*NEW MOON* in the last degree of Aquarius moves right into the first degree of Pisces. We move between worlds, we transition between chapters. This liminal NEW MOON marks an important transition. The coming together is imminent, the sacred union between Mars and Venus is on its heels, and the conditions for initiation into wholeness are ripe and ready for the taking. Step forth, step through, keep going, keep releasing and keep opening.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our tuned-in featured astrologers. First from the illuminating DIVINE HARMONY:
“The second New Moon in Aquarius…is exact on Wednesday, February 18th 2015 at 3:47pm PST.
“This especially potent New Moon is not only at the last degree of Aquarius but it is in the last MINUTE (29’59 Aquarius)- with the Moon moving into Pisces less than a minute later and the Sun following suit three minutes after the lunation.
“The last degree of any sign is a point of culmination, fruition and completion
“This whole last month has been a huge time of endings preceding new beginnings and entire karmic cycles that are deeply embedded in our personal and collective Unconscious have been coming up for review, revision or release.”
“…Wherever you are at on your path- this New Moon meets you there and can take you further.
“It’s definitely a New Moon to connect to, do ceremony around and work with the solar and lunar energies present. A whole new world can open up to you if you choose to take the leap into the unknown!”
“…This powerful 29th degree Aquarius New Moon is all about anchoring in the Light but not doing it in a way to escape, deny or ignore the shadow. We do so that we can illuminate the shadow and help heal the rift and duality in ourselves and the world around us.”
“…It’s about fully embodying our Light and our humanity- and as we do this for ourselves we contribute to the collective healing of the split in the world around us.
“There are several significant aspects to take note of in the New Moon chart. The New Moon is exactly semisextile to Mars at the very last degree of Pisces- the Omega point. He shifts into the first degree of Aries- the Alpha point- the very next day and Venus will follow suite the day after.
“Both Venus and Mars are heading into a very auspicious conjunction in the first degrees of Aries, exact on Saturday the 21st, opening up a lot of creative, passionate, Eros energy (which is about Love of life, not just physical lust and sexual passion).
“With both Venus and Mars in aspect to this New Moon (with Mars being almost exact)- we have the Divine Lovers channeling their fertile, passionate and creative energy into this lunation.
We have the power to birth something at this New Moon– be it a new life, a new direction in our lives, a baby, a creative project or a new awareness personally and collectively.
“We have the visionary capacity of Aquarius teamed with the compassionate, altruistic energy of Pisces. The last two signs of the zodiac are most concerned with the plight of humanity and are focused on raising consciousness and realizing Oneness with all that is.
“These very huge energies are available to us now and they can come through in strong or subtler ways- but regardless of how they show up, they are most definitely there (and worth tapping into).
“…The New Moon also activates the Saturn/Neptune Square and the Uranus/Pluto Square…This brings up the disparity between dreams and reality, ideals and what is actually manifesting today. This is an aspect of spiritual crisis but also spiritual mastery.
“Ultimately it’s about bridging worlds- being of this world but not of it and taking our visions and dreams and anchoring them into 3d reality. Of course it’s a square so there’s also a need to see what is not working and what is not real so that we can see the shadow, address it and deal with it on its own terms….”
“It’s interesting to note that this lunation has two ruling planets- Saturn, the ancient ruler of Aquarius, and Uranus the contemporary ruler. Both of them are involved in potent square aspects with outer planets and both of them aspect the New Moon!
“This brings two very polarized focuses front on center: how to bridge the mundane world (Saturn) with the spiritual world (Neptune) and how to know when to let go (Uranus) and when to hang on and/or transform something (Pluto).
“These themes are up big time this year and they are encoded in the New Moon chart- so contemplating where you are on the spectrum of both and what you need to do to find greater balance and the perfect middle point for YOU (not for anyone else, but for you) is key.”
“…This powerful New Moon can initiate many things- and it up to us to set our intentions and choose the direction we want to head into. New Moons are like seeds, they need to be planted and fertilized and tended to with care.
“The potential inherent in a New Moon is not fully made manifest if we do nothing with it– or if we start to do something with it and then we do not follow through.
“So take time during the days before this New Moon, during the dark Moon, to get clear about what you are ready to release and what you are ready to call in and what you are ready, willing and able to do about it!
“The realizations possible at this New Moon and the things set into motion during the upcoming lunar cycle are huge. But they will only be revealed in their fullness to ‘one who has emerged successfully from his/her metamorphosis’.
“So don’t stay stuck in the birth canal! Come out to the Light to be reborn!”
