Life has been flowing fast and swirling with changes! We begin 2015 thrust into an activation that brings a mixture of both excitement and nervousness, as venture into the new.
Stepping forth into the unknown demands not only our courage and steadfastness, but faith in our being held by the greater Source of Life that guides our evolutionary steps. 
Each of us is being called to rise into our innate power and potential. The key is to trust that we are equipped with the inner resources we need to get through the challenges before us.
Those who have been living on the edge of this evolutionary wave of transformation are emerging into an embodiment of a new frequency that is different than anything we have experienced in the recent past.
As we release the past, and drop the skins of our small selves, we step into a new frequency as individuals and as a collective.
For many, it has been an intense passage of navigating through our shadowlands to get here. We’ve had to face and confront our worst fears or deal with suppressed emotions and painful memories. But the result has made us more resilient and has opened our hearts with new understanding.
We now stand poised on this New Year of 2015, ready to step forth as pioneers of consciousness and ready to activate a new paradigm based on a more expanded understanding of reality and the multi-dimensional universe we inhabit.
The light is beginning to pierce through the cracks of the consensus reality that has keep us blinded to the beauty of Life all around us. We are waking up from the amnesia of a limited existence.
Those that have awakened and those that have experienced “the other side” continue to be witnesses to the reality that our souls move on after our body stops functioning. Consciousness does not die.  Life does not end with death, Life is a continuum.
We are all here on Earth for a relatively short time, and with this precious time, it is our sacred calling to remember, experience, and embody these understandings within ourselves.
As each of us, pioneers of this new consciousness, begins to activate our knowing, we begin to inhabit this new understanding of reality that frees us from the bounds of a mortal life.
As the Christ consciousness within us begins to awaken, we can access freedom in our realization of our eternal nature.
This is how our world will slowly begin shift. As each of us continues to do the work of awakening and self-healing, we heal all our Relations.
When we come together and gather with others who are inhabiting and embodying this new awareness and more loving frequency, we will create fields of resonance.
We must keep casting away the fears that keeps up separate and trust and engage in a more unified field of co-creation. This is what the beginning of the paradigm shift looks like and this is what our task is for 2015.
My friend, intuitive Jane-Ann Thomas, shared some insight with me about 2015 being the year of the Sacred Marriage or Sacred Union. We know that 2013 was the Year of the Feminine, where we each worked with balancing our Feminine natures.  2014 in turn, was called by some to be the Year the of the Sacred Masculine, where we confronted the masculine tendencies within and wrestled to bring them back into balance.
So 2015 is the year of Integration. It is the year of the Sacred Union of the two within. It is the time where we will learn to play with with the integration of both and experience the power of them coming into alignment and harmony. Our evolutionary journey has led us to this point, where now we must bridge together the two within and without and activate the Sacred Balance.
And so this is work before us dear friends. Know that you are not alone on this quest, and know that as you continue to do this work of releasing and opening, you will begin to see with new eyes.
It’s all already here, and you are the miracle that holds it all. Open up to the beauty of your life on Earth, this one sacred moment in this body at this time.
Release and keep opening, and you will see with new eyes the magic that already surrounds you in this world, in this life. 
Keep your heart open and keep your eyes open and see who else is here with you, in the various stages of remembrance.
And so it is.


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