*NEW MOON* in Sagittarius offers a shot of  inspiration as we breakthrough the mire and continue to expand to new ground.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers. First from the always inspired KELLEY ROSANO:
“The Sagittarius New Moon on December 11 is fiery. The Sun and Moon are coupled in Sagittarius…”
“This Moon provides you with the opportunity to expand your consciousness. Boldly go where you have not gone before. Take chances. Be adventurous. Try something new…”
“This Moon is about Freedom. Liberate your mind. Free Your Mind. This is true Freedom…”
“This energy is exuberant and exciting. You could feel high on endorphin. You could bite off more than you can chew. Promise more than you can deliver. You could overestimate your position. You come up short down the road.
“This energy invites exaggeration. People could over promise what they are offering you. The compulsive liar runs rampant with this combination.
“Do not get seduced by promises. Go by behavior. That is walk your talk.
Be in your integrity. Do not get swept up in the moment. Think then speak.
“Chiron is in Pisces. Chiron is challenging the New Moon. He too is opposing Jupiter. Pull up your personal power. Be who you really are. Do not follow blindly just to fit in. What do you really believe?
  • What is your truth?
  • What do you know to be true for you?
  • What do you believe is possible for you?
  • What needs healing?
  • Does your heart need healing?
“…New Moons are new beginnings. This is an amazing one. Use this New Moon wisely. Keep working to expand and liberate yourself.”
© Copyright 2015 ~KELLEY ROSANOAll Rights Reserved


From DIPALI DESAI from her Celestial Space Astrology:
“This fiery new moon vibe perhaps will help symbolically stimulate your vision and enthusiasm in a big way…”
“It is time to tap into the ‘Inner Explorer’ Archetype and become excited about the stimulating new experiences to unfold in the days and months ahead. Life will not be dull and boring…”
“Is it possible to inquire about the meaning and purpose of your life now. Do I have faith that the Divine/Universe is there with me when the challenges mount?
“Do you feel there is meaning to your life and what you do each day? Does your purpose for living need to be taken up another level? The New Moon in Sagittarius may bring up such questions.
“Transiting Venus in Scorpio is making a fabulous easy ‘trine’ aspect to Neptune in Pisces. You may be in the mood to deeply love and be loved. There is a glow to this vibe, a feeling of empowerment and strong intuitive connection.
“It is possible to experience magnetic intense encounters or have deep meaningful Spiritual conversations which stimulate the senses on many levels now. Synchronicity is your Cosmic Wink from life, letting you know you are not walking this path alone…”
“The message of the New Moon in Sagittarius is to keep your aim steady upon your potentials and realizing the new opportunity to deepen faith.
“Through gaining more self-knowledge, you have the ability to pierce the veil of fear and ‘I can’t’ into I AM.”
© Copyright 2015 ~DIPALI DESAI All Rights Reserved


From the always insightful DIVINE HARMONY:
“Typically Sagittarius operates from a place of freedom, limitlessness, optimism and generosity– and these qualities are definitely available to us all right now.
“Yet we cannot forget that this New Moon is in the same sign that Saturn is in (and 11 degrees away from Saturn- which could be considered a super wide conjunction)- so there’s also an energy of contraction, reality, karma, integrity and mastery playing out right now as well…”
“The New Moon square Chiron has an important reminder for us…We don’t want to be going for it or embracing opportunities to grow and expand as a means to cover up wounds and pain we have that source from deep within (going back to childhood and even past lives).
“If buying x, y or z or marketing ourselves or telling people how great we are is merely a cover up for low self worth or lack of self-Love- it will come through the veneer put on the surface of things.
“Chiron reminds us that we all have wounds and pain and even the most glittery picture perfect people with 1 million instagram followers have bad days, insecurities, shadow and inner suffering to navigate in their own lives.
“When our outer persona is a mask we wear to hide our inner reality and Truth- we are challenged to look and see where we have been only focusing on the surface…”
“Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo remind us that whatever we want to grow or expand into in our lives must be worked for. We have to show up, do the work, be humble and be focused on being of service.
“If we focus on glamour or some other idealistic vision of ourselves being seen in the world (the shadow of pisces south node) we can get ourselves heading down the wrong path- chasing things that won’t truly fulfill us…”
“The South Node is what we came in with, we are good at, but we can also stay stuck in and keep on playing out old karmic patterns.
“Because Saturn is square Neptune all throughout 2016- part of the South Node lesson is to really face where we are in delusion, self deception, denial and avoidance of reality…”
“Jupiter on the North Node can bring deep discernment about our own shadow and also the shadow of others and the world around us.
“Peeling back the curtain and being able to see beyond the facade to get to the Truth is the gift of Jupiter in Virgo- but the key is we have to be willing to do this with ourselves first and then we can do it with others/the world around us. What good is it to see the shadow in everyone else but yourself?
“…Elias Lonsdales’ Star Sparks degree for 20 Sagittarius speaks to a deeper more esoteric level this New Moon can take us to- if we are willing, able and ready to go there.
“Read on…


