Now it’s time to spread our wings~~~ Hopefully we have integrated and considered the possibilities and are beginning to gleam some clarity, or at least starting to feel a more definite yes~ in the instinctual center.
Here are some leading edge Astral Insights from the one and only Robert Wilkinson and his Aquarius Papers:
“Mercury goes direct in motion November 10, 1:12 pm PST, 4:12 pm EST, 9:12 pm Greenwich, and speeds up for the next 10 weeks. This shows a quickening of the ability to coordinate, put things together, understand the whole and the parts, the process and the larger cycles…”
“Mercury, or Hermes, ‘the Guide of Souls,’ is also known as the Divine Trickster, as well as all lesser models. What does Mercury going stationary direct at 3 Scorpio hold for us? Perhaps it would be useful to take a look back on what the last Mercury direct station brought us since July.”
“You will recall that the last time Mercury went stationary direct, it was at 14 Cancer, exactly on the Star Sirius. As Sirius is the ‘Sun of our Sun,’ we all got signals via Mercury about what this source of ALL the Wisdom Traditions on Earth held for us over the past few months. We all had opportunities to know timeless Truths and a greater Ageless Wisdom in ways appropriate to our lives.
“As I gave you then, here are some keywords and concepts from Dane Rudhyar and Marc Jones: ‘Fearlessness; and noble, self-perpetuating strength arising from knowledge” as well as ‘Courage in the facing of spiritual problem’” and ‘Fulfillment in transcending and changeless wisdom.’
“And it would seem that those who have meditated ‘on the changeless and spiritual reality at the very core of all experiences’ have attained some form of ‘supreme and age-old wisdom’ and ‘a way beyond appearances and toward permanence in truth.’
“Pay attention, since from now through February the lower mind (Mercury) can intuitively ‘know’ what’s coming in February, March, and July 2014. Over the next 3 months, we can find new ways of using magnetism and cooperation to open to yet an even vaster feeling-field in February, when Mercury goes stationary retrograde at 4 Pisces conjunct Neptune. We can use the next 3 months to continue to eliminate and regenerate what we need in order to come to a new way of connecting and communing with others.”
“It also indicates going deeper into the feeling-knowing that was awakened during the radical shift humanity went through last Winter Solstice. This feeling-knowing was stabilized for good or ill this past Summer, and will expand for quite a few months to come before yielding to the fiery inspiration coming when Jupiter enters Leo in July 2014. For now, keep learning about how to feel your knowing through knowing your feelings, and try to achieve fluidity in balancing your hemispheres.
“Just as we’ve had opportunities to practice Mercury’s function of being ‘the Guide of Souls’ using the qualities of 14 Cancer to weave together the higher and lower realizations we’ve awakened to since 2003, we now have the opportunity to be guided to our Soul using the qualities of 3 Scorpio. Again, how we use those realizations to coordinate those into our lives over the next 4 months will show us our way to a deeper connection to our Higher Self and others over the next few weeks.
“In any case, we should all start seeing, hearing, and understanding things that point the way to some Mercurial technique of how we have been and continue to be guided to our Soul. Given that it falls at 3 Scorpio, it shows us some way to find connectedness on inner and outer levels that can make us more focused, dedicated, cooperative, and intent on transcending old forms.
“We are told the symbol is ‘A house-raising’” According to Rudhyar’s notes from the Marc Jones class, this degree is one of ‘The constructive sharing of experience which builds social values’ ‘interchange of efforts,’ and “necessity to learn cooperation.
“In ‘The Astrological Mandala’ he states the keynote is ‘the feeling of community demonstrated in a basic joint effort.’ He notes that in the American west, people got together to help build each other’s houses in ‘a collective, friendly enterprise,’ where ‘the sense of togetherness and participation in a common enterprise was developed by such collective work.’
“He says this degree is a degree where ‘feeling becomes activity,’ and ‘the past and its memories are repolarized in terms of expanded social consciousness.’ Here cooperation leads to a new sense of reality. He states this degree is in the Span of Retention, and it’s the third degree of the actional level of the Scene of Communion in the Act of Group Integration.
“Marc Jones says 3 Scorpio is a symbol of ‘the indomitable outreaching of the human spirit’ as it cooperates in ‘everyday living’ and of our ‘realization of (our) own inherent divinity’ as we seek fulfillment with others. He says ‘there is a joy in common enterprise which strengthens (our) efforts for personal gain, and also a sense of well-being in the sure dependence (we) may place on family and neighbors whenever an emergency arises.”
