Another SuperMoon, the third this year, is on July 22nd in the sign of Aquarius! Here is the MYSTIC MAMMA round-up from the most inspired readers of the planetary bodies…
First from the always inspiring Kelly Rosano:
“On July 22 the sun has just entered the sign of Leo at the Aquarius Full Moon. The cosmic message is that you are the King or Queen of your destiny. You are to be strong.”
Use your creative power and shine your light. The Moon has just entered Aquarius. This suggests that our alliances and goals are in a promising phase. We are at an early stage on the Full Moon.”
“Leo is the Star. Aquarius is the theater crew. Aquarius is the team, the group and the tribe we belong. You need both Leo (Self) and Aquarius (other people) to be successful. Leo rules creative self-expression.”
“The Aquarius Full Moon shines the light on your hopes, wishes, dreams and goals. It holds the promise of our shared vision for the New Earth. We are creating the New Earth. Aquarius is the New Age of enlightenment dawning. Everyone is a Star in the New Earth Energy. You are to shine your light. Be creative…”
“The Sun and Moon are ready to be creative, free and celebrated. However, Saturn reveals the chinks in your ego structure. These are your blinds spots. The things you do that are not productive. For instance, are you focusing too much time, energy and resources into a dead end job, relationship and/or project?”
“Saturn is the great teacher and tester. Saturn is interested in your ROI (return on investment.) The universe works in a figure eight flow. This is a balance of giving and receiving.  When we are not receiving as much as we are giving, we are in a karmic relationship. We are not using our resources wisely. Saturn will show us our folly.”
  • What are you receiving back from your relationships?
  • What keeps happening that is stopping your progress?
  • What is the source of the block?
  • Is it fear or the wrong goal?
  • Do you have performance anxiety?
  • Are there unmet needs?
  • Are you afraid of moving into a new area?
  • Who or what seems to be getting in your way?
Saturn will reveal to you where you are tolerating limiting conditions. This is how we give our power away. There can be too much devotion to restrictive relationships, jobs and situations. Extreme dependency on other people can be turned around by increasing your self-sufficiency. For instance, some people can use relationships to avoid the work they need to be doing within Self. “
We need to heal and get our needs met.  In order to be with a soul mate, we need to merge with our own soul-self. This is your inner child. This is your authentic nature. This is your real essence. Saturn is saying, ‘Release distractions, narrow your focus and hone in your specific goals...'”
“Hours before the Aquarius Full Moon Mars and Jupiter are coupled in Cancer.   The dynamic duo is making a magical rare Grand Water Trine with Saturn and Neptune. This potent energy can fuel your courage, enthusiasm and confidence. You may feel ready to make bold moves. Mars and Jupiter are the wind beneath your wings. You may be ready to fly. You feel that you can overcome all obstacles. You can make your dreams come true.”
“The Aquarius full moon reminds us that life is more fun when we do it together.The Aquarius Full Moon is the third of three SuperMoons in a row. This is where the Moon is closest to the Earth and in direct alignment with the Sun and Earth. Balance is the key to our success. We are to be balanced in our logic/intuition, male/female energy and in our action/rest periods. How are you taking care of you?”
“Mercury is direct. Saturn is direct. This is a new starting point. Let’s get off to a good start. Use your creative power and shine your light. Be a Way-Shower. Be a Light-House. Who have you come to be? Your soul holds the key.”
 © Copyright 2013 ~Kelly Rosano  All Rights Reserved
From the insightful Pat Liles from
“As the powerful Sun steps into its own sign of Leo Monday morning, we have Full Moon within hours at the very earliest degree of Leo/Aquarius.”
“Leo holds our radiant core self, our divine essence that shines from our heart as we give over to joyful self expression, at our best when improvising in a dramatic, colorful way. Our inner Leo loves to be seen and applauded.”
“Aquarius, on the other hand, moves us into the mental objectivity of an air sign, where we become compelled by higher ideals of equality, freedom and cooperating for the good of all. The needs of the collective take on more importance than personal, individual expression. Being true to our authentic self takes precedent over fitting in, so the inner rebel or outsider is often spawned.”
“At Full Moon the Grand Trine in Water signs is still operative just past its peak on July 17-19 with Mars now in early Cancer adding just the thrust of action needed to manifest in the right place, at the right time with everything we need.”
Really focus when things are working out just as you had hoped – even in the smallest way – despite some unexpected challenges.
Pluto and Uranus continue in their (endless) square relationship adding underlying tension to the aspects of our lives that embody the ease, sweetness and flow of the Grand Trine…”
“Mars is showing his kinder, warrior nature as he travels with Jupiter and mingles with the water nymphs in the Grand Trine, but he just can’t resist stirring up a little conflict the last days of July as he forms a volatile T-square opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus. This is a recipe for tension and conflict especially focused on the rigid collective structures not responsive to the people’s needs…”
“We are looking to balance our outer world accomplishments with our inner feminine knowingness that connects us all with the great mysteries of life. We are learning to bring our artistic self out into the world for full expression.”
