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NEW MOON Blessings dear friends!
We have just come through quite a time riding these massive waves of growth and evolutionary change together.
This past week many of us might have been feeling the momentum building, as we have been prodded and activated to implement the changes that we have been guided to make.
It takes courage to do something new, to shift the way we have done things, to make choices that will impact the trajectory of our lives.
But this how we grow, and it seems these kind of leaps, when Life undeniably asks us to make choices, are the ones that ultimately expand us in all the ways in which our Soul wants to flourish.
We have been transformed through the Eclipse Portal, Mercury is now Direct and we have a NEW MOON in Taurus rising on new ground!
Fertilized by the offerings of our former embodiments,  a new expression takes form!
Jupiter, the giant planet of expansion, just moved into Taurus on May 16th and will be expanding all of the Taurian themes.
Not only will the SUN and MOON join in Taurus, but a whole gathering is afoot with Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus there together with the North Node, which is our current evolutionary compass.


+ W  E    A  R  E    T  H  E    S  E  E  D  S +


We are the cosmic seeds ready to bloom.


Spirit has been nudging me 

to create a sacred space 

where i can pour the love

that flows uniquely


I will now be sharing my full transmissions
 over on
I hope those that those who are able to join me will,
and those who cannot,
 please know that…
this love of ours

is always here


with endless love!