CANCER NEW MOON, sweet MAMMA MOON. Our emotional bodies have been moving through some deep levels of transformation, let’s allow her sweet waters to soothe our souls and bring some loving mamma energy to our hearts as we continue to move through these shifts.
It’s a powerful time right now that can birth so much creativity and inspire ingenuity and movement for change. We are personally and as a collective, living through momentous times of growth. We must keep our heads up, our hearts wide open, and persevere.  
We are being strengthened, purified, and refined by the sands of karmic time. Remember we need the rain and stormy skies for the rainbow to appear. We will emerge. We are the rainbow.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers. First from the wise CATHY PAGANO:
“Cancer is the sign of the Mother, the womb of Life… a cardinal water sign that nurtures and protects, is creative and feels deeply.
“A sign of feminine power, it dispenses the Waters of Life upon all of us, but most especially women. Women’s bodies are made to gestate, nurture, give birth to and feed our children, if we so choose. What a blessing to be a woman! We create and sustain Life.
“This first water sign of the zodiac is where we create our emotional body, our specific emotional connection to Life, the story we tell ourselves about Life.
“The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, drawing upon the waters of creation in a tidal ebb and flow. She is the weaver of many stories, the womb in which our psyche/soul grows. The Moon speaks to us through our right-brain imagination—our visions, our dreams, our symbols, our stories…”
“This Cancer New Moon offers us a chance to re-birth our emotional body. What do you desire to feel about yourself and your life?
“Can all of us give birth to a new emotional body, the grown-up, responsible, adult body that listens to its emotions, acknowledges them as valid feelings, which in turn tells us what we need to do to prosper in the world?”
“…Just as our mothers were the womb of our ‘being and becoming’, so too is the Moon Mother the womb of our collective ‘becoming’.
“As She travels across our sky, She shows us the beauty and mystery of Change against an eternal backdrop, for She is never the same on any given night. And neither are we…”
“This New Moon is intense. Our consciousness and the Collective Unconscious and our personal unconscious are being stirred up by the energies of the Pluto/Uranus square of 2012-2015.
“This Cancer New Moon creates a T-square with these energies, putting pressure on us to find our way to a new identity and purpose while still honoring others.
“Pluto (insight and evolution) opposes this Cancer New Moon, which means it confronts us with its brutal truths about the world. Pluto in Capricorn is energizing a transformation of our civilization. It’s drawing out the poisons of our culture so we can all see them.
“Our shadow is showing. We let our fears, our self-interest and the beliefs that shape a frivolous way of life get in the way of evolution. We waste water—our most precious resource. We over-consume and throw our resources away as if they are unlimited. We accept poisoned air, food and water.
“Our world has to change. We can’t live by the rules of the past 500 years of the Industrial Revolution. Our technological revolution has changed the world again, and our consciousness has evolved to such a state that the old ways can’t contain them.
“The World Soul is evolving. And we’re having a hard time keeping up. But at least more of us have woken up to the problems.
“So Pluto wants to help seed this Cancer Mother New Moon with the promise and potential of evolution. We can create a different society if we put our Will into it…”
“So with the Cancer New Moon aligned with the ongoing square between Uranus in Aries (revolution and awakening) and Pluto in Capricorn (cultural death and rebirth), we can hope to birth a new level of consciousness and participation in the world that will have an impact on our community and the world. We are the grandparents of the Future!
© Copyright 2016 CATHY PAGANO
From the wonderful DIVINE HARMONY:
“Sun and Moon make beautiful aspects to the North Node and South Node- showing us that we have the capacity right now to see the past for what it is and glean wisdom from the past to inform our decisions in the present that determine our trajectory in the future…”
“Of course we cannot forget one of the most potent aspects this New Moon makes which is an opposition to retrograde Pluto. Oppositions imply relationships and Pluto implies power dynamics but also potential for profound and radical transformation.
“One of Pluto’s images is that of the phoenix- and people love this image for good reason. She births herself anew out of the ashes of the past and she is a potent symbol of profound resurrection.
“Yet resurrection only happens when something has died- and to rise out of the ashes means something had to previously be lit on fire.
“So this New Moon speaks to amazing new beginnings that can only truly happen when endings have occurred.
“Rebirth comes after death and this New Moon is a portal from the past to the future- and there is certainly something we all have to leave behind in order to move through the birth canal right now.
“The most important fixed star in the chart (and I could argue the most important fixed star in the sky as it is the brightest of all the stars) is Sirius- a star that was seen as sacred to many ancient mystical cultures from Egyptian to Mayan, Hawaiian and more.
“This star was seen as a link or portal to Higher Consciousness and it helps us to realize the sacredness in the mundane reality of life.
“Further there are several cultures that have stories about highly evolved beings (aka aliens) that came down in ships from this star system and brought highly evolved technology and wisdom to Earth with a focus on helping us to raise our consciousness (google for more information).
“This New Moon conjunct Sirius can open the doors to Higher Consciousness, wisdom, Love and power- personally and collectively.
“It’s an amazing New Moon cycle to set intentions in regards to spiritual evolution and healing dualities within and without that split the sacred from the mundane, the Light from the Dark, and the masculine from the feminine.
“The New Moon is conjunct the asteroid Prosperpina which is the Roman name for Persephone. It’s interesting to note Persephone energy with the New Moon opposite Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld.
