“You stand at the threshold of a grand adventure. And the extend to which you are able to experience the fullness of that journey is determined by the extend to which you are able to let go of the scenarios that no longer serve you.”
“You have noticed, with rare exception, that the circumstances of your life are unraveling at an unprecedented pace. You have begun to question what is happening, as the structure of your life as you know it begins to crumble. You look around you for explanations. And you probe your own circumstances for clues that would justify the destruction of the familiar. At first, you may resist the impetus to dematerialize what has been the foundation of your reality. In time, you will come to recognize the inevitability of the momentum that guides you. For, the momentum is unyielding, carrying you in a direction that is new, yet feels comfortable and familiar.”
“As you begin to release the constrains that bind you to circumstances you have outgrown, you will discover that the direction of choice is found on a road that you must travel alone.”
“As you gather the fragments of the structure that crumbles around you, and you cease trying to ‘make sense of it,’ you will come to embrace the peace of knowing, that the struggle is, at last, coming to an end. And you will experience a sense of sweet detachment from what was and an openness to what is yet to be.”
~Rasha from Oneness