“…I am the seed dropped by your hand into the field, breaking through my pod and leaving my sapling leaves before the face of Grandfather Sun. I shall grow into a mighty tree, my roots in the heart of my sacred Mother, Esonkhsendeh and my branches high in celebration of my sacred Father, Yusn.”
“”Chajala Naka, healing Snake of the South, I am devoted child whispering into the ear of my inner self.  I exercise my power to act and feel the fullness of my being. Life is the sacred incarnation of a smile…”
“Chajala Dolee’ atee, healing Little Ones of the Northwest, peace is my duty and the Sacred Changing Mother the land of my patriotism. Harmony is everywhere. I celebrate it. I trust the present. I trust the future. Life that is lived in any other manner is an illusion created from fear.”
“Chajala Tuma, healing Buffalo of the North, I have a yearning for my beautiful Relations. I do not turn my back on Joy. I am glad for all life’s experiences. The panorama inspires me fully…”
“Chajala Esonkhsendeh, healing Changing Mother, I laugh with the world and heal. I fear not failure or success. I experience neither alone; both are stepping stones on life’s journey. This time in history calls for the nobility of the spirit, while dysfunction is disclosed for healing.”
“Chajala Pinu’ u, healing Higher Power of I am I, I am peace. I appreciate the design of my life. I draw myself close to the moment. Laughter softens the feelings, and joy heals the heart.”
~Maria Yraceburu from Prayers and Meditations of the Quero Apache