“Tune in to the core of your body,” the Grandmothers said. “Whenever you occupy your center, everyone and everything connected to you lifts,” they explained.
“Every form of life is part of the same seamless whole,” they said, “so when you accept the fact that you are an exalted being and allow yourself to lift up, everything lifts. Whenever you take this centered place and feel it, you salute the truth of life and the truth of life salutes you back…”
“Come to the center… As soon as you tap into presence, pure energy will cascade outward from you. This outward flow produces a domino effect,” they said. “The process may sound simple, ” they said, “but it is not. The truth is this—your vibration can lift everyone on earth…”
“Basically, you are an electrical or energy body, so whenever the vibration within you moves to a higher frequency, the energy that surges outward from you affects everyone. Everything benefits.”
“Call on us,” the Grandmother eagles said. “Let us surround and hold you as you turn to the Divine within. Your energy will automatically rise upward when you do this….”
“Haven’t you had enough in the basement of life? …Rise up and be happy.”
“There is so much beauty/power present in you, so much is surging outward from this presence we speak of. We are sharing this information with you,” they said, “so you can know how energy works, so you can understand why we have come. And we are sharing this with you so you can know who you are.”
Sharon McErlane from Our Love Is Our Power: Working With the Net of Light that Holds the Earth