Hallelujah Mercury has gone direct. Here is the wonderful ROBERT WILKINSON from his Aquarius Papers with his expertise sharing his wisdom:


“Mercury goes direct in motion at 8:58 pm PDT July 31, 4:58 am BST August 1, and speeds up for the next 10 weeks.

“This shows a quickening of the ability to coordinate, put things together, understand the whole and the parts, the process and the larger cycles.

“It is now stationary at 24 Cancer, affecting that area in our lives for 3 months to come…

Reflect on recent redirection of energies take a new look at what you’re heart’s into, and how to express what you really care about in playful or creative ways.

“Take a new look at how to project a more personally relevant way of caring to your world. All of this involves learning your ‘technique of integration’

“We should all start seeing, hearing, and understanding things that point the way to some Mercurial fulfillment related to how we have been and continue to be guided to our Soul…

“Since it is now direct, if there have been misunderstandings or delays these past 3 weeks, it’s all moving forward from here!

“We can begin to get a lot more accomplished, after a period of slow downs, turnarounds, review, reflection, reworking, undoing, and re-planning.

“We’ve been offered a chance to rethink many things, and take a new look at what our heart’s into in July, and now can move forward knowing we’re taking one last look back before we leap into the future.

“So things should start moving forward anew fairly quickly. Right now, it’s a good time to use the different information, views, and approaches we’ve been examining through the retrograde lens these past several weeks to find a new understanding of what needed work in our inner and outer world.

“Now that we’ve done our rehearsals, reviews, revisions, and/or research on how we can coordinate the parts of this emerging process during the past 3 weeks, it’s again time to get it on!

“Here we face the future, and do what we must to weave elements of that future into our current life and affairs.

“Though there may be a sense of not knowing what direction you’re going, in the immortal words of George Harrison, ‘if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get your there.’

“… see your interrelatedness, integrate your personality so your feelings are more harmonious with your environment and the people you’re finding there, and pay attention to ways to feel more connected.

“The Sun indicates the Light is found by focusing your emotional intensity in creative techniques where ‘the formative power of the Soul’ can shape materials in artistic ways.

“…Heal into your Higher Self through illuminating a side of your personality which allows you power and influence, and be clear about who you are and are not in your social existence.

“Humanity still moves through its long term ordeal, where much in the collective mindset must be ‘crucified’ so that ‘compassion and understanding can rise from the inmost depths of Being.’

“At this time of fiery initiatives and practical experience, continue to keep it focused and organized as you enthusiastically embrace a new heart expression.

“Open to ways to relate to others, overcome any sense of isolation, and realize you MUST integrate your feelings with your mind and your instincts.

“Don’t be uncertain or feel too isolated, since they indicate the need for focus, inspiration, and the willingness to leave the past behind through bold, inspired, playful, or creative action.

“Search for a new way to understand your freedom as a result of what you’ve become aware of, or what you’ve let go of in recent months.

“Flow through the transformational process, and prepare to use powers beyond your current understanding later in the Autumn.

“Inspiration is in the air, even if some won’t have a handle on it until mid-August.

“When you see, know, or understand a new vision or idea, then go deep to feel whatever you need to feel to anchor the inspiration in a concrete and practical way.

“Let your mind lead you to a deeper experience, feeling whatever you need to in order to act with precision and focus in the NOW.

“See what must be done, ‘gather your feeling-medicine,’ and then do what you need to do.”

(“In a final plug as Mercury moves forward in its shadow zone, for those who want to know more about the qualities of Mercury retrograde in all the signs and houses, please consult your copy of the expanded 2nd edition of A New Look at Mercury Retrograde, available on Amazon. It’s a handy reference text for everything you could want to know about Mercury retrograde people and Mercury retrograde in the various signs and houses.”)

© Copyright 2019 ROBERT WILKINSON