FULL MOON and another SuperMoon is here on October 27th in earthy Taurus reminding us to ground ourselves in our connection to Mamma Earth and align ourselves with what we truly love. Her illumination will show us what we need to let go of and what will remain, as we stay true to our hearts and embrace the healing tides.
As I post this I’m celebrating my Solar Return (10/26) and my angels are urging me to share my heart with you…
I truly love being the keeper of this sacred space that is MYSTIC MAMMA, a clear channel for Divine wisdom and the collective energetic news to flow. I am always in service to this work, and from the beginning it was an assignment from Spirit and my personal dharma to use all my faculties to create this space for all to come to. It has grown by word of mouth and now we are a mighty stream of souls tuning in and connecting across our beautiful planet.
We are a force. And little by little we are transforming ourselves and the world around us.  Together we shift and together we shall rise.
Thank you for chasing the Light with me, and thank you for embracing our shadow. In all our imperfection there is wholeness. In our vulnerability there is love.
Deeply grateful to all who tune in and extra heartfelt gratitude to those who have supported in the past and the angels that are monthly supporters! You are helping to uphold a force that is larger than the sum of its parts, that is working in ways that we don’t even know, healing hearts and helping to expand the collective consciousness. 
In all ways, I thank you all, from my heart to yours, in service always~~~
And now (finally!) here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers. First from the always inspired KELLEY ROSANO:
“The Taurus Moon on October 27 is a SuperMoon. This is the third SuperMoon in a row…”
“The Taurus Moon is shining the light on what you love and value…Your power is in the choices you make today. Your future is determined by it.
“Your freedom and joy is in your ability to live authentically and in alignment with your core values. What you love and value is unique to you. It makes you what you are.
“What you are in truth is far more important than what you do. The world defines you by what you do. This is limiting. Who and what you are is much more interesting. This is finding the Gold in You.
“The Sun is in Scorpio. Scorpio governs emotional truth. Scorpio rules what is hidden beneath the surface….It is time to go deep within.
“Be who you really are. This includes embracing your shadow self. The unexpressed aspects of self, which beg for expression…”
“The more you deny your truth. The stronger the shadow side becomes. These aspects are like young orphan children coming home for the first time. Love yourself with arms wide open. This will unlock any blocked energy. Hidden talents and gifts may abide in these orphan aspects of self.
“Embracing your shadow will empower you. You will have more energy when you forgive your imperfections. Do not judge or criticize. Be a conscious observer of what is taking place inside of you.
“Give up your addiction to pain and drama. This is where most people are entangled…Pluto can empower you to regenerate yourself…”
“Clean out the closets of your mind. Purify yourself. This makes you strong. You are mind, body, heart and spirit. Take care of them. It is cleansing time. The Universe is cleansing you.
“Release what no longer serves you…Take charge of your life. Do what is right for you. Listen to your soul. Your soul holds your soul agreements. That is what you have come to do and with whom. What are you attracting?
“Do you like what you are attracting? If not, change yourself. You are your point of attraction. The energy you send out is the results you get back. Change your habits that are not working. Change your behavior. You will change your life for the better…”
“Chiron is opposing Venus at the Full Moon. This brings acute awareness to what needs healing. Love you more than the need for a relationship. Nurture your self-esteem.
“Love is not pain. Love is not something you earn. Love is not something you deserve. Love just is. Love flows to you daily from your mighty I Am Presence. Creator says…’ You are loved.”
© Copyright 2015 ~KELLEY ROSANO. All Rights Reserved
From the wonderful DIVINE HARMONY:
“Full Moons can bring illumination, completion and climax- but they can also bring crisis points and hidden things to Light that we were intentionally not looking at or wanting to address.
“With the Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio we have the Full Moon in the signs of form and trans-form-ation.
“Taurus is all about the embodied, material aspects of life- what we own, possess, have and hold. Scorpio- on the other hand- is about letting things go, dying to be reborn and transforming matter into something else.
“This Full Moon can have us looking very deeply at what we are holding onto and what we need to let go of…
“This Full Moon challenges us to look at where or what we are holding- inside of us or in regards to people/places/things- so that we can get clear on what needs to be let go and given back to Source so we can move on in life.
“The Full Moon activates the approaching Saturn/Neptune square- as the Moon makes a tense aspect to Saturn (quincunx) and a harmonious one to Neptune (sextile). Saturn square Neptune brings a push/pull dynamic between the material world and the spiritual world, between 3d reality and transcendence….”
“…Ultimately we want to find a balance between doing what we need to do in life and being aware of our actions and how they impact others.
“All the planetary energy piled up in Virgo right now is a call to humble ourselves, be of service, make necessary self adjustments within ourselves that will positively impact our outer relationships, and start new cycles in relationship- within and without- that are based on integrity, humility, health and wholeness from within.
“Yet the Full Moon is tensely aspecting these Virgo bodies- so there can be a distinct friction playing about between our desires that we want satiated and the call of our Higher Self that realizes some of what we think we want or need is actually coming from the ego.
