We are collectively moving into what the Mayans called the wave of “unity consciousness.”
What this means is that within the collective mind, the idea of us as one “planet” is going to be pervasive.
Before this time, we have been horizontally inclined in our thinking and the prevalent mentality has been about borders and nationalism.
“National boundaries are not evident when we view the Earth from space. Fanatic ethnic or religious or national identifications are a little difficult to support when we see our planet as a fragile blue crescent fading to become an inconspicuous point of light against the bastion and citadel of the stars.”
~Carl Sagan
As we enter this new time, the idea of us as a “planet” will become more dominant. With all the natural events occurring on Mother Earth (as she shifts to get herself in balance), and the worldwide attention on mankind’s irresponsible decisions, such as the building of nuclear plower plants on earthquake faults and toxic emissions being blasted into our atmosphere, we are just beginning to expand our awareness of us as a whole.
If you think about the development of human consciousness throughout time, you can realize that we have come a long way in our thinking but we still have a ways to go.
Think about how much our understanding of ourselves and the world around has changed since the 1950’s when we had segregation. The civil right rights movement and the awakening movement that came in the 60’s opened doors and began the big collective shift. It paved the way for the times we are living in now.
Every generation steps on the shoulders of the generations past. We are the result of the quality of consciousness of our parents and the ideas of our time and theirs.
We will pass on to our children an ever more clarified vision of Being human and an expanded awareness of the world. Our children will then take what we have given them and carry the seeds forth for the next evolution for our species.
Think about how different is the world they are growing up in, a world of connectivity and communication. The world wide web has become a virtual space that has connected us across the nations. Information and knowledge can be spread and shared in an instant.
If we consciously use these developments wisely, we have the power to promote change by spreading ideas that will open up minds and transform thinking.
We have only barely skimmed the surface of the human experience in the energetic realms. What we are capable of, what we can experience, not through some idea, but actually experience within our body and mind, is so much more that we have acknowledged as a culture.
In time, slowly, these new ideas will seep into the collective until they become the norm.
So this next wave of consciousness, as the Mayan elders had long foreseen, is a planetary consciousness. People will begin to care for the planet, we will begin to make our choices based on what we need to do for our Planet Earth.
Compassion will arise in the hearts of many as we collectively acknowledge our vulnerability and the disregard we have had for our land.
This compassion, this new vision of the world, is already here. Seeds are sprouting in the hearts of many.
Bring this into your awareness and rejoice in the changes we are making as a group.
Keep doing your part to change the way you view the world, and open up to the possibility that there is something greater than you know…. A way to experience your life, in a new way, that will bring you great satisfaction and joy and will herald us into a new time! It’s what we’ve been waiting for!
Peace and blessings~