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Scorpio is intimate with the natural cycles of death, rebirth and transformation. She is the Seeress, who sees beyond the veils of the known and is at one with the deep mysteries.
She reminds us of our innate ability to transmute poison, symbolized by the Scorpion, into wisdom symbolized by the Snake, so we can soar high like the Eagle and gain a broader vision of our Lives. 
Like her fourth embodiment, the Phoenix, she reminds us of how time and time again, we rise from the ashes of own transformation.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers. First from PAT LILES from The Power
“With New Moon cycle in Scorpio, we have a powerful opportunity to do our healing work. 
“A water sign, Moon always points to the emotional realms and the gifts awaiting below the surface waters if we are willing to submerge our awareness…”
Go deep and let yourself be healed and let your ability to heal others flow. 
“Any psychological insights you are able to excavate in the next month will serve the depth and power of your soul work. 
“If you can take a risk, be vulnerable and make a bid for power at this time, you just may come away feeling more passionately alive…”
“Venus and Jupiter have just made a heart-expanding conjunction in Scorpio earlier in the week. 
“Our love is deep, loyal; we are connected to fields of spirit greater than ourselves.  It’s seen in our actions, felt in our interactions. 
“Scorpio is our ally to destroy, eliminate, let go in order to heal the past, recreate, begin anew with passion…”
“Call on your dark feminine power in Scorpio New Moon.  Invite in Kali and rattle your necklace of skulls. 
“Let Pele purify you in her fires and begin again.  Invite Lilith to be with you in claiming your freedom and sexual power.
“…In our New Moon chart, we find Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Libra in a challenging, maybe even crisis-producing square aspect. 
“…Mercury’s positive relationship to Mars could have a constructive influence on Mars, but most likely we will feel the urge to share and speak of our intense feelings to clear the waters of subterranean influences that have gone unspoken. 
“Pluto is here to encourage letting the structures in our lives crack, split and move to make way for a more responsible way of being in the world…”
“Scorpio’s cycle is here to develop our resilience
“Completions and endings are all around us.  Some are painful, disturbing.  What Scorpio illuminates is our power to respond. 
“How we respond is our choice.  Scorpio is about choosing your response to what life serves up
Challenging experiences deepen our wisdom.  We can then hold more joy, more presence, more gratitude, more power.”
© Copyright 2017 ~PAT LILES  All Rights Reserved
From CATHY PAGANO  from her Wisdom of
“Jupiter, Venus and Vesta are in Scorpio now, supporting this New Moon’s energy that wants us to look ourselves in the eye and see our true feelings and longings…”
“If we want an intimate relationship, we have to be brave enough to take down our barriers, let ourselves trust and open to the Unknown, which is the magic of life.
“We all have both dark and light within us. It’s the dance between them that makes life worth living. Too much light creates deep and dark shadows…”
“When we embrace our Scorpionic nature, we embrace the cycle of death and rebirth that can bring us fulfillment and wholeness…”
“Uranus is quincunx (150* angle) this Scorpio New Moon. Quincunx angles are twitchy – they need to be constantly readjusting to things. With this aspect, we might find ourselves re-adjusted right out of our old behavior patterns in relationships.
“Being defensive will not work; being dramatic won’t either. Being yourself will, with the caveat that you’ll also have to be open to your partner’s point of view…
“The Cosmos blesses us with help: the Mentor asteroid, Chiron, who we call the Wounded Healer, trines this New Moon from Pisces, giving us the compassion we need for ourselves and others.
“We’re all in this together. And it’s time we start living like we are. It’s time to release our emotional fear of others taking power over us and hurting us. If we’re not afraid, who can really take our power away?”
© Copyright 2017 ~CATHY PAGANO  All Rights Reserved


“With all this Scorpio energy our willingness to dive deep is our super power! And it’s the only way we will navigate this deep time with grace, ease, humor and joy…
“Mars is in Libra- the sign of partnership, balance and harmony. This is a sign he is not very comfortable in as he rules the opposite sign of Aries…”
“Wherever we have swept things under the carpet, turned a blind eye, played nice so avoid confrontation or change- this astrology will certainly challenge those default mechanisms…”
“The key right now is to have good practices that ground you– meditation, yoga, hiking in nature, cuddling with loved ones. Also having grounded, Kindred Spirits in your life that you can turn to for support and understanding is so necessary.
“Being willing to go deep and resource yourself with therapy, shadow work, dream work, herbs, essential oils, extra sleep, nourishing foods and lots of water is recommended.
“As Jung said ‘One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of Light, but by making the darkness conscious’.
“This deep time of the year but also this very deep time of our collective evolution is a call to make the darkness conscious. The more of us committed to this work the better it is for the planet.
“‘Shadow work is the path of the heart warrior’ (also Jung). Let us all rise in Love knowing that at first Love brings up everything unlike itself for the purpose of healing.
“Deep healing is possible right now but it requires we move through a deep, cathartic death process (metaphorically speaking). Stay the course!”
© Copyright 2017 ~DIVINE HARMONY All Rights Reserved


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