*NEW MOON* is here offering us another opportunity to pause, tune in, and focus our intentions with our heart’s deepest desires. This LEO New Moon is perfect for this, as Leo rules the heart and inspires us to trust our visions and have confidence in ourselves as we move forward and take the steps to bring them into creation! Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA gathered insights from the most insightful readers of the stars…
First from the always inspired Kelley Rosano:
“The Leo New Moon on August 6 is a reminder that you are the Star of your life. Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun…You are the Sun center of your life. You matter. You count. You have come to Earth to share your love and light. Share your talent, gifts and abilities. Share your Authentic Love–who you truly are. You will shine the brightest when you live from your heart…”
“Leos govern creative self-expression…Whatever you pour your love and creativity into is an offspring. We create new ideas, inventions and opportunities from our heart.”
“Creating a business is the same as giving birth. The business is your baby. We have to let the baby crawl before it can walk…Many folks try to get more out of their new baby (business) before it is ready to produce.  It is unwise to demand too much of yourself and your baby (business).  Before it has had the proper amount of time and opportunity to grow, develop and flourish…”
“The Leo New Moon is in a trine (beneficial aspect) with Uranus. You could make positive changes in your personal and/or work life…New friendships formed now may encourage you to be your Authentic Self. You are to share your Authentic Love…You can seize the opportunities that are emerging in your life…”
“Uranus is in a supportive relationship with both lights. The New Moon message is to love who you really are. This is Authentic Love.”
“Jupiter in Cancer is forming a powerful T-square (challenge) to Pluto and Uranus from August 7-21. This aspect will invoke dynamic changes in the areas of life that growth is needed…”
The change needed can be in our perception of reality. We can expand our consciousness through discovering new truth and new beliefs. We may need to change our attitude. We may need to change our work, relationships and lifestyle.”
“You are the master of your destiny. You make right choices for Self when you are in alignment with who you really are. Doing what balances you. Doing what is right for you.”
“…Venus is pleased to return to her home sign Libra on August 16. On the one hand, Venus can bring balance to our relationships. On the other hand, Venus will be Grand Squared (challenged) by Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus August 24-27.  That is four squares and two oppositions.”
“…This is an excellent time to evaluate your true values. That is what truly matters to you. Are you in alignment with your core values?”
“This could be the most creative New Moon in 2013.  We are being given an outstanding opportunity to make positive changes. This is your chance to live in a way that is appropriate for you.”
“You are to create your life based on your real needs and personal satisfaction. It will not be enough to live for the approval of other people. You will want to live your life based on your Soul-approval.”
“Out of the womb of the Mother (Cancer) we give birth to the child (Leo). The cosmic message is to give birth to the New You. You may need to get out of your comfort zone. We are birthing the heart-centered human being.”
“…You are being empowered to recreate yourself. This astrology is expanding our consciousness. We are awakening. The New Earth and human are being born.”
“You are experiencing growing pains…Release your pain. Staying in your pain will not move you forward. The ego tricks us into keeping the pattern of pain. “
“Your future soul mates are waiting for you. Be open to the new opportunities emerging. Be bold. Be courageous. Why not take a chance in a new direction, new friendship and/or new location? The past does not equal the future. Cut your ties to the painful past.”
“We are boldly going where no man or woman has gone. We are on the leading edge of thought…We are creating the New Reality. We are the architects and builders of the New Earth. We want to empower Gaia and ourselves by creating from love not fear.”
“Release relationships that are distractions. Ask yourself is this relationship part of your goals, real needs and life path direction? If it is, then it will support you. This is a soul mate. If s/he does not support you, it will be a karmic entanglement.  Your ego can deceive you to stay in the pain. Instead, go forward.”
“Shine your light. Don’t hide your truth. Share what you have learned with others. Teach what you know. We teach what we have learned in life. Your life lessons make you experts and Self-masters, when you use painful experiences for your growth…”
Be who you truly are. Be who you came to earth to be during her transition home. You are a Shining Star. You are the Sun Center of your universe. You are creating your reality. You are a powerful creator.”
“Live from your heart then you will be Authentic Love. You can have abundance, love and fulfillment.”
 We need to be in alignment with our soul’s needs, wishes and desires. Resisting the will of our soul creates inner struggle and strife…We are to live from our heart and soul. Be a brilliant light the world can see. Share your Authentic Love.”
 © Copyright 2013 ~Kelley Rosano All Rights Reserved
From  Willow’s Web Astrology:
“The New Moon at 14 degrees Leo on August 6 (4:51 p.m. CST) conjuncts asteroid Vesta and squares the Scorpio North Node and Taurus South Node.”
“This New Moon indicates a dynamic new creative cycle is opening with a mix of participants that starts to gel around fall equinox…”
“The influence of ‘hearth and home’ asteroid Vesta, exactly conjunct the New Moon at 14 degrees Leo, indicates that we’re invested in our own creative output and in the power of our personalities…We’ve banked on the power of our personal artistry and creativity. Now we start to see what that investment is going to reap…”
“Coming out of this Leo New Moon, square the Scorpio North Node, we’re determining the essentials of our personalities from the non-essentials, the benefits of a strong ego versus the pitfalls of an oversized one…”
“Coming out of this Leo New Moon, our big, bold personalities and our creative output must be harnessed to the pure and golden light of our hearts…”
“We’re required to hold out for our full value now – energetic and monetary - withdrawing from those people and situations that hold us in a ‘less than’  position.”
