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Crossing over the EQUINOX threshold, we are feeling the evolutionary shifts…
No matter what our coordinates (southern/northern hems), we can feel the momentum pushing us forward in the direction of what will bring more equanimity and equality to what is rising for us right now.
This is a shift into newness, an emergence.
The day after the EQUINOX, the SUN and MOON meet at the first degree of Aries, known as the “zero point” on the astrological wheel, and we open into a new cycle, a new season, a new year, a new moon…
In ARIES, our primordial Self, our Soul essence, is willed into Being.
We as our cosmic selves, are busting through the past, shedding the accoutrements that once contained us…


there is strength

in showing up

as we are


heart open wide

we don’t have to hide


we can be in this world

as we want to be


as we experience

ourselves within

this great vast universe

that is alive and communicative

and sentient


and if we listen we can hear

all of the angels singing

speaking to us

in the language

in the signs

that we can understand


we move in BEINGness

in each moment


NOWness unfolding


our sensory receptors

open wide


tuning in to receive more

of all of this connectivity


not bound by time nor place nor situation

only by our own perception


so we meet within our meditations

and in the expanse our souls dance


this is a new becoming


this is a little sprout

rising through the cold

feeling activated by the light

that feeds its growth


this is the poetry

of our hearts

in motion


we carry all of the depths within us


and here we are


in it


it all


know that we are multitudes

of many shapes and many colors


each a star in a sea of constellations

each a grounding rod of cosmic Soul


blasting through our outmoded

3rd blueprint of Reality


for multidimensionality

is the new frontier


and we are pioneers

of consciousness







All of our LOVE
to all our relations
in all the directions~