with personal values and aesthetics: what we consider worthwhile and beautiful.
“In this sense, as astrologer Howard Sasportas pointed out, Venus serves the Sun — that solar urge to be exactly who we are: to grow and develop into a unique individual.
“Venus is an important inner compass, for if we lack a strong sense of what we personally value, how do we make appropriate choices? How do we prioritize effectively? How do we effectively direct our lives?
“Venus IS our joy, our birth right, and when we neglect to build these important inner values in life, we lose out in a very big way.
“If you often feel like something is missing in your life, understanding the message of your natal Venus can help guide you in the right direction, especially right now standing as we are at an important threshold.
“At this special Full Venus, we have a chance to gain important insights into just how well we are expressing this important facet of self and make important changes.
“In some way, events happening now are connected to decisions, key insights and priority shifts initiated at that related Gemini New Venus in June 2012.
“Additionally, the sequence of events launched about ten months ago, on August 15, 2015, at the most recent New Venus in Leo are now coming to fruition.
“Both the New and Full Venus seem to equal an eclipse in strength, Anne Massey maintains — and with today’s Gemini Full Venus dovetailing (as yesterday’s Gemini New Moon) with a powerful grand cross involving the lunar nodes, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, adding greatly to its power to support us in seeing what needs to change in our lives.
“Venus last stationed direct on September 6, 2015 at 14°23′ Leo after a 40-day retrograde cycle that began in early Virgo. From Venus’s station direct in Leo to today’s Full Venus in Gemini, nine months have passed: the time it takes for human gestation.
“The creative act is a main theme interwoven in the workings of Venus. With a Full Venus coinciding with a New Moon/grand cross, we are in the process of formulating our next important steps in life, with Venus lighting the way to an outer plan that more fully matches the inner self.
“It’s time to adopt a new and better way of being in the world, time to step into a new reality. What will that be for you?”
© Copyright 2016 Elaine Kalantarian
Blessings on our journey~~~