“Your sacred ‘yes’ to all that arises in your visioning process amplifies your willingness to do what is required to bring your vision into manifestation. 
“You may support the cultivation of your willingness by recalling moments in your life when you were willing to do something new, to willingly break free from a habit and then apply that energy of willingness to follow through on what you catch when visioning.”
“Then you will discover that when there is willingness there is a way…
“Buddhists have a term for ‘yes’ that is very beautiful. It is tathata, which means saying ‘yes’ so totally that you become one with your ‘yes.’ There is no separation between you and your ‘yes.'”
“Self-judgement, censorship, guilt trips, or shame cause resistance to opening yourself…Don’t judge even your judgmental resistant mind-set!
“A ‘yes’ at this stage will soften that resistance. Give yourself an affirmative nod that you are willing to thrive by living the life you have been created to live.”
~Michael Bernard Beckwith from Life Visioning: A Transformative Process for Activating Your Unique Gifts and Highest Potential