“…There is some wounded pride around this Leo New Moon, some hits to our self-esteem. Some sadness that we’re not being fully seen or appreciated for who and what we are. All this could make for some power struggles and prickly exchanges as people try to assimilate the ego hits.”
“…Love yourself and be your own biggest fan, your own cheerleader, as we head through this Leo New Moon portal. Celebrate your achievements, no matter how small they might seem to others.”
“Be as free with genuine praise as possible. Remember: everyone is looking for a little attention and recognition of their special-ness when the Sun is in Leo, as it is until August 22. With Earth Mama dwarf planet Ceres also in Leo, we nurture others by paying attention to and encouraging them, enjoying what they have to offer.”
“Leave space so everybody gets a little sunshine this Leo season. A sad and neglected lion is a terrible thing, indeed. (The Pluto in Leos, in particular, could use a little love right about now.)”
“Saturn is currently in early Scorpio, forming a loose conjunction to the North Node, which is activated at the New Moon…Our soul-level commitment is being tested. Our willingness to trust and then act upon our deepest intuition is being tested.”
“As we move through this Leo New Moon, activating the Saturn-North Node conjunction in Scorpio, understand the strain people may be under on a personality level. Understand that these aspects will be laying waste to many a comfy ego construct – including our own. Give people (and yourself) time to adjust to the shifting sands, and cut everyone some ego slack – just not too much.”
 © Copyright 2013 ~Willow’s Web Astrology All Rights Reserved
From the always inspired Robert Wilkinson and his Aquarius Papers:
“Over the next 4 weeks, the New Moon in Leo indicates a time of powerful and natural expressions of the heart.”
“We’re all getting the chance to ‘put on the show,’ and since this Lunation falls at the Lion Point, you can bet we can all get stronger, have a better time than in the recent past, or find our enthusiasm or playful self-expression.”
“This New Moon in Leo is inspiring, stabilizing, loving, creative, and naturally spontaneous in its expressions. We’re still in the thick of Cancer energies that are predominating in June, July, and August, with echoes lasting until August 2014.”
“We’ve already gotten clear signals about how feelings are flowing or not, and this New Moon will reveal how willing we are to act creatively and have fun expressing our integrated personality as we’ve nurtured it up to now”
“…We are now able to externalize facets of those renewed beginnings with greater spontaneity and enthusiasm, and have shifted internal allegiances away from old cares and concerns into new ways to do our Being. “
“This New Moon helps us to express the power that’s been building the past 4 months, and continues to expand what has already begun to grow…
“This New Moon is dynamically expressive, even if the energies seem out of balance and at times all over the map. We can continue to expect huge new developments wherever we have Cancer and Leo in our charts.”
“We continue to move into new feeling paths, new forms of personality integration that will help us understand the perfection of our life lessons and experience and help us integrate it in the spiritual realm.”
“This gives power to the major expansions and opportunities set into motion last month that will resonate through next Spring. Be open to ‘putting on the show’ and continuing those actions that further personality integration through growth in helping your Soul to come forth.”
“There is great potential for some form of ‘inner rebirth’ through accepting a more natural way to coordinate various areas of your life…”
“…So as you open to the eighth New Moon of 2013, take stock of what larger holistic understanding you’ve achieved in 2012. See how you’ve moved from a theoretical ideal to a new way of living your life and relationships into a deeper connection with your ability to regenerate productively over the long haul, or a deeper communion with some inner or outer element of your Being…” 
“We have now finished the long wave process of learning how to conduct ourselves at a higher social level of interaction, which will confirm our ‘social status’ and help us be part of a refined display of interactive class, style, and culture. Now we have to show what we know, and walk the talk!
“…This is a time of growth in effective orientation so that we can bring Spirit to matter, and the ideal in a grounded form. What we move into now will take shape once Saturn moves into the second half of Scorpio this Autumn.
 © Copyright 2013 ~Robert Wilkinson All Rights Reserved
And from the insightful Sarah Varcas from her Astro-Awakenings:
“This New Moon is one of uplift and enjoyment, a brief holiday for the spirit weary of struggle or the psyche tired of inner and outer conflict. Here we can experience the lightness which exists on the other side of our fear, heartache or frustration.”
“This New Moon removes our blinkers to help us see the truth of a situation which has burdened us up to now. And as we see it without blinkers we can begin to recognize its relative insignificance in light of the vast terrain we can now perceive around us. Those blinkers kept us focused, yes, but on the wrong thing. Now we have a chance to rethink that focus and shift it to a more wide-angled view.”
“This Moon is not one to remove the obstacle, but to reframe it. What looked like a wall too high to climb becomes a hurdle we can get over with a bit of training…The quicksand of our fears may even become a sandy beach and we can build castles as we go.”
Perception is everything, and at the dark of this Moon we can release our current perceptions ready to receive a new perspective on old and familiar things which have felt stuck or stagnant for way too long.”
“But we must choose to allow in these new perceptions. They won’t just suddenly appear. We must be willing to see differently in order to do just that. A dogged determination to forever perceive a problem as insurmountable will necessarily create an insurmountable problem. As will the tendency to be a victim rather than a creator.”
The revelations of this New Moon can be life changing if we let them, revealing to us just how the most stagnant situation can become a source of creativity if we let it, and in letting it we will be inviting the universe itself to join us in the creation of brighter prospects and happier days as the Moon increases in light once more.”
 © Copyright 2013 ~Sarah Varcas All Rights Reserved
NEW MOON Blessings!


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