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November 26th 2019   7:05 am PST  3:05pm GMT  |
November 27th 2019 1:05 AM AEST
After plunging the depths we rise! Those of us who gave up the ghost are resurrecting from the funeral pyre.
Sagittarius brings us a passionate impulse to radically burst forth in a new direction, to cast off our clothing and shackles, and let our arrows fly.
And while there’s a real wind that can lift us to higher ground, we can temper our impulses with a grounded strategic vision to expand in the ways our Soul has deeply desired.
It’s the result of genuine healing which allows us to be brave hearts, ready to face whatever challenges may arise, because we are coming from our authentic truth.
That is the freedom net that Sagittarius casts forth, as the light breaks upon the horizon.
Here are the ASTRAL INSIGHTS from our featured guiding lights:
PAT LILES from The Power Path.com shares:
“Sagittarius, The archer, shoots his arrow skyward and our horizons expand, we see the underlying meaning in our lives, our understanding of the big picture vista lifts our spirits and we feel confident, enthusiastic and capable…
“During our current New Moon time, Jupiter is making a magnificent journey across the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, across the Galactic Center that is at 27º Sagittarius, across the black hole around which this galaxy rotates with its beautiful spiral arms. 
It’s download time as we spend the last few degrees of Sagittarius with Jupiter and move then across the 0º line of Capricorn known as the World Axis, the meeting place of heaven and earth, the Axis Mundi where ‘Communication from lower realms may ascend to higher ones and blessings from higher realms may descend to lower ones and be disseminated to all’ * …
“…we also have the mitigating influence of Venus leading the way a couple of degrees away at 0º Capricorn at that very point of the World Axis (where Jupiter is headed on December 2). 
“Venus has a steadying effect on Jupiter at New Moon hoping to bring out practical, goal-oriented actions. 
“Venus entering Capricorn holds the archetype of the wise woman, a sage woman of authority cognizant of seven generations in the future and the wisdom of seven generations from the past.
“Focus the New Moon on what you want to restructure in your life and just how you plan to do it.
“Venus has just made her own yearly journey across the black hole of the Galactic Center November 23-25 hand in hand with Jupiter. 
“Such an expansive blessing and reminder to uplift and expand the heart, to have faith in ourselves, to allow love and connection to all beings be the guiding force through the intense and transformational times we are living through. 
“It’s one form of blessing to have Venus and Jupiter meet – and a great one, but a quantum leap to have them meet at the Galactic Center, the source of our starship, and be bathed in the energies to guide us on our journey of evolution.
“Chiron at 1º Aries squares Venus and soon Jupiter lending aid to reveal and release where we have felt wounded in love and respect
“Pallas Athena is a strong influence on the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius (just 3º away).  She brings her wisdom, feminine strategic thinking, and her link to intuitive intelligence to help us bring all this high frequency energy down into our nervous systems and transmute it into our physical bodies. 
“…Uranus is really pushing us on the change front.  We have acceleration and evolution. Uranus is not only opposing Mars, but in a stressful relationship to the Sun and the Moon, our will and emotional security are thrown off. 
“Uranus can promote feelings of being in exile, an outsider looking in, anxiety, ungroundedness.  You might feel restless and contemplate taking a major turn. 
“A feeling of underlying chaos is a result of our differentiating from the dominant culture and the belief systems we see playing out in government and the corporatization of our lives. 
“We will feel more supported by Uranus after New Moon when Venus and Jupiter move into a positive earthy relationship with Uranus and we can use the out of the box thinking and liberating inspiration that it brings. ..
“Neptune is at a standstill in Pisces slowing to turn direct on November 27.  We are deep in our dream-creating essence pulled out of our physical reality by this strong force. 
“Unconscious soul level forces are strong and we are tuned to the invisible world. 
“Dream, create, dance it through your feet, and fill your inner sanctuary with gratitude.  So much compassion is needed at this time…
“Open your arms wide to the Dark of the Moon and welcome in what awaits us after our lengthy surrender of the old. “
© Copyright 2019 PAT LILES
PAM YOUNGHANS from her North Point Astrology Journal:
“… This New Moon contains within it great potentials. In addition to activating the natural Sagittarian qualities of optimism, wisdom, intuition, abundance, and enthusiasm, it also mobilizes the energies of a fixed star called Marfik.
“Astrologer Roderick Kidston calls Marfik ‘one of the hitherto unacknowledged success stars.’ He explains, in his book The Magic of the Stars, that with Marfik, ‘we know how to tune our thoughts to the right vibrations in order to attract the right results. Ideas of resonance, or the Law of Attraction, rule here.’
“…We’ll need to be flexible in our expectations, however; co-creation is just that—a cooperative process between us and our Divine counterparts.
“It involves both presenting our ideas, our conceptions of what we want to bring into manifestation, AND being open to the Will of the Cosmos, which knows and sees much more than we often can from our human perspective.”
© Copyright 2019 PAM YOUNGHANS


APRIL ELLIOT KENT from Mooncircles.com:
Envisioning something that hasn’t existed before is not unique to people born under the sign of the archer, but you can bet that most true innovators have that sign or its ruling planet, Jupiter, prominent in their birth charts.
“Sagittarian Walt Disney, for example, envisioned a playground that could be enjoyed by people of all ages, and realized it on a scale previously unimaginable. Another Sag, Steven Spielberg, gave the movie-going public an entirely different vision of what films could be. And Jimi Hendrix, also born with the Sun in this sign, took the electric guitar to places it had never been before.
“To be an innovator requires trust in yourself and absolute conviction in your vision and truth. The Sagittarian road requires the faith to ignore nay-sayers and to resist the urge to imitate others
“There has never been a greater need for idealists who believe in a better future and innovators with the ability to envision solutions to society’s seemingly intractable problems.
“The Sagittarius New Moon reminds us to keep thinking big—to keep dreaming bigger dreams for ourselves, and for our world.”
© Copyright 2019 APRIL ELLIOT KENT


ELLIAS LONSDALE  interpretation for this Moon’s Chandra symbol is:
“SAGITTARIUS 5: Three women materializing out of a fog.
“Being mesmerized by your own triple reflection. Casting a huge chunk of your own soul back into the dim past, casting another chunk of your soul into the remote future, and enshrouding the present time chunk of your soul in layer after layer of obscurity and evasiveness.
“Living simultaneously in past, present, and future, but with all three time frequencies held away. Therefore, to a fantastic extent, you live inside the subconscious mind with virtually no conscious outlet. Down inside there something extraordinary is happening.
“Free from the glare of any form of overt reflection you are gestating, healing, and making yourself ready for the infinite unknown to pop or hatch. Intensive seething forces of dreaming into the void, the great abyss.
“And while knocked out of outer commission, liberated to conceive the inconceivable and to renew your tangled and damaged roots in the old wise woman way that never ages and always works.”
© Copyright 2019 ELLIAS LONSDALE
NEW MOON Blessings to all~


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