On September 5th we enter the 6th DAY of the 9th Wave in the Mayan Calendar. I wrote a breakdown for you, when we entered the 5th Day, to open that page click here.
Otherwise, as you might already know the Mayan calendar consists of mapping out how the collective consciousness of humanity would evolve. It was envisioned in pyramid form. Here is a chart which illustrates the ascending waves of consciousness leading up to the 9th which began on March 9th and is the final one we are currently in.  Notice at the bottom it that each wave moves through 7 days comprised each of a Day and a Night.

Here is another chart with more detail which illustrates that with each ascending wave, “each level gets 20x smaller” which accounts for the speed at which things begin to change. Now that we are in the final wave, each day and night is closer than ever and time feels like it is moving faster than ever because it is.



So now on SEPTEMBER 5, 2011 we are entering the 6th DAY of “FLOWERING” in the final 9th wave of Unity Consciousness. 
“As we embark on the 6th Day, we are commencing a period of immense light, an illumination of our beauty and divine Soul wisdom…we are FLOWERING… opening our field of energy, honoring our gifts and sharing our wisdoms with all of humanity in the 6th Day.
This is a time of enlightenment, a time of joy, a time of beauty, a time to simply be our divine infinite self with Grace & Ease.
Spend some time gazing up at all the stars (solar energy) in the sky and try connecting with their wisdoms. It is time to share our inter-galactic community.” (© Simone M. Matthews 2011)
Below is an excellent recent VIDEO with Johan Carl Calleman sharing the energy of this 6th Day as well as breaking it down in terms of what to expect as we see the calendar come to an end which according to Calleman will be on October 28th, 2011.
This VIDEO is a MUST SEE to understand what we can expect. In it he explains how we are moving away from “Duality” and the experience of being separate from Reality to a Oneness Reality. According to Calleman what is fascinating is that the time the calendar culminates will correspond to when the comet Elenin will come between the Earth and our Sun. Much has been speculated about Elenin, this “blue comet” which also ties in to the Hopi prophecy of the Blue Star in the sky.
But to Calleman, the simple experience of humanity seeing this comet might be profound enough to shift our understanding and view of ourselves as a “planetary family” that is part of a larger universe. Anyway it’s exciting to think about and anticipate.
Lots is happening and unfolding so quickly and from what I’ve read it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the activity and change in our lives. So the key is to shift from the mind to the body and the breath, to ground ourselves into our center.
Here is the video of Calleman being interviewed by Lilou of juicylivingtour.com:
I will post more information on this as it becomes available as well as more details/perpectives on the cosmic convergence and Elenin in the coming week!
In La’Kesh~