© Copyright 2015 ~DIVINE HARMONY. All Rights Reserved
From the insightful LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology:
“The New Moon sits on the midpoint between Uranus and Pluto….Neptune is widely conjunct the New Moon, like a hazy veil over an already murky mix of planets and to top it all off, the New Moon is conjunct Nessus…”
“Nessus…can show where we want something so desperately, we are willing to go against all rational. He can indicate something that we feel was taken from us and also where we seek to reclaim what was lost.
“Melanie Reinhart suggests the key phrase ‘the buck stops here’. What this means is that there’s no one left to blame, no one else to take responsibility. The blessing and the curse is that the power lies in your hands…”
“…This Moon reminds us that the line between one sign and another, the line between one person and another, is a man made concept. Clearly, there is no division.
“Yet here, as Aquarius takes its last gasp of breath, its energy becomes more animated. The last degree of any sign is where the energy is unstable, caught in the last burst of light before the end, it displays itself in all its glory.
“The danger with this Moon is that there can be a tendency to dig your heels in. Maybe you are locked in a dispute with another or maybe it’s an internal battle. Maybe you want to wildly rebel or make a point just to prove you are you and they, who ‘they’ are, have no power over you.
“But the square to Saturn reminds you that these are growing pains – like the emotional displays of a teenager as they slip from child to adult. It’s all about perspective.
“As I write, I get a flash of one of those amazing 3D pavement drawings. Seen from one angle, it may seem like you’re about to fall into a giant crevasse or you’re walking on a type rope. From a completely different angle, it’s just a flat drawing, no danger, no fear.
“With squares and semi-squares and an Aquarius edge, it’s all about the angles. It’s the way you look at things. As you get older, your perspective changes. Over time you hear different opinions, read different things, gather new information. Maybe flashes of insight change your thinking.
“This Moon challenges you to find the blurred lines in your own life. It asks you to look at where you point the finger, where you blame, where you deny your own power, where you project it onto someone or something else.
“This Moon, offers you the chance to grow, to change, to express your own personal power with grace.”
© Copyright 2015 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE. All Rights Reserved
From the wonderful CATHY PAGANO from her Wisdom of Astrology:
“This Aquarius/Pisces energy combines our Collective Mind and Heart, helping us slip into Pisces’ unified field of Love and Compassion. 
“Neptune, Chiron, Venus and Mars are also in Pisces, opening the veils between multiple realms of consciousness.  We need a strong sense of our Soul to contain all these possibilities.
“If we are going to emerge into a new reality, it is a reality where we recognize we are all one; we are one with the Earth and all of Nature, we are one with the Cosmos and we are one with the Quantum Field of Light.  We are Light beings, and we have to start living in that knowledge. 
“Our psychological childhood is over.  It’s time to take our place as adults, not only on the world stage but on the cosmic stage as well.
“The Sabian Symbol for the Sun and Moon at 30* Aquarius reiterates this theme.
‘Deeply rooted in the past of a very ancient culture, a spiritual brother/sisterhood in which many individual minds are merged into the glowing light of a unanimous consciousness is revealed to one who has emerged successfully from his/her metamorphosis.’
“This image speaks to a multiplicity of individuals with a unity of consciousness.  In this state of consciousness, we are called upon to inhabit the totally of our Being. 
“We have to step into our wholeness to achieve our life’s purpose.  The world needs us.  And our souls long to live out our destiny.
“The New Moon occurs at the mid-point of the Uranus/Pluto square…It unites these two archetypal energies and offers us the opportunity to bring them together within our own psyches.
“…The ideals and ideas of our future world depend on each of us holding the vision, opening to Earth’s wisdom and being courageous enough to act.…”
“Mars goes into Aries on February 19 and Venus follows him on February 20 and they meet up with each other on February 21-22. This is the Hieros Gamos, the Sacred Marriage in the heavens.  You can see both of these planets in the western sky each night.  Good out and look.
“This begins a new cycle between Venus and Mars, the feminine and masculine energies of life.  How will we manifest them in our own lives?  Can we let go of old pain, twisted attitudes and inequality between these energies and between men and women?  Isn’t it time to bring them into healing and balance?”
“…Our vision and purpose can no longer be one-sided.  Whether within or without, we have to integrate and balance these energies.”
 © Copyright 2015 ~CATHY LYNN PAGANO. All Rights Reserved
Love and Blessings to all on this potent and activating NEW MOON and HAPPY NEW YEAR OF THE WOOD SHEEP!


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