“Make a home for eternal spirit in your heart. Notice what thoughts create tension or anxiety and choose to release them. To the degree that anxiety taints your motivation, to that same degree, you are less effective in all you do, for spirit is then denied access to your mind and heart, and you, in a literal sense, are not fully present.
“The process of relaxing all thoughts that require tension to sustain them is a process of relaxing habits of the past and awakening to the reality of your own spiritual presence.
“It is a process of losing interest in fearful ways of walking upon the earth and choosing to create your world in love through the action of your open heart.
“Should you perceive a problem, you surround that problem with love. You define it in love. You recognize that it is caused by the lack of love that lies behind all problems. And with love, you introduce the understanding that provides the solution.”
~Ken Carey from Return of the Bird Tribes