“He offers us the keyword HELPFULNESS. He goes on to state that when this degree is operating in a positive manner, it is ‘an exceptional power of accomplishment through a consistent success in winning the good will and enlisting the services of others.’
“… Mercury in Scorpio and Mars in Virgo place these two planets in mutual reception. This represents a very powerful and dynamic ‘closed energy loop’ situation that will ultimately bless us to accept deeper and more practical ways of doing our Being as we learn how to be cooperative builders confronting unused powers and self-awareness.
“As noted, by November 27, Mercury will move out of its shadow span and enter its next ‘unknown zones’ where the themes of this retrograde will be played out in forward motion. So for the next three weeks, expect some very productive intersections of past and future, with a promise of a more focused effectiveness in exercises where we build with others.
“This is a reorienting and grounding time, where we prepare for the new openings that will naturally arise after we complete old business indicated by Venus in Capricorn leading the pack of inner planets.
“We’ve now had opportunities to reshape our feelings and how we respond to others’ feelings, our desires and how we deal with loss and shared power and resources. We’ve all gotten a new look at these, giving us the chance to eliminate all that separates us from those we are supposed to be working and playing with.
“Some have gotten glimpses or reviews about deaths and losses from earlier days, and can now see how those voids challenged them to pull out of negative feelings and find a deeper, broader, and more timeless spiritual view about death and loss. It’s definitely been a time of getting a review of what we do and do not want, or what we need to attract to fill some void left over from the past.
“After this we will all be able to feel more connected with the work we’re here to do with our wider spiritual family. So now that we’ve done our rehearsals, reviews, revisions, and/or research on how we can coordinate the parts of this emerging process during the past 3 weeks, it’s again time to get it on!
Here we face the future, and do what we must to weave elements of that future into our current life and affairs. We continue to eliminate attitudes and interpretations no longer appropriate to our emerging process, and can see the interconnectedness of life as we find our unique place to doing our Being in a vaster field of activity.
We now begin to ride the edge of extremely dynamic change, finding new forms of feeling connected to the new life archetypes we’ve been living…
Mercury direct will open many views and perspectives over the next 3 months, and the insights we receive and weaving we do in that period will lead us to a natural and powerful new compassion or understanding of the collective consciousness by February 2014. By then we will have crystallized a new humanitarianism, new forms of personality integration, and know how we have grown emotionally so we can navigate the flow of things, regardless of how fogged or deceptive they seem to be.”
“…On the whole this retrograde period has been seeing our interconnections, examine what pushes and pulls us, taking a new look at old desires, eliminating some while renewing others, and find a new way of expressing our magnetism..Whether through direct or indirect information or realizations, we’ve also gotten insights, returns, and understanding about things we didn’t know about before the retrograde began.
“So as Mercury now goes direct in motion, open up and be receptive to higher awareness, higher knowledge, and a greater faith in your ability to know in ways you’ve never known before. We are now solidly in a time of learning deeper experiential methods of weaving things together, and a deeper dedication toward integrating personality within a deeper Soul response.
“As the Water Trines are front and center, keep purifying, eliminating, and regenerating your mind and ability to focus without distractions getting in the way.
Accept a new identity is already being made manifest, so go with the flow, learn all you can about harmonious ways to understand and express feelings, and get ready for an acceleration in the pace of a new life adventure that’s already prepared for you.
“We’ve just been through a grounding and mobilizing period where we can understand even more about the emotional intelligence we’ve been developing since June, where many things have been reviewed to see what we can and cannot attract, and how to let go so that we can clean out whatever needs elimination.
“We’ve also seen what needs to be regenerated to bring forth the higher awareness we’re already receiving, with more realizations to come over the next few weeks. We’ve now reoriented in fundamental ways, and can now move forward on the basis of the insights we’ve gained these past several weeks.
“Things related to Mercury will speed up considerably for the next three months, so flow with the greater Truths and Life that’s been revealed and will continue to be revealed over the next weeks and months. We’re now at a threshold state, where we may get new insights into old things, new ways of seeing how to flow out of stuck situations into finding exactly what we need, and new ways of remembering old power to be applied in new forms.”
“From here we move forward into a clearer, more exciting future! Revolutionary things are in the air, so concentrate to see the bigger picture. We’re in process of seeing events of the past from a higher symbolic angle that show us a new identity has been crafted, and we can now feel more connected and see more clearly what that is and how we can live it wholeheartedly.”
 © Copyright 2013 Robert Wilkinson
Yes, yes, YES~~~
Blessings to all~