“…you may be carrying the seeds of something that will change your life and the world. Take that seed and bring it into a circle of women, nurture it with wisdom, give it energy, prune what needs pruning, let the tap root go down into the energy field of Mother Earth, to draw from and contribute thought and action into the morphic field, and then take it out into the world to bloom and bear fruit.
“Every single thing in nature belongs to its particular group, with which it shares similarities and yet is unique, with no two of anything alike. Yet each comes into bloom or fruition with the others, in season.
“Some species can stay dormant for long stretches of time, waiting for just the right conditions, and then all at once seeds unconnected to each other directly begin to send tendrils up to the surface. To the unobservant, when they do bloom, it is as if they appeared overnight.
“I think it is analogous to what is happening now. Attention goes to where the action is—on wars and conflicts, on centers of power, on scandals and celebrities. Unnoticed and still very close to the ground, a message is rising into consciousness. It is growing more in some places than others.
“Invisibly linked like communication on the Internet, or like bilocality noted in physics where related particles separated by vast distances move together, or like wellsprings drawing from the same aquifer, women are getting the message:
“Gather the women. Save the world.”
~Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. from Urgent Message from Mother: Gather the Women, Save the World