The wonderful Sarah Varcas from shares her illuminating insights:
“…we are being placed in situations (for each of us the details will be different) in which we have to work out how to be here differently because how we’ve been doing it up to now has not been working so well.
“Many of these situations appear to arise out of nowhere, the kind of thing we can all too readily put down to ‘bad luck’ or a ‘marked card’ in life…We may be only too tempted to feel hard done by, victimised by life, treated unfairly by the gods of chance.
“But in fact the urgency of the Cardinal Cross tells us there’s no time for self-pity and ‘oh poor me’ rhetoric… what and how we currently are is effectively being stored as a prototype for who we become in due course.
We have a window of opportunity throughout the coming week, to effect significant change in ourselves over a short space of time, merely by changing how we act and react in the present. The question is, will we open the window or leave it boarded shut, refusing to embrace the possibility of such radical change?
“I say ‘merely’ but of course, the things we really need to change are usually the bits about ourselves which are the most rigid and intractable; those habits of thought, feeling and behavior that seem to have become the very essence of who we are, even if they repeatedly cause us on-going problems!
“And as problematic as they are, we often identify with them in some way, which makes it even harder to let them go and choose a different way…”
“The week ahead is full of power – raw, creative, cosmic power. It comes not as a gift with no strings attached, but as an opportunity available to those prepared to knuckle down and do the work of deep change.
“For those ready and willing to do things differently, to let go and challenge the most intransigent parts of their nature, this week comes with profound hope and possibility.
“But if we resist thisclarion call we may find ourselves sinking more deeply into our own particular brand of suffering. The choice is ours, even when it doesn’t feel that way, because believing we don’t have a choice about who we are is the biggest lie of all!
“No one can be absolutely anything, but every life has more than one version available. This week is upgrade time, to a version which works better for all concerned, both personally and collectively…. if we choose to make it so.”
 Sarah also says:
We are currently in a time of questions with many seeking answers to the weightiest ones of all: Why are we here? What’s the meaning of life? Why have past efforts not delivered the results I expected? How do I get what I want?!! And, of course, the ultimate question uttered by people throughout the ages: why me?!”
“…Life is exceedingly tough for many people right now, if not physically then emotionally or spiritually, or all three-lly! The Cardinal Cross provides the opportunity for new beginnings, but in order for those beginnings to enable fully present lives, we must be increasingly free of the blocks, obstacles, suppressions, repressions and ‘issues’ which bind us.
“There is currently a massive purging taking place which is shifting these blocks to allow a free flow of life energy at an exponential rate. Think of it as a cosmic enema! It’s not pleasant, it’s very ‘icky’ and extremely undignified. But we need it none the less, because those stubborn blocks will not shift without some pretty powerful encouragement. That’s why they’re still there, so strong, so rigid, so ridiculously familiar and yet so incredibly frustrating.
“And of course, when life is tough we resort to those questions I mentioned earlier, and the answers we come up with may not help one iota if we’re still thinking in terms of life meeting our needs and fulfilling our personal desires. But if we can sink below the question into the silence beneath, we may just begin to sense that life itself is fulfilled through us in every moment, no matter what we’re doing, thinking or feeling.
“We are the fulfilment of life just as we are: living, breathing, thinking and feeling. The purpose of our existence is simply to live and be aware of living, to be conscious of the life force coursing through our veins and to ground it more and more deeply as we remove our inner blocks and gather ourselves into this present moment.
“Ultimately there is no other purpose to being alive than to fully live. The more we can embrace this fact the more deeply we can do so, and as life unfolds within and around us we will know when to act and when to wait, when to speak and when to fall silent, when to stay and when to go…”
“As we each receive the energy of the Cardinal Cross coursing through our veins in the coming days we have a choice how we use it, the questions we want it to answer and the thoughts, feelings and emotions we want it to fuel.
“If we call upon it to fulfil our personal desires, however spiritual they may seem, we may be disappointed. If we call upon it to wake us up and free us up, to know life as it is in all its fullness, we may just experience a deeper resonance than we ever have before, the very heartbeat of the universe, finally welcoming us home.”
© Copyright 2014 ~ Sarah Varcas. All Rights Reserved