“It is time to get started. It is time to wake up. Don’t wait another minute. Claim your heart, and claim your glory. You have all you need. Bless other women. Do not tear them down. Remember they are you–your sisters, teachers, mothers, daughters. And then look on men with the eyes the Goddess gives you, and hold on. The new world will seem like nothing you have seen before. It will be reborn like you. It will shine like you. It will smile like you. It will feel like home…”
“Spiritual growth is like childbirth. You dilate, then you contract. You dilate, then you contract again. As painful as it all feels, it’s the necessary rhythm for reaching the ultimate goal of total openness. The pain of childbirth is more bearable as we realize where it’s leading.
“Giving birth to our selves, our new selves, our real selves, whether we are men or women, is a lot like giving birth to a child. It’s an idea that is conceived, then incubates. Childbirth is difficult, but holding the child makes the pain worthwhile. And so it is when we finally have a glimpse of our own completion as human beings–regardless of our husband or lack of one, our money or lack of it, our children or lack of any, or whatever else we think we need in order to thrive and be happy.
“When we finally have touched on a spiritual high that is real and enduring, then we know that the pain of getting there was worth it, and the years ahead will never be as lonely.”
~Marianne Williamson from A Woman’s Worth