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On September 23rd, we are entering what the 6th Night in the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar.
If you have not read the previous info/breakdowns of when we entered this 6th day you can read it here, and  for more background on the Mayan Calendar and the 9th Wave read here and here. 
I just finished listened to a recent long radio interview by Calleman (which I will post at the bottom of this post if you are interested) in which he talks about the latest on the Cosmic Convergence and entering the 6th Night.
Calleman explains that these days and nights are not like the days and nights in our gregorian calendar, but rather are energy waves that are composed of peaks and valleys, of which the peaks are “days” and the valleys are the “nights”.
Upon entering the 6th Night on September 23, 2011, we enter the last “night” of the entire Mayan Calendar.
According to Calleman, who is known as one of the foremost researchers of the Mayan Calendar, the calendar ends or rather culminates on October 28th, 2011. Now please understand clearly, that the message is not a doomsday one and it is not the end of the world. All it is, according to Calleman is a new window opening of cosmic energy that supports the realization of unity consciousness.
The Mayan Calendar, he says, is a cosmic calendar, and by cosmic meaning it’s “all encompassing.”
According to Calleman, we are standing upon all the potential that has been built over time. Every generation stands on the shoulders of our ancestors. We are now at the top of the pyramid and what he is suggesting is that cosmic energy is supportive of the realization of our oneness.
We have all up to this point been collectively experiencing life from a dualistic place, by viewing ourselves as separate. Now, for the first time in history, we are supported to actualize what we know is the truth, which is that we are One. The time of Unity consciousness is upon us.
In order to support and celebrate this great moment in time, there is a movement set up that has been called the Cosmic Convergence and is taking place from September 23-26th, 2011.
Cosmic Convergence Spetember 23-26th, 2011:
Basically it is a call to action to take a moment and symbolically acknowledge and commit to these 2 things:
“1) That we will consistently let our lives be guided by divine guidance rather than our egos.
2) That we surrender our ¨right¨ to respond with negativity to negativity in others, or respond with violence to the violence of others.”
Here is a flyer that is being distributed about this call to action.
This Cosmic Convergence has been planned to begin specifically on September 23, 2011 because it is the beginning of the 6th Night and go through the 26th because it’s when the Comet Elenin will be entering our solar system.

Now a word about Comet Elenin, as you may have already heard, we have nothing to worry about because according to NASA it’s tiny, and it’s been reported it’s even as disintegrating as we speak! There has been lots of hoopla about it and fear generated because of its timing as it enters our solar system and it’s blue color which speaks to a Hopi prophecy of the Blue Katchina. But according to Calleman it’s not about about “assuming anything about the nature of this little comet, but only perhaps that its presence in our neighborhood might enhance the cosmic content for our lives.”
With all that said, just take what resonates with you and believe that through these great times of global and personal transformation, we are moving closer to creating a new world that is more aligned with what we know in our hearts to be the Truth, and that is that All is One~
The distilled message of the Cosmic Convergence echoes Gandhi’s great wisdom to” be the change you want to see in the world.”
If you wish to read more about Cosmic Convergence and read Calleman’s statement on his website click here.
I will update about entering the last day  7th Day on October 11, 2011 in the coming weeks and what we can expect after the calendar culminates in the very near future..
Peace to all! 
Here is the  radio interview as promised if you want to hear it from Calleman himself:

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