“Again- we are challenged to reflect on what to hold onto and what to let go of so that we can truly clean house emotionally, physically and otherwise which will create space for the new cycle that is being seeded to come in.
“Because Venus is not only the ruler of this Full Moon but also of the entire Moon cycle (she rules Libra- the sign of the New Moon on October 12th and Taurus- the sign of the Full Moon)- it’s important that we look at what is going on with her in the Full Moon chart…”
“At the time of the Full Moon Venus is still in Virgo and she is exactly opposite the Wounded Healer Chiron (the opposition is exact at 7:07am). Venus opposite Chiron shines a Light on all our old wounds and pain around being loved, being accepted, being valued and more.
“This Full Moon can bring up some deep stuff around self-worth and self-Love which is actually the root issue when it comes to feeling loved or valued by others. If we do not love, value, honor and respect ourselves- then we will attract people who mirror this back to us.
“If we do love, value, honor and respect ourselves- then we will attract people who mirror this back to us. When one comes from a place of deep self-Love- it emanates out and becomes a magnetic force of attraction in our lives.
“This is not to say that we will never find ourselves confronted with a person or situation who does not value or honor us- it is to say that when/if we do our deep sense of self-Love would have us immediately turn around and walk away.
“Venus aligned with Mars and Jupiter in the Full Moon chart brings a strong dose of energy for loving ourselves and acting from this place!
“With all three bodies in Virgo there’s also a great energy building for cleansing, reorganizing and/or healing certain areas of our lives…”
“Opportunities to embrace and even create healing shifts, changes and transformation in our personal life, relationships, finances, values and self-worth are present right now!
“Yet with Chiron opposite all the Virgo planets- the key to healing lies in going into our pain and wounds from the past, not running away from them.
“We have to feel what we want to heal. We have to clearly see and understand our past and our part in creating it before we can become fully conscious of how we want to move forward and onward in life without repeating the past.”
© Copyright 2015 ~DIVINE HARMONY. All Rights Reserved
From the insightful CATHY PAGANO from her Wisdom of Astrology:
On November 2, 2015 the planets Venus and Mars will come together in the morning sky for the 3rd time this year, under the blessings of Jupiter, the spiritual and moral energies of life…”
“You can see these beautiful heavenly lights if you get up before dawn and look to the eastern morning sky. Venus is the brightest star.
“The energies of Venus, the archetype of the Divine Feminine and Mars, the archetype of the Divine Masculine, have been renewed this year. Women have been getting in touch with the Divine Feminine since the 70s and we are definitely coming into our power.
“We are developing our self-worth and self-confidence, standing up for our principles and letting our true feminine nature out! Women everywhere are incarnating the Divine Feminine energies of life.
“This past Libra New Moon and this upcoming Taurus Full Moon are both ‘ruled’ by Venus…Venus is the energy of connection, the attraction of Love, the knowing of another.
“These renewed energies challenge us to change the way we engage our feminine energies in our personal relationships…”
“This Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon asks: how do we keep our own standpoint while being kind and cooperative to our partners?
“How do we integrate the Pluto/Uranus call to awaken and take part in changing our world with our emotional partnerships? And how do we bring a sense of the possible to all our relationships?
“The Sun in early Scorpio is in muddy waters. There are lots of emotions regarding intimacy and partnership swirling around in this fixed Scorpio psyche. Mostly negative emotions. Because Scorpio knows the pain of betrayal from their pasts.
‘They constantly struggle with darker emotions, feelings of betrayal and terror, anger and shame, inadequacy and abandonment. Their biggest issue in relationships is often trust…”
“Scorpio is all about intimacy—it is a water sign after all! This is sharing on such a deep emotional and spiritual level it makes it even more shattering if trust is broken.
“Hopefully, during Saturn’s transit through Scorpio over the past 3 years, we’ve had to forgive and release lots of old emotional baggage that no longer serves us.
“So this Full Moon might mark a change in our relationships as we choose a different response and see our partners differently.
“The early Taurus Moon reflects back those unacknowledged feelings through a lens of values, which is one of the ways Taurus measures life. Our values form our foundations and Taurus loves to build strong foundations.
“Do you know what values you build your life on? What values center you? Courtesy and kindness, integrity and strength, honor and mercy, truth and courage, love and beauty, etc.
“These are the Taurus Moon’s gift to Scorpio’s emotional needs—they can be meet when we actually live our values. Loyalty and truth can build trust and heal betrayal.
At this Taurus Full Moon, the Scorpio Sun wants to know the truth. What do you value in life, in relationship, for yourself? Can I count on you to protect and guard my boundaries while I respect and protect yours? Can I count on you not to betray me?
“Truth speaking is the order of the day, as Saturn in Sagittarius nudges this Taurus Full Moon into taking a stand. But it’s all in the delivery. Kindness and understanding go a long way in healing old relationship patterns.”
© Copyright 2015 ~CATHY PAGANO. All Rights Reserved
FULL MOON Blessings to all of our hearts~~~
with LOVE~


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