“Both are in a stressful relationship with the Full Aquarian Moon creating a Finger of God formation. Adjustments will be necessary. Is it intimacy vs. creative expression? Can you bring a balance into your inner and outer worlds? Step over doubt and use your deep pool of intuition to access your source of sexual/creative energies and rejoice in their full expression.” 
© Copyright 2013 ~Pat Liles All Rights Reserved
From the insightful  Sarah Varcas from her
“In an attempt to clear the air ready for this lunar event, the current Full Moon brings us a veritable energy blast, filled with the electrical power of its ruler Uranus who is now moving retrograde in Aries.
“This is not the most comfortable of Moons. There’s some irritation here and a building inner pressure which may cause us to feel what I can only describe as compressed. Think of the pressure within an aerosol can and this’ll give you an idea of the energies around us right now. We want to break out and be free, explode into life, but instead we have to squeeze ourselves through this little nozzle to get into open air. And we all know what damage aerosols can do…”
“The good thing is this pressure has a powerfully creative element to it if we allow it expression rather than seek only to confine it. If we feel it building inside us this is a sure sign that something needs to be acknowledged and expressed, no matter how much we may prefer that it politely go away.”
“This Moon helps us with this expression if we’ll let her, and if we won’t she’ll just call upon Uranus to do it for us anyway, so far better we step up to the plate and take responsibility for our own personal decompression chamber and begin to release some of it bit by bit.”
“It may be anger, frustration, impatience, jealousy, despair… so many emotions we’d rather not have and yet which seem to take up so much energy when they come upon us.”
“This Moon is triggering them now, not to torture us with our inner demons but to show us how their compressed energy inside of us is just about ready to explode. There’s nowhere left for it to go except outward.”
“It will tolerate forced containment no more, which is why we need to stay alert to our feelings and behavior at this Full Moon, not allowing the polarisation of blame and attack, judgement and conflict.”
“Instead we are all united in a process of decompression during which we can breathe out fully and allow all this pressured, built up energy inside us to gradually release. We may need to do something physical to assist with it: walking, dancing, running…”
“We may need to act it out, write it out, sing it out. Whatever’s necessary to release the energy we must be prepared to do with awareness and the intention that its expression contribute to the highest good of us all.”
“To be honest, this is a bit of a test. Here we have an opportunity to show just how far we’ve come in managing the powerful energies that build inside…”
“So this Full Moon is all about energy and what we do with it, how we express it… So yes, a pressurised Moon for sure, but one that’s ready to reveal just how creative we can be with the energy inside if we’ll only own up to it in the first place!” 
© Copyright 2013 ~Sarah Varcas All Rights Reserved
From the wonderful Robert Wilkinson  from his Aquarius Papers:
“This Full Moon at 1 Leo-Aquarius is fixed, stabilizing, challenging, gifting, and moves a lot of life forward very quickly!”
“…This consolidating, freeing, combustive, and visionary Full Moon that will pull us in many different (and sometimes conflicted) directions falls at the 1st degree of Leo and Aquarius.”
“This Lunation, helping us simplify and stabilize integrated forms of releasing creative power in social ways, occurs July 22 at 11:15 am PDT, 2:15 pm EDT, and 7:15 pm Greenwich (BST).”
“An overview of this period ruled by this Full Moon shows it will illuminate our ability to be spontaneous and ‘combustive’ in our expression, given form through our ability to see a greater vision, a greater work, a greater group contribution, or a larger form of world service…”
“This Lunation is extremely high on inspiration, offering us all unique interactive gifts, with a lot of focus on feelings and how they influence thinking. This will be an enormously productive Full Moon, and Venus at 1 Virgo sets the Great Sextile into motion..”
“This Full Moon generates enormous spontaneity and combustive power. Search for a broader vision, a greater contribution to make to the future benefit of others.”
“As this opposition makes a very powerful T-square with Saturn, you can bet that a) whatever spontaneously comes forth will be quite natural, and b) many will have ‘to discard the past,’ or at least ‘stand at the grave’ of something gone so that it opens the door to a life renewal…”
“The series of Grand Water Trines that began in early June have helped all of us find appropriate emotional vehicles to navigate this time of tremendous feelings. Once we find the right ’emotional intelligence,’ then the more we care, the more we become sensitive to, the easier the flow through the crosscurrents indicated by Uranus square Pluto.”
“We cannot avoid the crosscurrents, but we do not have to feel helpless in navigating them. Again, we are learning to trust the process.”
“This Full Moon shows us a new stability, a new way of understanding time and what it takes to create something lasting…”
“There is a potential for an extraordinarily productive time for those who have learned how to flow and not ‘push the river’” Here we can move in new directions that may be challenging, but help our personality to grow into a greater Soul awareness and strength….”
“So prepare for an intense period of major choices, though if you know the flow you’ll feel what needs to be done and be able to address it on multiple levels. Things may not make much sense, but they don’t have to. Just remember we’re ALL turning huge corners, so get a clear vision, find the information you need, make your decisions, and follow the flow of your feelings into new ways of living.”
© Copyright 2013 Robert Wilkinson
And now we know, and together we set forth into the flow of expansion….
FULL MOON Blessings!