Around and round we go. Day meets night, night meets day in equal balance on the *EQUINOX* September 22nd 2016 at 7:21 AM PDT / 3:21 PM GMT/ SEPT 23rd 12:21 AM AEST.
Within this alchemical magic lies the mystery… and the key to Life’s paradox and chiaroscuro dance.
Like our ancestors before us, it will always do us good to stop and celebrate these points in time, these pivotal changes in our seasons.
Whether we are in the Northern Hemisphere welcoming the darkening nights, or in the Southern Hemisphere moving into the lighter days, we are all a part of it.
No matter where our place is on the wheel of Life, we are connected by our existence and our experience of living together on this planet we call Home.
Let’s pray for peace.
Let’s pray that our connection to our sacred Earth be rediscovered and honored.
Let’s pray to have the humility to change our ways, the vision to forge a new path ahead and the strength to persevere against all odds.
We are living in times of great transformation and change. In this flux of the great turning, we must be active members on team Earth.
We each have a unique role to play and contribution we can make to the whole. And that begins locally with our loved ones, our community and how we operate and contribute to the wellbeing of all. We need each other! Together we can do this, and shift our paradigm into a more conscious expression of the *Real*
The always wise Lena Stevens from The Power Path.com shares:  
“This Equinox is a big one as it comes on the heels of the eclipse time and marks the completion of some very potent astrological aspects. It is good to prepare and acknowledge it in some way. Gather your community, collaborate on a project, honor the harvest.
“The focus here should be on abundance as a natural state of being. One of the greatest lessons of these times is to shift our consciousness from one of lack to one of abundance.
“There is huge karmic completion taking place that is freeing us from the collective cycle of polarization and moving us closer to the experience of abundance for all.
“After all, the earth, the sky, and the realm of spirit are all unconditionally and eternally abundant.
“Honor abundance in some way through ritual or ceremony. Acknowledge the gift of who you are and celebrate a new truth.”
© Copyright 2016 ~Lena Stevens All Rights Reserved
Abundant blessings of LOVE to us all!



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