“If you know your Greek mythology Pluto abducted Persephone and took her into the Underworld as his bride…Persephone’s journey is one of death and rebirth, loss and renewal- which is the journey of any Dark Goddess figure as well as the journey of the Great Mother herself.
“To be able to make peace with the death cycles, losses, transitions and endings in our lives and to ultimately know their goodness, rightness and purposefulness is the lesson with the New Moon on Proserpina opposite Pluto.
Learning the fine art of intuiting when it’s time to let go and move on is what this New Moon cycle is about…”
“One last thing to note in the New Moon chart is the Dark Goddess in her triple form as Asteroid Lilith, Dark Moon Lilith and Black Moon Lilith (mean position)… so there is much Dark Goddess energy in this chart- really all over the place!
“The Dark Goddess is fierce, powerful and a force to be reckoned with. She comes in to shine a Light on the shadow and make us take personal responsibility for it. She makes us see the Truth of ourselves, of others and the world around us.
“This New Moon has a strong energy of stripping away to get down to the Truth– no matter how unsavory. It’s only when we can see the Truth that we have the capacity to create a new reality- within and without…”
“I leave you with Ellias Lonsdale’s Star Sparks meditation for 13 Cancer:
Cancer 13 Many voices singing different songs at the same time.
“Being plunged into the molten sea of everybody and everything here laying equal claim to our allegiance, our attention, our concern, our involvement.
Being blown open to respond on cue to anybody and everybody, inside and out.
“Feeling the surge of what can be. Knowing intimately the endless clamor of what has been before. Being caught in the middle between past and future and every other polarity dance there is. The mediator, the problem solver, the go-between.
Seeing each point of view as valid. Listening attentively to all the voices as they reveal the many sides of the way it is.
A struggle and a blessing. The considerable struggle is to integrate this level of experience in any meaningful fashion. It is tremendously difficult to know our own mind, to be clear about anything really. It is easy to be on casual open terms with every side of existence. But to know anything well and to immerse the self in it fully is very rare.
“The blessing is what happens when you let go of the need, the pressure, the idea that it has to be a certain way. For there is a gift in being all ways and no particular way at all.
“Yet to claim this blessing requires the realization that even the most multiple state of being, the most out there kind of mind is given to us for a very real purpose. And to get this, we often must go to extreme lengths before we are able to let it be.
“The strident forced effort to be legitimate is the great barrier. The innocent alignment with the good of the whole is the intended outcome.
“Ultimately, it is so obvious. We can stretch to meet every side of life because we bear all of it within us impartially.”
© Copyright 2016 Elias Longsdale
© Copyright 2016 DIVINE HARMONY
And finally from the insightful PAT LILES from The Power
“Cancer may have some deep root chakra work in store for some of us as these planets take turns in the next two weeks first opposing Pluto in Capricorn 16º– urging us towards releasing and transforming structures representing security that have held our society (or our personal lives) together in the past, and then those same planets squaring Uranus in Aries 23º demanding we break free into areas of feeling we have not dared to tread.
“Perhaps you’re shattering family imprinting or vestiges of karmic experience you have brought forward to this life time, or reaching back into the shadowy disappointments and fears of your ancestors and transforming that power (Pluto) into a courageous vision of the future for all of humanity (Uranus).
“You also have the very strong possibility of shape shifting this emotional energy into heart expanding waves that ripple outward from you to all your relations, to all of the web of life.
“Be open to riding the waves of emotion that present themselves. Cancer loves fiercely and protectively with her large, snapping crab claws and her tender, loving inner belly.
“Watch for moodiness, with holding, evasiveness, insecurity, self-pity that suggests there’s a logjam in the emotional arteries that needs to be expressed.
“Begin to parent your self, answering your own needs for attention, love, care taking, soothing and nourishing self to restore peace and balance to your water nature.
“Draw on the powerful flow of love, nourishment and support from Pachamama, Mother Earth, Gaia and see your creativity grow, your power of receiving expand, fertility for all you are birthing manifest easily…
“Sun/Moon, Mercury, Venus in Cancer are offering the gift of water trines to Neptune in Pisces, and the New Moon chart holds a Grand Trine with Chiron, Venus, and Mars’ now in forward motion in Scorpio.
“These trines offer the possibility of touching into more love, more connection with Self, more competence after emotional release from your wounding, self-imposed inadequacies, more deep healing and forgiveness of what was lost during times of separation and domination. Water trines can joyfully lift us up to remember who we really are in this Earth plane stage craft…”
“Let this deeply feminine Moon soften your emotional edges and allow you to nourish your inner being with silence, nature, and extending to others your love and kindness.
“These are rigorous and pressured times we are experiencing currently and now is the time to fill your emotional reserves with grace and ease.
“Fill your heart with rose-colored light; let it also fill your belly as you breath deeply. Now fill your third eye with this warm, glowing color and radiate it out to every cell in your body to be bathed in love and nurturing support. Breathe deeply and fully.”
© Copyright 2016 PAT LILES


NEW MOON Blessings of nourishing MAMMA love~~~


PS: It’s an extra special time because MYSTIC MAMMA was birthed, in this same expression, on the CANCER NEW MOON of 2010. I am humbled to be the keeper of this space and to share the many voices of wisdom that illuminate the way and help to create openings for us all.
Thank you beautiful commUNITY for all your love and for your sharing! We are indeed a mighty force! And for those of you who have been moved to energetically support this work, deepest gratitude! You are angels and your support helps make this possible for all~~~ Thank you!!


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