Mariano Peccinetti



Here is a resonant channelling from Pleiadian Council of Light via Gillian MacBeth-Louthan from her Quantum Awakening:
“It is time to ‘Open the gate’ to all experiences you keep yourself separated from, in thoughts, in deeds, in longings, and heart’s desires. 
“Open the gate that keeps you from a future that is sweet and plentiful. It is your belief system that keep you stagnate not moving forward.  It is your personal canyon that seems endless, in a sky that seems cloistered with thunder clouds. 
“Open the gate and set free all that has once served you so that it can learn to fly, learn to swim, learn to tunnel deep in the earths mysteries.  Open the gate to everything that you are destined to be, minus all the earth drama.
“Experience the flowing of the trueness of your beginning without end, of your end without beginning.  Let go of all self imposed limitations and programs. Let go of all excuses and procrastination’s. Unearth the potential that you have kept sequestered away.
“Open to see all that is happening in a single moment in any place in this universe. For you have that ability but you must announce if to yourself in remembrance.  ‘I can see through space and time, through sky and cloud, through dirt’. ‘I can walk through stars and the air with the greatest of ease. 
“What you seek is inherent within everything. What is value to you?  Is it diamonds?  Is it gold?  Is it wood?  Is it water?  It depends on what part of the universe you park.  You can beckon to you all things that inherently hold the richness that you desire until you are able to vibrationally manifest that in your own earthen world. 
“The letting go of perimeters, of expectations, of boundaries, of containers, of thought forms frees you up to be it all. 
“Imagine yourself being the earth, What about the universe, Are you ready for such expansion?  Are you ready to open your arms your heart and your mind to such a place of totality?  Are you ready to become what you are in truth able to be, to conceive, to perceive, to birth, to create, to manifest? 
“…Your desires have great potential within them. God does not stress and strain about his creations.  Desire is natural. Watch your world more closely and you will see what we speak is neither divided nor diluted truth; these abilities are yours for the acknowledgment. 
“Let go of the way you define yourself and allow your soul to re-define you in a way that serves the Light.  The soul is deemed to expand, to re-create, and re-define for that is its nature.  Your lineage of light activates and glows like a firefly.  It is time to See who you really are. We are the Pleiadian Council of Light, we come forth to initiate you into new understandings.”


©2014 Copyright Gillian MacBeth-Louthan All Rights Reserved.