“Sagittarius 20 The changing of water into wine

“Blessed. Surrounded by every opportunity in the world.

“Granted to meet in life that which can revitalize and restore and reawaken what was lost, stuck, stopped.

“Given a charge of inner worlds power. A prana of life-giving essence to offer into the most obdurate situations hope and enthusiasm.

“Not put off by coming up against tremendous outward and inward stuff to cut through. Just knowing there is a force, there is a way somehow.

“Bearing a treasure that is priceless. Offered the keys to the kingdom.

“It is simply a matter of calibrating the Living Spirit in all things as supreme. Yet there is something in this worship, in this ritual that is more than the simple basic model would suggest.

We are here entering upon the mystery of soul remembrance. What does it mean when we can recall in a fragrant fashion all good and essential things and we never can forget them?

“What does it do for us when we immerse ourselves over and again in especially painful and enduring lessons and repetitive experience, yet all throughout we feel and know inside that we can come through and that everybody can come through?

“What this does is to tap a storehouse of spirit spark that is right here available whenever we are ready to surrender to it’s depth of power.

“Usually, we must first exhaust every other way of dealing with what is at hand. Only then do we remember the prayer, the vision, the promise...

“It is a rhythm, a pulse, a knack. Once you get it, you can’t lose it. Then you know the New Birth in all things.”  (Elias Lonsdales)

“…This is the best use of all the Jupiter/Sadge energy- to elevate our Spirits, not our egos– and to focus on giving, doing good, helping to expand consciousness (ours first and others by example)- all so that we can make the world a better place for our children, their children and their children.
“The changing of water into wine happens when we realize that it’s up to us to make the shift- as within, so without.”
© Copyright 2015 ~DIVINE HARMONYAll Rights Reserved


And finally by the wonderful PAT LILES  from The Power Path:
“Sagittarius’ prodigious faith and optimism (also sense of adventure!) is going to be needed here at this time of major collective reorientation.
“With Saturn in Sagittarius for two and a half years, we will get just this kind of scrutiny and lessons about our mental affiliations.  The religious hierarchy persecuted Galileo; scientists scoffed at Einstein about shifting belief systems. 
“For us now, it’s time to honor our shamanic, indigenous peoples who have held the feminine pole and knowledge of the consciousness in all things  They are our guideposts and teachers to come into alignment with our planet and each other.
“…A deep, spiritual rift in our lives is feeling pressure.  We are being asked to surrender that nugget in our gut we have been carrying maybe for lifetimes. 
“Can we open up a space in our lives to, as the Native Americans say, ‘forgive the unforgiveable’? Sagittarius is going to move us to ask ‘where will our peace come from?’
“Take the Venus/Neptune lead when New Moon and holidaze seems sure to overwhelm, drop into your heart space and bring to the fore what you love and are grateful for as a balm for these times. 
“Let the sweetness of the emotionally centered aspect of the feminine nourish and support you. 
“Your greatest resources in these times of foundational shift are finding your own love and strengthening of your relationship to Spirit.”
© Copyright 2015 ~PAT LILES All Rights Reserved
NEW MOON Blessings and LOVE!


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