“And so the time comes when all the people of the earth
can bring their gifts to the fire
and look into each other’s faces
Breathe deep
Feel the sacred well that is your own breath, and look 
look at that circle
See us come from every direction
from the four quarters of the earth
See the lines that stretch to the horizon
the procession, the gifts borne
see us feed the fire
Feel the earth’s life renewed
And the circle is complete again
and the medicine wheel is formed anew
and the knowledge within each one of us
made whole
Feel the great turning, feel the change
the new life runs through your blood like fire
and all of nature rises with it
greening, burgeoning, bursting into a flower
All that mighty rising
Hear the earth sing
of her own loveliness
her hillock lands, her valleys
her furrows well-watered
her untamed wild places
She rises in you
as you in her
Your voice becomes her voice
Your dance is her dance
of the circling stars
and the ever-renewing flame
As your labor has become her labor
Out of the bone, ash
Out of the pain, the swelling
Out of the swelling, the opening
Out of the opening, the labor
Out of the labor, the birth
Out of the birth, the turning wheel
the turning tide”
~Starhawk from Truth or Dare: Encounters with Power, Authority, and Mystery